Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 16


Recap: Raglak confession, haldi morning Swaragini are shocked to see the people downstairs.
Swaragini are shocked to see 5 people downstairs helping out everyone.
Swara: Maira, Bhavika, Rohan, Tapan, Jai.
Ragini: What are you guys doing here?
Maira: Two of our best friends are getting married and you don’t think we would attend your wedding.
Bhavika: You didn’t even think to tell us yaar, that’s not even fair.
Rohan: Yeah we only came because aunty invited us otherwise we were not gonna come.
Swaragini: Sorry guys, everything happened so fast, that i don’t even know..
They all hug each other and greet each other.
Tapan: Guys, let’s leave, they need to get started.

The boys are asked to leave and go to the garden where the other males are sitting, while inside Swaragini are being applied haldi brought by the maheshwari ladies. After the haldi when Ragini is about to go to the bathroom, a hand pulls her back and it’s revealed to be Laksh. They have a cute eyelock and laksh locks the door, but forgets to lock the door between Swaragini’s room, and he’s about to kiss her when Swara enter alerting them and laksh in a hurry falls down and Swaragini keep laughing, Sahil comes to see the matter and he is about to yell but swaragini manage to bribe him into not telling anyone and they ask laksh to leave before anyone else catches him and he leaves.
After Swaragini are done with cleaning up they have lunch and they have to get ready for their mehendi ceremony, it’s later in the evening, so they decide to just hang out with their friends throughout which Raglak and Swasan keep texting each other and this is noticed by everyone there, so they plan something amongst themselves.
(Swaragini and Sanlak are not allowed to see each other after the haldi.)

Finally it’s Swaragini’s mehndi, Swaragini are brought downstairs and they are each looking beautiful in a really simple green choli and their hair is opened with their bangs pinned back. Swaragini are getting mehndi put on and their friends are all dancing and they are pulling many people from the “crowd” to dance with them and they pull two ladies who have a long veil on their face and swaragini are pulled to the “dance floor”, one of the long veil lady starts getting really close to ragini and dances very close to her and swara sees that and she recognises the engagement ring as lax’s and she gets worried, while Ragini is feeling really uncomfortable, but then she realizes it’s laksh and just goes with the flow and dances with him. Swara sees the other lady and realizes it’s sanskaar and so she cleverly alerts him and asks him to go to her room and change or he will be in big trouble, so he listens to her and leaves, while she tries to tell laksh, but at that time Jai mistakenly steps on lax’s sari and the veil falls off and everyone is shocked to see laksh. Laksh stares at Jai angrily, but notices all the family members angry at him. He says sorry and Uttra and Pari drag Laksh by his ears and tell him to leave and throw him out of the house. (It’s a funny scene)
Sumi: Swaragini did you know about this, and ragini you could have told us nah.
Swara: Maa, ragini didn’t know she was just dancing thinking it to be a family member.

AP: let it be nah, at least i got to see a new side of son. They laugh it off and swaragini are asked to complete the mehndi and after the function ends sahil let’s both his sisters into their rooms and leaves. Ragini goes to her room and she goes to sleep. As soon as Swara enters her room she sees Sanskaar sleeping on her bed and so she suddenly shuts the door and goes to wake him up but Sanskaar grabs her from her waist and hugs her and sleeps with her like that and says I Love You, where were you. Swara’s about to say something when sanskaar kisses her back and says let’s’ talk tomorrow, I’m very tired and he tightly hugs her and goes to sleep, Swara realizes he’s still sleeping and so to not disturb him, she goes to sleep in like that only. (Sanskaar hugs her from behind and so her back is to him and so her mehndi is not getting spoiled.)

Credit to: Kasam

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    1. actually i had no idea how to continue exactly so i left it blank.

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  9. Nice but why do swaraginialwats dress similarly

    1. the sisters have a very similar taste in clothes and they often match, because of their crazy twin ability. honestly i just think it shows how much close they are.

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