Swaragini (love forever) Episode 5

swara sings DIL CHURALE O CHAND SE CHEHRE WALE and all enjoy her melodious voice.

swara comes down and all praise her
dp:sanskar why didn’t u go to college today??
sanskar:bade papa actually my friend was ill so I had to check on him.dnt wry I will go tomorrow
swara:sanskar do u study in the same college
sanskar:yeah I m a year ahead of u
maya:i study with him.
she holds sanskar’s hand and whispers in his ear:but I wanna study u…

sanskar is irritated but smiles and leaves swara notices this and controls her smile
all go to sleep

swaragini have become close friends and laksh always keeps irritating her.
ragini is going back home when laksh stops her
ragini:not u again
laksh:why do u keep ignoring such a handsome guy like me??
ragini:u have a good face but not good heart
laksh:thnk u for appreciating my face but u cant judge my heart.for judging it u have to come close to me.
he holds her hand and pulls her towards him.he puts his hand around her waist and looks at her lips

ragini shakes and is bewildered
laksh whispers very close!!!
he moves her more closer.she realise the situation and pushe shim and gives a tight SLAP.
laksh is shocked and ragini runs from there
laksh holds his cheek and says WHAT A CUTE TOUCH….(HEHEHE)

at night swara is sitting in her room.she calls her aunt.
aunt:how r u my child
swara:i m ok
aunt:u dnt sound ok wt happened
swara:my college expenses
aunt:i know beta I m trying to save money but u know there are so many kids…
swara;i can understand u dnt save for me plz…I wanna ask sth#
swara:i m thinking to do a job
swara:plz na aunti
aunti:swara ok…if u want so but take permission from dp frst…u live in his house so follow his orders…
swara:ok love u nd tell kids that I love them
aunt:bye beta

laksh comes to swara and greets her.

(laksh is a very jolly and opoen minded guy)

he lays on bed and puts his head in swara’s lap.
laksh:hey cutie!!wts up
laksh reminisces sth…:yeah I will call u cutie.u r my sis na so I have a right
swara notices his cheek
swara:why is this mark on your cheek
laksh:mark wt mark??
swara:this hand mark
laksh:oh nthing.actually….who…actually a guy was teasing a girl and I saved her and got into a scuffle with that guy.u know I m a hero and heroes often get hurt

swara:wah mere hero bro
laksh thinks about ragini
laksh:cutie!!can I ask sth
laksh:u know wt happened today?
laksh:as u nknow ur bro is very handsome.a girl came to me when I was returning home and held my hand.she tried to kiss me.shameless girl.

swara:;nd wt u did??
laksh:i gave her a tight slap across her face.
laksh:yeah!!yar how could I let a girl take my advantage in front of everyone??how chep
swara holds his ears and pulls it
laksh:arey cutie!!
swar:u even dnt know how to speak lie.why dnt u tell that u held ragini’s hand and tried to kiss her and this mark is of her tight slap…

laksh is shocked:how do u know???
swara:laksh.whole college girls are mad at you and ur bro.they would love to get kissed by you.but ragini…u r harassing her since a week.she is not that type girl and u know it..
laksh:u r Mahan
swara:thnk u

both starts pillow fight and sujata sees this and smiles.she remembers jhanvi

laksh:swara I wanna say sorry to her.i was just irritating her but….
swar:go and apologize tomorrow and right now gud nite..
he leaves.

next day at breakfast table swara requests dp to allow her for job
dp:why beta
swar tells him
dp:its ok.u r like our family.i will pay ur expenses
swara is shocked and so is anamika
anu:wah swar wt a loving family u have trapped.they are ready to waste money on you too.u r here to make them poor
swara is hurt:aunti I have no intention like that.if I had then I would have never asked for job permission.uncle plz dnt say it.i wanna earn on my own and stand on my feet myself.i cant be dependent on sb.i have my self respect.plzzz

sanskar whispers sth in dp’s ears and he gets happy and allows swara.

swara:thnk u so much.
she jumps and hugs dp.all are amused to see her happy like a child
maya:now at least she will stay away from home for long and I will get time with sanskar

swasanlak go to college.swara greets ragini who sees laksh and fumes.
swara:laksh wants to talk
ragini;but I dnt want to
laksh:plz listen
ragini:just shut up
ragini goes while swara is tensed
laksh:a princess has got angry very much.now what??
swara:it was ur ault.do sth special

sanskar sees swara and says why cant I stay away from you??I wanna see u in front of me always.so…get ready for surprise…he leaves
swara gets a call from dp and he asks her to go to SLM company for interview.she gets happy and rushes.
swara reacges office and a girl greets her.her name is MEERA
meera:hi swara.
swara is boggled:how do u know my name??
meera:dp sir told me.now go for interview to that cabin
swara enters and is calls out to sir who is sitting on the chair with his back towards her
swara:excuse me sir
he turns and she is shocked!!!

sanskar reminisces whispering in dp’s ear to allow her and let her give an interview in our company and he will take care as he is gonna go to office with her now….
sanskar smiles while swar looks at him ….

next epi:MAYA joins office.ragini and laksh’s tashan……

Credit to: Angel


  1. Niti

    wow..angel..swalak moments were d best just too cute..lucky is very cool guy..ragini’s slap was too good..sanky rocks..swara shocks..yar don’t get maya joined offc so soon..let swasan have some time togather alone..th bestest epi till now..

  2. I ws laughing while reading the epi.. its soo good.. nd its like love triangle… though swara has no feeling.. sankar has soft corner fr hr and maya dumbo is behind sanskarr….
    Angel nice one.. good keep doing… nd raglak ???

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.