Swaragini (love forever) Episode 6


swara is surprised to see sanskar.
swara:sanskar wt r u doing here??
sanskar:wt r u doing?
sanskar:u r given the job
swara:but no questions???
sanskar:i trust u swara.i know u r talented.u r my friend and I know u…
swara smiles….
sanskar shakes hand with her and wind blows….

swara leaves and sanskar looks at his hand and smiles…..

swara gets ragini’s call
ragini:swara where r u??
swara:actually ragini I had come for interview
ragini:at least u should have informed me.i was so worried.
swara:i m so sorry
ragini:its ok.now come son
she hangs up
ragini:i dnt know swara but I feel a strange bod with you.it seems like I have found my lost swara.my sister and I dnt want to lose you.

laksh:and I dnt want to lose u
ragini gives him an angry look
laksh:i wanna talk to you
ragini:just leave
he holds her hand.she is about to slap him but he twirls her and pulls her toards him.
laksh;why r u always finding a reason to touch my face>u like it???
ragini jerks him and says how cheap u r
laksh:i just wanna say sorry.it was just a joke
ragini:oh joke???If u touch a girl withour her permission its a joke.if u hug her without her consent its a joke.if u try to kiss her forcefully its a joke too.u r a jerk laksh.i feel if u spend night with a girl u will say that its a joke too….

laksh is shocked at such venom and gets angry.he grabs her by shoulders tightly and says how the hell can u allege me like this.u think I m yhis kind of guy???
ragini shuts her eyes and tears escape as she is feeling pain.laksh’s anger vanishes and he leaves her.ragini runs from ther and laksh is boggled at his feelings

swara comes to ragini
swara:wt happened??
swara:u consider meur sis so tell me
ragini hugs her.:i m missing my sis
ragini:i had a sis.when she was 5 she got kidnapped.i dnt remember her but mum said that we loved each other a lot.if she had been with me today she would have protected me,she would have taken care of me.we would have shred our feelings and problms with each other.i feel her absence.i want her back.dnt know where she is.mum still has a hope that she will be back.

swara hugs her and says dnt wry I m her to protect u,to take care of ushare everything with me.i m always there for u whenever u need me.i m no more ur friend but ur sister.
they shre a hug.

ragni goes home and is hapy.
sumi:wt happened??
ragini tells everything.they get emotional.shekhar reminisces meetig swara.
sumi:bring her home smday I also wanna meet her.

swara goes home and hugs dp.
swara:thnk u uncle u gave me job in ur company I m so happy
anamika and maya are angry
maya:mom.wt to do??she will take over whole property
anamiak:dnt give me this minor tension.i will get wrinkles
dp:did u meet sanskar
swara:yes.even he has joined office
maya and anamika are shocked
maya:even now do u care about ur wrinkles???
anamika:i have an idea

swara goes to sleep and thinks about ragini.
swara:she was crying a lot.she was upset.did laksh do sth???
swara goes to laksh who is depressed and lost in ragini’s thoughts.
swara enters.
laksh:hi cutie.come
swara:wt happened btwn u nd ragini today???
laksh:wt do u mean
swara:no more lies and just tell me
laksh narrates everything and she is shocked
swara:ragini is totally wrong about u but its all ur fault
laksh:i know.swara u know what??
laksh:since I ve met ragini I m thiking about her.she is very different.i dnt wanna tease her but I like to see her cute nger.when she smiles the world stops for me.when she cried today I felt much pain I wanted to catch her precious tears.i m feeling so bad for her.wt is happening

wara bursts out laugh.
swara:dumbo u r In love
laksh is confused and looks at her
swara hits his head and says stupid u r in love
he leaves while laksh is set to thinking

swara collides with sanskar.both have an eyelock.


both are lsot into each other.aya sees this and fumes
maya:get ready for a surprise swara.

next day swara goes to office and she gets a cabin right in front of sanskar’s cabin.
this cabin will be mine.she hears a voice and turns around.its maya…..

next epi:laksh realises his love for ragini…..

Credit to: Angel

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