Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 11


Recap: A girl comes and hugs Laksh and Ragini gets more mad.

The girl: Laksh baby, please let’s get back together now, it’s been three months since our break-up.
Ragini: Excuse me, who are you?
The girl: Hi, I’m Urvashi Bajpai, Lucky’s ex, but soon to be current girlfriend. And You?
Ragini: Laksh’s soon-to-be ex fiance. Excuse me. Sanskaar can you drop Swara please. Thanks
Swara: Ragini, wait i’m coming.
She’s leaving when her scarf gets stuck to laksh’s watch and he finally notices her wearing his necklace and starts smiling.
Urvashi: Excuse me, Laksh you didn’t tell me you are getting engaged.
Laksh: Yeah well, i’m sorry, but i have moved on and if you’ll excuse me i have to go explain to my jaan.
He runs behind Ragini and notices her going to her car, so he also goes and sits in her car and she zooms off at an illegal speed.
Swasan and Urvashi are shocked and don’t move when finally, urvashi leaves and swara says we should leave as well, everyone might be worried.
They are exiting out of the cafe when swara again trips and Sanskaar catches her again and they again have an eyelock, as they compose themselves, Swara says ouch and sanskaar asks her what happen to which she replies saying she twisted her ankle. Sanskaar says let’s go to the doctor, to which Swara says no it’s just a sprain i can walk it off, but when she’s about to walk she screams not being able to move her leg due to the pain. Sanskaar realizes she won’t ask for help, so he picks her up in his arms and carries her to his car. He takes drives to the doctor, who then informs them that Swara has twisted her ankle badly, and it’s recommended she doesn’t walk for about three to four days. Sanskaar then carries her back to the car and he drives her back home, while being concerned about RagLak, half way through the drive, Sanskaar gets a call from Laksh asking him to pick him up at Gadodia place. When Swasan get to gadodia place, they notice laksh is covered with mud and Sumi and Dadi trying to get him to change, but laksh doesn’t budge. When Sumi sees Swara being carried by Sanskaar she goes to them and notices Swara’s ankle and asks Sanskaar to drop leave her on the couch, if he doesn’t mind and Sanskaar smiles and says no problem. All this while Shail keeps taking pics of both Laksh and Swasan. Sumi requests Sanlak to stay for dinner, to which they both comply only after Sanskaar convinces Laksh to change his clothes. Sanskaar carries Swara to the dining table and during dinner Ragini keeps ignoring Laksh, while he does the same. Swasan notice this and shrug look at each other. After dinner, Sanskaar carries Swara to her room and they both talk about a plan to get RagLak together, Sanskaar after putting Swara on the bed, helps change her wound and he leaves saying see you tomorrow. As soon as Sanlak leave, Ragini runs to Swara and says i don’t want to marry him anymore. Swara is shocked hearing this and on the other hand Laksh says the same thing and Sanskaar asks him to tell what happen, and Swara asks Ragini the same.
Laksh gets in Ragini’s car.
Laksh: Ragini, she’s my on-off girlfriend. But three months ago I ended everything with her, because it didn’t feel right. I promise she’s nothing.
Ragini: I don’t care anymore, and if it’s over she would not have come and kissed you in public, which means there’s still something between you guys.
Laksh: I swear, i only like you and no one else, I promise.
Ragini: I don’t trust you right now.
Laksh: Dammit, listen to me clearly, i like you very much. You are the first girl i said yes to marry. Do you understand that or not.
Ragini: That’s supposed to make me feel better, same here, actually i didn’t even say yes to you, dad decided for me, so i had no choice.
Laksh: What, okay but you didn’t object to the wedding, so it was considered a yes from you. and why are you getting upset, you were also talking about that avdesh guy right.
Ragini: Wow, that’s low. I was just talking about him generally.
Laksh: No one generally says cute and handsome in front of their fiance.
They reach Gadodia house and are getting out of the car, when suddenly a blob of mud is thrown at him. It’s Ragini and they both have a mud fight. (It’s similar to the mud fight manik and nandani had in KY2.) Sumi and Dadi who saw all the fight are shocked and say Ragini baas, what are you doing. Ragini gets angry and stomps inside and goes directly to her room to freshen up, while Laksh calls Sanskaar at that time and Sahil, Sumi and Dadi are trying to convince Laksh to clean up but him being egoistic and stubborn refuses.
FB ends.

After RagLak have fallen asleep, Swara calls Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: I was just about to call you, what should we do, I mean i feel Laksh is at fault, he should not have said that much to Ragini.
Swara: Oh ho, and like Ragini is very innocent. She should have understood, bechara laksh he was trying to make her understand and she just was so stubborn.
Sanskaar: plz, don’t blame my salli ji, it’s your devar who’s at fault.
Swara: Don’t blame my devar, your salli is at fault.
They both realize what they said and suddenly get quiet.
Swara: why are we fighting, we need to have a clear mind and get these two to talk right now.
Sanskaar: Yeah, I’m sorry, i should have listened to you first.
Swara: Mister, Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you. and if you say sorry or thank you one more time, i swear, i don’t know what i’ll do. ( Sanskaar said this to her after their engagement).
Sanskaar laughs hearing this and says mera dialogue mujhe pe.
Swara: of course, if you forget you rule, what can i do? BTW where are we gonna meet for the plan.
Sanskaar: umm let’s meet at the park close to your house okay.
Swara: okay. But seriously i feel ragini should have been a little more understanding.
Sanskaar: Swara, please don’t start again, both were at fault just to be honest. Let’s talk about something else.
Swara: ummm like what?
Sanskaar: Do you know Pari bhabhi is a project analyzer, while Adarsh bhaiya is an architect.
Swara: Really, okay i really wanted to ask that, so the bahu’s are allowed to work after marriage.
Sanskaar: Yeah, bade papa and badi maa feel even girls should have equal rights in the house. It’s just on the weekends it’s family time, no work for everyone in the house. We go for picnic’s or do something as a whole family.
Swara: Wow, that’s nice. Ragini will be so happy hearing that, btw what do you and Laksh do and what’s uttra studying, tell me about your family.
Sanskaar: Well I’m a business advocate, so I basically represent companies in court i make the contracts and laksh looks after the hotel business. Bhaiya and Bhabhi look after the construction branch, mom sometimes looks at out accounts, if there’s a chance of soemthing being wrong, otherwise she usually stays at home with badimaa. Papa is the MD of the Maheshwari industires and bade papa is the chairman. Badi maa has a small online shopping website for shawls, she loves to sew, so she takes requests and sews clothing or shawls and Uttra is going to college to become an interior designer. And Priyanshi and Parash (Adarsh and Pari’s kids) are in 1st grade.
Swara: Wow, your family is very open-minded, just like mine. So, Pari bhabhi still works after having kids.
Sanskaar: Yeah, actually she joined back office after two years of having Priyanshi and Parash. They started going to school, so badi maa and maa convinced her to join back the office. But you don’t have to work if you don’t want to.
Swara and Sanskaar stay up late talking to each other and they learn a lot of things about each other.
When Sumi comes to wake up Swaragini, she notices Swara sleeping with her phone attached to her ear and she looks at her phone and sees Sanskaar with a talk time of almost 5 hours.
Sumi wakes up her daughters and Swara is about to leave for work when Sanskaar comes there.

Precap: Raglak get back together and Swasan start feeling different around each other.

Credit to: Kasam

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