Swaragini (love forever) Episode 9

swara is at loss of answer.
swara:i ….I man u r my friend so how could I see u hurt
sanskr smiles
swara:i thonk wee can go home now
sanskar:yeah I also wan soe rest as my head and hand ar paining
swara:i will see where is laksh

sid leaves
laksh:cant u put ur bl**dy ego at a side???
ragini:wt have I done??
laksh holds her by arms
laksh:shut up.swara told u to come with me but u….here no one would have helped u.u stupid.if I had not come here he would have done sth to u,then ???
ragini is silent and surprised at his concern

swara comes and smile to see them.she coughs.
swara:laksh I think we should take sanskar home
laskh:wait cutie
he stops an auto and make sragini sit in it.he pays money to driver and instructs him to drop her to home
ragini is still looking at him and is not able to digest his concern for her
she leaves

swara:wt was that???
laksh:concern after realization
laksh:i love her cutie
swara jumps in happiness and hugs him
swara:i knew it
laksh:thnk u for making me realise.
swara:welcome welcome…..u know swara is the best
laksh:yeah right
both laugh and give hi five
swara:oh shit!!!!sanskar

both take him home
all are shocked to see sanskar hurt.sid is also standing.
ap:beta wt happened to you??
swara looks at sid and narrates whole story shocking everyone
anamika:how the hell u tried to allege my child???r u out of ur ming.i know him.he cant even think about it
laksh:he didn’t think but he tried to do it.
maya:stop it laksh.my bro cant do it.this is all swara’s trap.she is…….

maya looks at sanskar who is giving her an angry look.she reminisces sanskar’s warning not to hurt swara again.
maya:i mena…swara might have misunderstood.
dp:enough.sid u tell wts the truth.
sid is sient
anamika:beta tell every1 that u had an accident so got these injuries.tell wt u told me
sid:mom….it was just a joke with swara
all are shocked

sanskar:stop it.playing with a girl’s respect is not a joke
dp:i knew it that u will do sth low
ap:shame on u
parineeta:i thought u r gud and kind hearted but this is ur real face
adarsh:i can believe that our czn bro tried to do this

diya comes and looks at swara:r u crying aunti??sujata goes t swara and consoles her
dp:anamika.he is ur son.u suggest wt to do to him
anamika comes and slaps him hard shocking maya and sid
anu:bhaiya.his mother’s slap and yhis insult is enough for him.i thought swara is bad but she is innocent.
she goes to swara and hugs her and apologizes
maya and sid are still in shock.
a tear escapes anamika’s eyes……….

all go their room
maya and sid are with anu
sid:mom I dnt believe it that u slapped me
anu caresses his face:sorry beta but this was necessary
maya:wts happening ma??how can everyone be so ice towads that swara who had been living her just for few days
anamika:that girl has ruined my son’s respect.today we had to face so much insult.i wa so embarrassed and the reason is that orphan.now I wnt spare her.i will be nice towards her and trap her.she will pay for doing this to my son.ad maya u….trap sanskar soon I had to punish my son as I could see softness insanskar’s eyes towards swara and I dnt want it to change into love……..the pain I have got by slapping my son and after bearin insult has to returned to swara…….
she hugs her children.

swara is walking tensedly in her room#swara:wt if sanskar need sth??he might be felling pain?should I redo his bedding??wt if he is not able to sleep due to pain??I should go and check.
she goes to sanskar’s room.she sees him sleeping and smiles.she gives him blanket properly and moves his hurt hand inside it gently
she sees his hurt forehead and politely plants a KISS on his head.

JO TU MERA HUMDARD HAI plays in bg………

Credit to: Angel


  1. Riha

    Can you sent me the link of previous episodes actually I was busy studying and I lost track of your ff,Angel ??

  2. sindhuja

    lovely update… did swara know what she had done?? or she would get shock realizing her act?? i mean… kissing sanskar 😉 continue soon… try to update alternative days… good luck.

  3. aradhya

    its nice..laksh realization. ..bt here a request plzz write recap….coz reading few ff…I cant remember the story…..

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