Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 17


Recap: Swaragini’s mehendi and haldi. Laksh gets caught dressed up in a saree. Swasan come a little closer.

Next morning, Swasan are sleeping together, when suddenly someone knocks on swara’s door, waking them up.
Sumii: Shona, wake up beta. You need to go to your friend Piya’s wedding today remember.
Swasan get up and sanskaar quickly gets up from the bed and tries to fix his hair, while swara talks to sumi. After sumi leaves, swara gets up and sanskaar says sorry, i must have slept here, you should have umm woken me up.
Swara: I know but you were sleeping. I tried, but you didn’t let me say anything. (she bushes remembering last night and sanskaar notices)
San: umm, did any-thing happen last night?
swa: No, umm noth-nothing happened.
San is about to say something when laksh calls him.
Lak: Bhai, where are you? I have been trying to call you since yesterday.
San: lucky, actually i was at ummm my friends house, just then ragini knocks on swara’s door (swara locked the connecting doors between them.)
Ragini: Swara, what are you doing, can you open the door? . (Laksh hears ragini)
Lak: Bhai is that ragini, are you at Ragini’s house.
San: Shut up lucky, nothing like that and i’m at a friends house, i’m reaching home fast, open my window, okay. and get ready, we need to go to the raichand’s wedding.
He hangs up and swara says okay you go, see you tonight.
san: why tonight?
swa: today is sangeet night, or did you forget.
san: oh okay. see you. bye.
He carefully leaves through swara’s balcony, while swara keeps waving bye to him. After he leaves she goes and opens the door and ragini comes and says let me see your mehndi.
Swa: Oh, i forgot to scrape it off, wait let’s get ready and then we’ll show it okay, otherwise we both will be late.
Rag: Okay.
Swara gets ready wearing a beautiful teal and pink lehenga saree, while ragini is wearing a gold and off-white choli. The both come downstairs and everyone asks to see their mehendi. Both their mehendi have turned out to be very pretty and very dark.
Dadi: pata hai ganhi mehndi ka matlab hai ki, tumhe hamesha tumhare pati ka pyar milega. (The darker your mehndi, the more your husband loves you.)
Rag: Dadi, aisa kuch nahi hai, humne quality brand ki mehndi order ki thi, that’s why it’s so dark.
Swa: Stop Ragini, let’s leave we are getting late. Okay maa, dadi we are leaving, be back in a few hours.
Sumi: Swaragini, come back on time, your sangeet starts at 7, don’t forget.
Rag: Okay mom, chill we still have 12 hours left, okay. bye, love you all.
Swaragini reach the wedding venue and go to piya’s room and she is dressed up beautifully in an all red lehenga and their three women in there and piya introduces her best friend Ruhi and sister misha to swaragini. They all start chatting, while misha and ruhi get ready.
Misha: Oh crap, piya i forgot to get the vermala from the car. And I still have to get ready.
Swa: Hey, calm down, give me the keys and i will go and give them to pandit ji, okay.
Swara goes outside and gets the vermala and gives them to pandit ji and she’s about to go back to room when someone crashes into her and the guy catches her. It’s Sanskaar. ( It’s like how Swasan first meet at Swara’s house, when he caught her.)
San: Tum yaha, what are you doing here?
Swa: Sanskaar, it’s also piya’s wedding or did you forget. She’s my friend, she was there at the time when i was in the hospital.
San: Oh, yeah sorry i forgot. (At that time laksh comes and coughs alerting them and they both compose themselves.)
Lak: Bhabhi, Ragini kaha hain, mein uska phone try kar raha hoon, but i can’t reach her.
Swa: Jiju, she forgot to bring her phone in hurry. She’s with piya right now. So, i’ll go back and send her okay.
She’s about to leave when something holds her back. Her dupatta is stuck on sanskaar teal sherwani, and they have an awkward eyelock, while trying to free themselves.
Lak: It’s okay bhabhi, you two continue, i’ll see her later anyways.
Swasan: Laksh, it’s nothing like that.
Laksh leaves and swasan also free themselves and go their ways, ragini saw the whole thing, and she noticed the nervousness between swasan.
Ragini is walking towards swara, when laksh pulls her inside a room and hugs her and say I Love You.
Rag: I Love You Too, but did notice how nervous swara and jij were around each other.
Lak: I did, and i also know why, but i can’t tell you and don’t force me please. I promised Bhai.
Rag: Please, I won’t let them know i know. Please darling, my jaan, my lucky charm please.
Lak: Ragini, please.
Ragini kisses him and says please, and laksh sighs and says Bhai slept at your house yesterday.
Ragini is confused and says but how did jij get there. And laksh tells how sanskaar was also there at the mehndi in a saree, but swara saw him and sent him to her room, so he would not get caught. and how he fell asleep waiting for swara. Ragini says so jij was there when i knocked on the door, no wonder swara wouldn’t open the door, now wait swara ki baachi how i make you tell the truth to me. And she and laksh laugh after ragini tells her plan to him.

Precap: Swasan reveal about the night to raglak. Sangeet of Swaragini.

Credit to: Kasam

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