Swaragini (love forever) Episode 8


meera goes to swara and says maya wants this cabin
swara:oh its ok.she can take it.but where do I go???
meera smiles:have u read the file and made corrections??
swara:yeah but cabi???
sanskar enters and says swara break is over we have to go to college now
swara complies
sanskar is sitting in car.swara is waiting for an auto
sansakar:madam??I can be ur driver
swara:no is ok I will manage
sanksar:u r too much swara.i m ur friend but still u r afraid
swara senses his anger and sits in car
swara:ok driver take me to college but before that I need to see ur smile
sanskar smiles and both leave to college.

both arrive at college swara enters while sanskar leaves to parking area.
sid blocks swara’s way.
sid:hey babe
swara:swara.my name is swara
sid:oooo.red chilli
swara:leave my way
sid:wt will u do??
swara:u dnt know me sid.its better to leave my way.i m not like those girls whom u can easily trap
sid:thats why I like u cuz u r so different.u know I had been noticing all ur acgtivities since a week and I found u different from all girls.u r perfect for me.be my gf.
swara smirks and says:be a gf of the guy who changes is girlfriends like t shirt/I would rather die

he holds her by arms.swara feels pain and asks him to leave
sid:i hate rejection
sm1 holds swara’s hand and sid receives a blow and swara is pulled towards the guy who held her hand,he is sanskar.due to the pull swara and sanskar share a HUG.


swara looks at him overwhelmingly.sid gets up and says how dare u??
sanskar stands in front of swara
sanskar:how dare u to misbehave with swara??
sid:r u her saviour or what???
sanskar holds his anger and says she is my responsibility
sid:oh!!!I m playing with ur responsibility.can u allow me to take ur responsibility just for one night plz.

swara is shocked.sanskar is unable to take it any longer and punches him hard.both have a fight and sansakr’s hand is bleeding as he has hit him hard.he also gets an injury on his forehead.sid is about to hit him with rod and swara comes in front of sanskar and hugs him and laksh holds the rod.
he beats him.laksh is hurt a bit.
friends stop the fight and sid leaves and promises for revenge.swara is crying for sanskar and caresses his face.ragini sees laksh hurt and feels bad.but then composes her self and says its good that he got hurt.

she then sees swara and goes to her.sanskar faints in swara’s lap and she is shocked……..
they help sanskar to the hospital.doc dresses his wounds and says he will be fine.ragini sees the time and is tensed.
swara:its ok ragini.u can go.
ragini:but sanskar???
laksh:we r with her.u should go
swara:laksh will drop u
ragin:no I will manage
ragini:its ok swara I will go
laksh:let her go swaa as one day she will herself come to me to drop her home
ragini fumes and hugs swara and says that just call me if u need anything

ragini is going and sees sid in hospital too.sid sees her and goes to her
sid:how is ur friend swara??
ragini:she is my sister and dnt u dare hurt her or else I wont leave u
he pins her against the wall
sid:strange.all develop a relation with swara.by the way u look hot in jeans

ragini is scared.just then laksh comes
laksh:u r such a moron
he turns around
sid:wow.saviour number 2.heve u brothers vowed to save every girl from me???
laksh goes and stands in front of ragini.ragini is relaxed and overwhelmed.
ragini:wts happening???

laksh:and have u vowed to misbehave with every girl??if a girl is not paying heed to you it mbz she is not interested in u so u should get lost
sid:hmm.not bad.by the way u take care of ur bro and swara as its bcz of swara that we got into this fight and she will pay for it…….

swara is holding sanskar’s hand.sanskar wakes up and says swara
swar calls doc and he tells he is fine and can go home now
swara:wt was the need to figt.did u see wt has happened??look at u.u r so injured.
sansakr:i couldn’t control as he was misbehaving with u
swara:i know but we could have ignored.u know why God has given two ears??
swara:to listen nonsense of people from one ear and thorw out from another one
sanskar laughs.
sanskar:u r so different swara
swara:i know but plz dnt hrt urself again.i dnt like it.it feels as if I m hurt.
sanskar:why swara???

swara wonders what she just said and is at loss of answer………………

Credit to: Angel

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