Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 12


Happy Holidays people.

Recap: Raglak fighting, while Swasan bond.

Sumi, dadi, Swaragini and Sahil and Shekar are shocked to see Sanskaar there.
Sumi: Beta, tum yaha kya kar rahe ho. (What are you doing here)
Sanskaar: Aunty, I knew your daughter is stubborn. That’s why.
Everyone is shocked hearing that.
Swara: How mean Sanskaar, and what do you mean.
Sanskaar: I knew you would not follow doctor’s instructions, so i myself came here to make sure you don’t go to office. I’m pretty sure they allow sick days.
Swara: I don’t think so and if they did today is my second day i can’t miss it please.
Sanskaar: Aunty, dadi, dekho na aapki shona ko. she already hurt her leg, does she never want to look after herself.
Sumi: Shona, at least listen to him, if not us.
Shekar: Don’t worry i’ll talk to the manager about it.
Dadi: why will you talk to their manager, do you know him? (Sumi, Shekar and Swaragini are the only ones who know that they work at SRSG Ind.)
Ragini: OMG, dadi i’m getting late, i’m leaving. See you later Swr, love you everyone.
Swara: Ragini, wait i’m coming, and sanskaar don’t you have to go to work.
Sanskaar: Nope, my PA is handling the cases, today. He’ll call if he needs something.
Swara: Fine, i won’t go.
Sumi: Beta, come have breakfast, you too shona, and sahil hurry up and get ready as far as i remember you still have classes and no you are not sick or hurt, understood.
Sumi and dadi leave to go do some chores and Swasan are left alone in the room. Sanskaar lifts her and makes her sit at the table and he starts serving her and he also makes his plate and they both eat and start talking about their plan to help Raglak. After breakfast, Swara is carried to the living room and Sanskaar and her start making arrangements for their plan. Sanskaar helps swara move around and keep her company till her mom and dadi arrive and when they do he asks them permission to take swara out and they happily let them go.
At a park, Swara is sitting on a chair bossing over Sanskaar over the arrangements.
Swara: Sanskaar, these are roses, I specifically informed you to get calla lilies or white lilies.
Sanskaar: Sorry, i’ll get them changed.
Swara’s phone rings and she picks it up it’s from Ragini.
Ragini: Uh, this khados he’s so mean, chal bye i need to go i had five minutes.
Swasan get back to prepare.
At 8:00 ish at the same park, it’s set beautifully, there is a canopy, with with curtains, it’s like the typical romantic date setting, except there are lilies and the whole theme is white. Ragini and Laksh both are called there by Swasan and they both come running and they trip with laksh on top of Ragini. and they have a cute eyelock.
Swasan come and cough alerting them, raglak composes themselves and ragini asks swara is she okay, n swasan tell them to sort out their differences and they leave.
Ragini: I’m sorry at the same time laksh also says sorry. and they both laugh hearing this.
Laksh: It’s my fault, i should not have brought up advesh, and i should have also informed you about urvashi.
Ragini: It’s okay, it’s my fault as well, i should have not started that mud fight, and i should not have taken that khados’ anger out on you. Forgive me (while holding her ears)
Laksh goes and hugs her and they have dinner and start talking and getting to know each other. Then laksh asks ragini to dance and they dance to tere liye. Raglak’s get a text saying guys remember it’s now 9:30 so please hurry up and get home.
Ragini is dropped home by laksh, he gives a kiss on her forehead and hugs and leaves, Ragini goes back inside and tells Swara and thanks her for doing that, on the other hand laksh also thanks Sanskaar for the plan.
Swara calls Sanskaar after Ragini has gone and they both start talking again, and it’s the same as yesterday, all night long they keep talking and something changes inside Swara and Sanskaar during this phone call.
Next morning, Sahil is asked to stay with Swara, he has one class and it’s over at 9:30 on friday’s. But Sanskaar comes and helps keep them company, and the three bond and enjoy the whole day, while Raglak keep texting each other throughout the day.
Ragini comes home that day extra happy and swara on seeing her asks for the reason and Ragini smiles and says finally that khados has gone, dad fired him and Sanskaar leaves after sometime as well and Swara actually hugs him when he leaves, seeing that all are a little shocked but happy and Sanskaar also is a little happy seeing that.

Precap: Wedding rituals start.

sorry it’s short but i didn’t have a lot of time.

Credit to: Kasam

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