Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 14


Recap: Someone grabbed Ragini from behind.

Someone grabs Ragini from behind and she screams, but that person closes her mouth and yells boo. It’s revealed to be Laksh. Ragini hugs him tightly realizing that it’s just Laksh and laksh hugs her back. Ragini finally realizing the situation composes herself and looks at laksh with anger.
Rag: Laksh, What kinda a prank was that, do you know how scared i was.
Lak: Sorry, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please. ( holding his ears, and makes a cute puppy face)
Ragini starts laughing and says okay, forgiven. They then start walking towards Swasan. They notice Sahil and Uttra also have come back.
Swara: Liar, that’s not true.
San: Yes, I’m serious.
Rag: What is jij lying about?
Swa: No-Nothing.
Rag: Swara, tell me now.
San: Nothing Ragini.
Lak: Bhai, you’re hiding something.
Sahil: Arre jiju, nothing we were just discussing how neither of you have proposed to each other.
Oops, sorrry di.
RagLak: What, yes we have.
Swasan, Uahil: No, you have not.
Rag: Remember, the night of our sagai, he did at that time.
Lak: Actually come to think about it, we never have actually said the L word to each other yet.
Rag: Yeah you did, remember the mud fight day, you said you like me very much.
Laks: I meant the love word.
Rag: Don’t you think it’s a little too soon for love, i mean we just meet like a week ago. I like you very much but love is a forever word.
Lak: So is marriage.
Swasan realize what they have done and they quietly ask Uttra and Sahil to start packing up everything. Sanskaar asks ragini to leave it, while Swara also asks Laksh to let it go, but they both say no.
Lak: If you don’t believe marriage is forever, then why did you agree, you should have said no.
Rag: I’m not saying it’s not a forever word, all im saying is i really like you, but i don’t think i love you right now, i think gradually i might fall in love with you, but i’m not in love with you right now, i think.
Lak: Really, that’s all you can say, what’s the difference between like and love anyways?
Rag: Seriously, if I’m not in love with you it’s a crime, but if you’re not in love it’s okay.
Lak: What you mean?
Rag: It’s not like you said you confessed either.
Laksh realizes this and gets quiet. Ragini and Laksh then go their different ways.
Sanskaar tries to go behind laksh, but he can’t cause he has to drop swara and sahil and uttra off, so he texts laksh he will pick him up later. In the car. sahil apologizes to ragini, but she says it’s not your fault. They reach gadodia house and after sahil and Ragini go in, swasan are left outside. They both decide not to interfere right now to wait a few days and let them try to solve it themselves, and if they can’t solve it then, they’ll do something about it. Swara says see you and leaves while Sanskaar just keeps waving at her and Uttra has to ask him to go and he leaves.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up early and she gets ready and she is sitting in front of the mirror debating whether or not to wear Laksh’s necklace, when swara asks her to wear it, so she does and they leave for work. (Veer had been coming to gadodia house to complete their apartment design for the week, so they are not behind anyone)
Swara: Ragini, who is the new manager?
Ragini: umm it’s the assistant manager, he became the new manager.
Swara: Okay, hey Veer, hi guys. What’s up?
Piya: Nothing the manager came and said today the lecture will be after lunch so, they want us to start working on our projects. Hey, guys wait.
Swara: What.
Piya gives everyone her wedding cards, it’s aqua and gold and she says i will be happy if you guys come. And Swaragini also give everyone their wedding cards. Swasan’s card is a navy blue and gold while Raglak’s is red and gold.
Veer: Let’s go Swara, you got the project right.
Swara: Yeah, umm i made some changes, see if you like it, if you don’t we can always change them back. Okay.
After work, Ragini keeps waiting for laksh to call, but he doesn’t so she also decides not to and they don’t talk to each other for two days.
The night before Swaragini’s mehndi function and sangeet, Ragini gets a call from Laksh, but someone else asks to meet her in front of the park, because there has been an accident and he’s refusing to go anywhere without you. Ragini runs to the park scared and is shocked.

Precap: Don’t want to give away the mystery, even though many may guess it right.

Credit to: Kasam

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