Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 1


Hi this is going to be somewhat different than the other ff who have read so please be patient. Thank You.

My characters are almost the same from the original serial, but i’m adding a few more characters.
My first new character is Sahil, the younger brother of Swaragini.

Shekar: Beta, did you talk to them, what time is their flight landing?

Sahil: Papa, di said they flight will land at 8 pm here, so chill we still have half the day to relax.

Sumi: Baadmash, you want to relax right now, your sisters are coming back after almost 2 years and your trying to relax, did u clean your room and did you order the flowers and did you check to make sure the flight lands at 8pm? Did you make sure their room’s are alright, because you know your di if one thing is out of place, she will not only kill you but she’ll also yell at us. Did you also

Sahil: MOM please stop, I made sure everything is perfect for my di’s they are coming back after 2 years I had to make sure it’s perfect.

Dadi: Hai, mera baccha, you made sure everything was perfect.

Sahil: ha dadi, only because you told me too.

Sumi: wow, dadi and grandson ka pyar me nahi samje sakte kabhi bhi. ( I don’t understand the love between you too)

Shekar: Okay, not that everything is set, do you guys think i should tell the girls tonight or wait till the party tomorrow. And Sahil if they find out before i get the chance to tell them, i will put you in their line as well okay.

Sahil: NO papa, i promise i won’t tell them, please i don’t want that future for almost 5 years. OK.

Dadi: Shekar why are you troubling my grandson.

Shekar: Ma, I just don’t want Swaragini to find out about my plans.

Sumi: But is it right to hide it from them, it is their life.

Swaragini: Hide what from us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sahil, Dadi, Dada ji, Sumi, and Shekar look at the entrance and are shocked to see Swaragini there.

Pre-cap: what’s the secret shekar is trying to hide.

Comment on what you guys think it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credit to: Kasam

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  1. Heyy nice starting
    Maybe the secret is marriage…..plzz make it swasan

    1. it’s always going to be swasan but there are a lot of twists and turns till then keep reading!!!!!

  2. Intrstng update next part soon

    1. Thank you so much

  3. Hmmm good start…pls make ragsan ya pls…ad swalak…….. Maybe marriage…..

  4. Oh what secret

  5. nice start.
    make it swasan and raglak pls..

  6. interesting start… wanna read more…

  7. Nce strt may b marriage plzz make it swasan nd raglak. I wnt 2 say u tht marriage is 2 early i want some love bw thm it wll b nce plzzz make it swasan nd raglak k

  8. Interesting .. secret is swaragini marriage right .

    1. Yeah that’s the secret

  9. May be it’s about swaragini ‘ s marriage

  10. It’s nice..waiting for nxt episode..

  11. Please make swalak and ragsan

  12. nice starting dear

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