Swaragini (love forever) Episode 36


can someone plzzzzzzzzz tell me the name of the ff in which an egoistic sanskar is shekhar’s boss and he wnats to take revenge from swara as she misbehaved with him for insulting shekhar….????plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

RECAP: anu and sid’s reality.maya tells that she was with swasan ans raglak in their plan.anu calls goons and ties whole family


anu:u thought that i will spare u all so easily
maya:dnt do this plz
sid:u just shut up…yeah they are right we never loved u…we wanted ur property….
swara:God will not forgive u
he holds swara’s face
sid:u bastrad….u have disturbed me a lot….i wnt spare u today
sanskar shouts:stay away from her
laksh:dnt u dare touch my cutie

anu:oh yes lucky cutie…i remeber ur sister janvi…poor baby dies in accident
dp:leave my kids i will give u all property
anu:i know u will as u cant lose ur children again like janvi who died due to property only…
ap:what do u mean??
anu:huh….lets reveal another murder secret
ram:murder secret….it means janvi was murdered…
anu:wow….bhaiyya u r so intelligent….
sujata:tell us clearly what happened with our child

anu:actually u remember u gave 51% share of ur property to janvi.i thought that if all goes to janvi and rest to ur sons then how will we get property so….
anu:so i made aplan to murder janvi….sid failed the brakes and then boom…
all are hell shocked
ap sujata cry
ap:my janvi
ragini:u r an animla
sumi:how could u snatch a child from her parents
anu:money baby….all about money….
laksh:i wnt spare u….my cutie
sanskar:u killed our sister….u rascals….
they try to free themselves
sid:all in vain…u will lose ur swaragini too….just wait and watch…
shekhar:dnt dare touch my daughters….
sid:just see uncle ji….even maya will pay…….

dadi:dnt do this…
dida:leave our children plz
dada ji:u r worst than animals…what r u gonna do??
sid:just wait and watch u oldies….
sid signs one goon to hold swara and the other goon to hold maya.he himself holds swara
ram:what r u doing?
sid:i am gonna teach and show u sth….

swara:leave my hand
sid:relax….so now i and my goons will show u how to make love without marriage…….
all are shocked
sid:and u will see three teachers teaching in one class….all experiments together with ragini maya and swara…..
ragini;plz dont do this
swara:stop this nonsense sid
he goons who are holding ragini and maya drag them to corners and fall on them
sid lies on swara

whole family begs them to stop
girls are fighting against them
laksh and sanskar try hard to break ropes.
anu is enjoying.
girls scream

finally boys succeed in breaking ropes and attack the goons.sanskar saves swara and laksh saves ragini
shekhar hits goon and saves maya
shekhar:dnt dare touch my daughter
maya hugs him and he consoles her
swasan and raglak share a hug
anu fires in air
anu:i have not learnt to lose ever.
sid:mom kill them

sujata takes a vase and throws towards anu.gun falls.
ap goes and slaps anu.
ap:u took away my daughter from me
sujata too slaps her:u didnt only spoiled one mother’s happiness but of two…she was my daughter too and u snatched her….shame on u…
dp:inspector is almost coming
sid holds maya’s hand and sanskar fights with him.

swara:stop it sid u have lost
anu:not so soon
anu quickly picks the gun and tries to spot sanskar and shoots.all are shocked

laksh:sanskar careful
swara:stop it sid…its over
anu:not so soon
anu quickly picks up gun and tries to spot sanskar and shoots.all are shocked

the bullet actually hits SID.
whole family rushes to him while anu stands in shock.
a tear escapes sid’s eye as he sees maya’s concern.he wipes her tears and joins hand and asks fo forgiveness from everybody.

he breathes his last and dies.

all sigh and shut their eyes in grief
ragini consoles maya
she is sill in shock
anu suddenly starts laughing….
all are taken aback
ram:anu….stop it
anu:i killed my son….he is gone……
she goes to dead body
anu:sid get up….why r u sleeping,…
anu:sshhhh….my son is sleeping…dnt make noise….
ragini:swara….she has lost her mentality

police comes and laksh gives them recording fom cctv camera as they had placed it to record what will happen in marriage.
police:miss maya.ur dad was very respectable but was blamed.we will reopen his cae and prove him innocent.as for miss anamika she needs o be admitted in mental hospital as she has lost her son
ap:God has given her punishmenta s she snatched my child and now she has lost her own.
ap cries
police takes sid’s body
anu:dnt take my child plzzz
police takes her too….

maya cries and apologizes to everyone
all forgive and thank her
shekhar:dp ji u are taking our both daughters now.can we have maya as our daughter?
maya is overwhelmed and hugs him
shekhar:u r our daughter now
sumi:now i have 3 daughters
maya:thnk u aunti
sanskar:call them ma baba

maya hugs them and swaragini
sanskar and laksh bend on their knees and ask for swaragini’s hand from gododia family.tehy happily agree
maya:as now i am also part of gododia family so aks me too
laksh:oh miss drama queen
ragini:careful laksh u r talking to our sister…
swra:correct … talk respectfully…

sanskar:so miss beautiful
he looks at swara who is smiling
sanskar:dnt u have any problem now swara?
swara:no cuz she is my sis
laksh:so miss beautiful do u accept us as ur sister’s husbands?
maya:yes i accept u as my jeejas

they smile and hug her
maya:but one condition
ram:what is it?
maya:marriage will happen right now
sujata:now??….but so much has happened….
maya:i know but these lovers have waited for so long….so plzz….i dnt want them to wait more….they have suffered a lot bcz of us…plz….
dp smiles and agrees…

swasan and raglak look at each other and smile…..


Credit to: angel

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  1. hey I don’t if u will like it or not bt as u asked for a name I thought of ” swasan – how dare u’

  2. The ff name is a new ff….swaragini(hatred to love)
    Nd nice part if u don’t mind dear can u do a favour plz give me summary from epi 25 to this epi because 24 I have not read it because I was busy nd I don’t don’t have that mch time to read it plz if you don’t mind or if you don’t won’t to give than u can directly say no I will not feel bad

    1. sure anu i will give in next epi for sure

  3. nice yr you are going much nice

  4. suddnely what??..anyways nyc ep

  5. or may be ” HATE – the starting point of love OR ”MY MR EGOIST”

  6. Wow superb n waiting for next episode. Plz update fast

  7. Superb

  8. Super episode… Update the nxt part today… Waiting eagerly to read the nxt part…

  9. Wtva epi….amazing

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