Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 13


Hey guys really sorry for the late update. I have been so sick for the last few weeks, so i’m sorry so ill try my best to upload everyday, but no promises.

Recap: Raglak get back together, Swasan start feeling differently.
That night Maheshwari family come to gadodia house for some pre wedding rituals. Sanlak wait for Swaragini, and Sanskaar worries how difficult to come downstairs, when he sees Swara exiting her room in a beautiful, yellow and pink dress, he gets mesmerized seeing her and Laksh also sees Ragini and is mesmerized seeing her in a pink and golden dress. Suddenly Sanskaar goes up the stairs and picks up Swara and carries her downstairs. Everyone are shocked seeing this. DP is about to say something, but Shekar says thanks sanskaar. And informs everyone about Swara’s ankle and they all calm down, but DP asks Sanskaar to be a little more considered because they still are not married. Sanskaar says okay, but i can’t stand seeing swara hurting herself more. Everyone smiles hearing that, especially Swaragini.

After the rituals, Sanlak and Swaragini along with Uttra and Sahil go outside to the back and start talking about how in a week their lives are going to be different. Swasan both start talking to each other about random things, while Raglak have a small nok-jhok, and Uttra and Sahil start getting to know each other.
By Sunday Swara is able to walk without the need of a cast, so Sanlak ask for permission to take Swaragini for a date and uttra and Sahil also tag along with them.
Sahil: Where are we going jiju?
Sanskaar: It’s a surprise.
They finally reach half an hour later to a park and there’s a small picnic set up for them.
Laksh: We realized we know very little about you so we set this up to get to know more about you guys.

Ragini: Oh really, well we don’t know much about you guys either.
Sahil: Wait, you four came here for a date, then why bring us.
Sanskaar: umm, we don’t really know why.
Uttra: Bhaiya and bhabhi talk, till then we both we will go somewhere.
Laksh: Okay, be careful choti, let’s start with getting to know each other. You two ask first then we’ll answer, we’ll take turns ok.
Swaragini: Okay.
Ragini: Jij, what is your favorite cuisine? (Laksh is disappointed, cuz he thought ragini would ask him, so he gets a little mad at her)
Sanskaar: (he is a little confused, cuz ragini asked him instead of Laksh) umm, i prefer italian more than anything. How about you?
Ragini: Swara loves mexican food, compared to italian, but i like indochinese more. I could eat hakka noodles everyday.
Sanskaar: haha, laksh hates chinese food. He loves mexican food, just like Swara.
Laksh: Ok moving on, umm Swara what is your biggest pet peeve?
Swara: Ummm, I hate it when lie to me the most, i can’t forgive someone who lies to me at all. How about you Laksh?

Laksh: I hate it when my fiance ignores me and fights with me for no reason. (He says all this looking at Ragini, and ragsan start laughing, hearing this, Swara look a little confused but understands this was all planned by ragsan to tease Laksh, and she also starts laughing and tells laksh their plan and he gets angry and leaves from there, Ragini gets up and goes behind him leaving Swasan behind alone.)
Sanskaar: Those two fight like cats and dogs.
Swara: It’s because they love each other a lot.
San: True. Your leg looks much better, how do you feel going back to work after a whole week of rest.
Swa: I need to go back, otherwise people will think, I’m just taking advantage of my dad’s company.

San: So, even Laksh and I started working right after graduation at our company.
They keep talking, while Ragini tries to get Laksh to talk to her.
Rag: Laksh, please listen to me once.
Laksh: Listen to what, first you ignored me then you made fun of me, i’m not listening.
Rag: OMG, please tell your not one of those types of guys? Laksh gives her a WTH are you talking about look, so she explains. Arre the guys who have a huge ego problem and can’t stand anyone making fun of them.
When she looks behind to see if laksh heard her, she finds him missing and she starts getting nervous, when suddenly someone grabs her from behind and closes her mouth. The episode ends on Ragini’s scared face.

Credit to: Kasam

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