Swaragini (love forever) Episode 4

swaragini enter the college.laksh guides swara and then leaves to his friends.swaragini collide and their books fall.both apologize and bend to pick it up.


swara moves forward and some guys come to rag her.she tries to shoo them and slaps one guy.one of them is about to hit her when laksh comes and holds his hand.he punches him and says dnt u dare hurt my sister,swara is overwgelmed and he beats them and then asks swara is she is ok??swara complies and both share a hug.
swaragini and lakh share same class as ragini is only one year younger than swara.swaragini greet each other in class and befriend each other.ragini gets emotional as she hears swara’s name.laksh comes and is surprised to see ragini and thinks about their first meet.

he thinks to teach her a lesson.he goes to them and ragini is shocked to see him.
ragini:u??r u following me??
laksh:o hello I m here to talk to my sis
ragini:i know these r ur excuses
swar:no its not excse.he is my bro ragini is shocked and syas this ill mannered guy is ur bro??unbelievable.
swara;do u guysnknow each other
laksh;of crse we have a realtion for cenuturies
ragini is irritated:shut up.its nthng like that

swara is amused and asks them to stop.laksh goes to his place and teacher enters.he gives an intro and talks as its frst day.laskh keeps whistling and makes paper balls and throws at ragin.ragini gets furious and throws a book at him which hits his head
laksh holds his head:oh God!!oye Jhansi ki rani.wts ur problrm?
ragini;my problem?wts ur problrm.
both start fight and swara takes ragini from there.
its home time shekhar coes to take ragini and ragini makes him meet swar.swara takes blessings fro him and he feels a connection to her.swara tells her name and he gets emotional.he keeps ahand on her ead and leaves.

swara says wt kind of emotional games is my fate playing with me??
she goes home with laksh.laksh goes inside and swara remembers that she forgot her phone in car.laksh gives car keys and she goes out.a guy holds her hand and twirls her towards him and says hey baby who r u.swara releases herself and says how dare u?who the hell r u/?how could u hold me like this
guy:relax beautiful
he tries to hold her again when sanskar calls out to him;siddhant leave her alone
sid:o Bhai … u came for rescue
sanskar;she is our gust u go
sid;all right.i will see u soon honey
sara thnx sanskar and he asks her not to be afraid and smile.he says I just helped u last night nhng else so relax….swara smiles and leaves…

al are eating food.parineeta and adarsh along with their daughter diya and ram Prasad enter.all are happy to ee them.
ap;how was marriage.
pari:it was good.all ended well

sujata hugs ram and all smile.
ram:sujata all are watching
sujata:so wt?? u r my husband not boyfriend
ram:i wish u had then I would have been free

sujata hits him.
pari and adrash bless swara and diya bugs her
diay:i got a new friend
swara:me 2.u know I just love kids
diya:really??will u play with me?
swara:of crse.
maya:hi diya
diya:hi..lets go swara di
maya to heself:i have to trap sans then all will be fine….
diya plays with swara and asks pari to let her sleep with swar.she complies.
all are enjoying tea.they hear swara singing DIL CHURLE HO CHAND SE CHEHRE WALE….

all are lost into her voice….

next epi: a week passes….swara applies for job along with college and si shocked....

Credit to: Angel


  1. Niti

    amazing epi angel..happy that swarag become friends on 1st day itself..it seems lucky is going to irritate rags so much..?
    i love the way lucky took care for swara..?. diya and swara r gonna rock..?. for a change ram and sujata were also cute and funny..? well done dear..

  2. meghs

    laksh protecting swara … raglak nok jhok … swasan part… sanky to save swara from sid …
    n mainly swaragini part was awsome

  3. Riha

    Angel I wanted to ask you something why are you not uploading the next episode of ur piya rangrezz sorry if I hurted your feelings

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