Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 15


Recap: Raglak fight. Someone calls Ragini from Laksh’s phone and asks her to come to the park.

Ragini runs to the park and is shocked to see it all decorated with purple lilies and jasmine’s.( It’s set like Swara and Laksh’s date when they were forced to confess their feelings, except instead of red, it’s all white and gold.) Laksh is standing with a bouquet and Ragini seeing him fine runs and hugs him and says I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. I’m so sorry. Are you okay I thought something happened to you, I was so scared, you’re okay right. She’s still hugging him, while Laksh hugs her with one arm because he has the bouquet in his other hand and Ragini and him stand in that position for a long time, until ragini composes herself and gets a little sad.
Lak: What happened, why are you sad?

Rag: I just said I love you and you haven’t even said anything.
Laksh gets on his knees, he pulls out a ring and says we only meet like two weeks ago, but I already know, there’s something about you that makes me feel like I have known you for my entire life and even more, I don’t ever want you to leave me or else I feel like i will die. The two days we didn’t talk hurt me so much and I don’t want to ever feel like that eve again. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH As well, So I am on my knees asking if you Ragini Gadodia, will become Ragini Laksh Maheshwari and be mine and mine only from now on. And I promise I won’t ever let you cry and I will take care of you and always hold your hand no matter what happens, I will always be here for you and never let you feel alone. I also promise to lose trust in you or ever doubt you in anyways. I LOVE YOU and I promise to love you for the rest of our lives together.
Ragini has tears in her eyes and she slowly nods yes and says YES and he slides a beautiful princess cut ring with an infinity band on her right, ring finger. They hug and are about to kiss when they hear clapping and they turn to see Swasan,Sahil, and Uttra.
Laksh: What are you guys doing here?
Sanskaar: Lucky bhai, come on, you think I didn’t know when you got the ring or booked the park, of course I found out. So, I told Swara and we found out your plan and we came here and we saw the whole thing.

Sahil: And recorded it, and he shows his camera to them and everyone, but Raglak laugh.
Ragini: Sahil, you can’t show that to anyone.
Sahil: chill di, I won’t but I can’t make any promises.
Swara goes to Ragini and hugs her and says congrats, and says thanks laksh, finally my ragini is smiling because of you. Laksh says I promise i won’t ever let her smile disappear.
Swara: Okay let’s go, you two have some time to talk, because tomorrow is the haldi ceremony and then the mehndi, she won’t even be able to text, so you two will only meet during the sangeet, you two won’t get to see each other after that till the wedding okay. Swasan and Uttra and Sahil leave Raglak alone and they both get on with their date. Swasan drop uttra home first and swara says why did you do that and Sanskaar says let’s go on a date and Swara says now, to which sanskaar replies yes, so they drop Sahil off and then make their way to a restaurant for their first official alone date.
Swara: What’s the occasion? I mean what’s with date.
Sanskaar: I just wanted us to spend some time alone.
Swasan have started liking each other, but they feel that the other is still in love with their ex. So, it’s a little awkward.
Swara: Okay, umm well we got a break from office so we don’t have to go tomorrow or friday. I mean can you believe it we will be married at this time next week.
Sanskaar: Yes, I can, actually.

Swara: Do you still love Kavita, sorry if i’m crossing my line, but do you.
San: Yes, I do I always will, but that doesn’t mean I won’t move on, she will always have a special place in my heart, but she won’t have my heart. And you?
Swara: Same as you said, but I don’t think I’m ready yet to move on completely. But maybe in some time I might be comfortable to move on.
Swasan talk for some time and he drops her home and says goodbye, to which she says see you.
Swara goes to her room and finds a album and opens and sees photos of her friends in London and says I miss you very much, Shresth. I’m sorry that I’m moving on, but I really like Sanskaar and he makes me smile a lot. I’m sorry. She hugs that photo and goes to sleep.
Next morning is Swaragini’s haldi so they both are dressed in simple yellow sarees and when they come downstairs they are shocked to see someone.

Precap: Laksh getting caught wearing a saree during Swaragini’s mehndi.

Credit to: Kasam

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