Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 10


Recap: Swaragini and Sanlak go on a date.

Ragini opens the box Laksh gave her on their engagement and it’s a necklace with a L hidden in a R pendant. She opens the double door that connect her room to Swara’s and goes on her bed and shows her the necklace. Swara smiles seeing her talk and they both chat till late night and go to sleep in Swara’s room only.

Sumi: Swaragini wake up, don’t you guys have to go to office.
Swaragini: wake up hearing that and see that it’s 7:00 and they have to be in the office in an hour and hurry up and get ready. Ragini wears the necklace given by Laksh, while Swara wears a simple S necklace. They are ready in 30 minutes wearing professional attire and Shekar offers to give them a ride but they decline and decide to take their own Audi to work. They reach exactly at 7:45 and text piya asking her if she’s there to which piya replies it’s gonna take her around 10 more minutes there’s a lot of traffic and she’s stuck. It’s 7:56 and piya has still not come and Swaragini, Advesh, Veer, Vritin are there and waiting for Piya, and she arrives 10 seconds before the manager and Swaragini hug her and say you got saved today. Swara, Piya and Veer are the architect’s while Ragini, Advesh, and Vritin are the Project analyzer. They are separated into pairs and the pairs are Piya and Vritin, Swara and Veer, and Ragini and Advesh.

The interns are then given a four hour lecture on the rules and their position and also they are told they will have these session everyday for a month. They are given their first assignment to design an apartment, for a family of 6 or more, while using the least amount of space, but also being spacious for a huge family. They have exactly two weeks to design their best. Swaragini and piya are worried hearing that, and ask the manager, what happens if they have to take a break and the manager laughs and says this is your first day and you already want a break, and he keeps insulting them and ragini gets angry and says something back to him and he gets angry and says don’t mess with me and leaves. Piya asks them why they need a break and Swaragini reply saying they are getting married two weeks later, while Piya says me too. I’m getting married not this, but the upcoming Friday and Swaragini say our’s is on Saturday.

We still have to get the invitations, but we’ll not forget you and Piya says neither will I. And they go to eat, when the manager comes and says let’s go, I want everyone in the conference room in 5 minutes or else you’re fired and he keeps looking at Ragini with anger. The interns hurry up to the conference room, where they are asked to sit and wait, they are given lunch there only. After a minute, Shekar enters and smiles looking at everyone and asks them how their first day is going, when Ragini mumbles fire this khados manger and it will all be fine, and Shekar hears this and asks ragini if there’s a problem and she says no sir, but i was wondering if interns want to take a break in two weeks, do they have permission. To which Shekar replies, of course they do, infact all the interns have a break for one entire week after two weeks because my daughters are getting married. All the interns smile and look at Swaragini and say Thank You, while Ragini looks at the manger with her don’t ever mess with me look. Shekar talks to the intern for almost two hours about the company and different aspects and he also invites all of them to Swaragini wedding.

After work when Swaragini are going back home, they are about to get into a crash, but fortunately the other car stops at the right moment. ( Ragini is driving, she’s still mad about the manager) Ragini gets out of the car and and starts yelling at the other car, when the guy gets down and he’s revealed to be Laksh. He asks Ragini if she’s okay, to which she just looks angrily at him and says can’t you see and drive. Laksh understands something’s troubling her and hugs her and says it’ll be okay, and he asks Swasan to properly park the car’s out of the way. So they go to park their cars.

Laksh: What’s the matter Ragini, why are you so upset?
Ragini has wore a scarf, so he can’t see his necklace.
Ragini: Nothing, it’s just this manager at our company. I hate him so much. He was so rude to me just because i asked if we could have days off for our wedding, but he was so rude. No one has ever been this rude to me ever. She hugs him a little tighter.
Laksh: Oh so someone was mean to you, that’s why you don’t like it?
Ragini: Absolutely, no has ever been rude to me like this, not even jiju’s mom. Sorry I meant Shresth’s mom. She was rude, but this was so much ruder than that.
Laksh: It’s okay, you have to deal with it now, someone’s going to be mean to you, you deal with it okay. and he kisses her on her forehead.

Swara: (coughs) you two get started anywhere nah, have some shame you guys are in public.
Sanskaar: (laughs) look there’s a cafe one minute from here let’s go there okay.
Raglak: Okay, let’s go, They hold each other’s hands and start walking.
Swara doesn’t see a rock and is about to trip, when Sanskaar catches her and they have an eyelock and Ragini looks back and sees this and shows laksh this and they both walk smiling.
When Swasan finally realize where they are, they compose themselves, and go the cafe. Raglak have already ordered for them, so the food arrives for them. Swaragini start talking about their assignments and Swara says how she and Veer (sanlak’s cousin) are partners and how funny he is, Sanskaar smilies watching her talk, and then Ragini talks about her partner Advesh and laksh gets a little jealous because she’s talking about how cute he is and how funny and intelligent he is, she notices this and says he’s mom’s best-friends son. We don’t know him that well though, but he’s almost like family. Laksh is about to say something when a girl comes and hugs Laksh and gives a kiss on the cheek and Ragini looks at him shocked and angrily and he gives her his usual forgive me, but it’s not my mistake, I promise, i didn’t do anything look.

Precap: Raglak angry at each other and Swasan trying to get them together.

Credit to: Kasam

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