Swaragini (love forever) Episode 35



RECAP:swasan moment.villains tensed.ragini punishes laksh and he faints.


ragini:laksh plz wake up…plz i am sorry…i want do this again.
ragini cries badly
ragini:i cant live without u.i will die laksh
laksh:how will i live then??
ragini is surprised to hear him
laksh gets up and smiles
laksh starts laughing:look at ur face ragini.i was just kidding.i am veyr strong nothing can happen to me with these 120 rounds.they are nothing.
ragini fumes with anger and slaps him hard.

laksh is shocked
ragini:r u mad??r u stupid??do u know how i felt?i was dead the minute u were not waking up.i thought i had lost u.i was gonna kill myslef.dont u care about me??what the hell u think of urself?r u a prank master??u freak!!!
laksh understand the situation and is overwhelmed t ragini’s concern

he holds ragini’s face:i am sorry….i love u
she cires and hugs him
ragini:dont do this ever again….i cant live without u
laksh:i am sorry
ragini:i love u
laksh:i love u too and today i will make u mine….go sleep as in morning marriage time will come for us and my bro and cutie
ragini:gud nite
laksh:oh by the way…my cheek is hurting….
ragini gently plants a kiss on his cheek and leaves

next morning….
swara gets dressed in red and golden lehnga.maya gets dressed in purple and golden lehnga.sanskar in white sherwani and sid in blue sherwani.gododias are called in maheshwari house for wedding.swara and maya come.sanskar cant take his eyes from swara
maya:look swara sanskar is looking at me.how beautiful i am.
swara:u will come to know within sometimes
sid thinks:time for ur destruction is near swara
sanskar thinks:time to become swara sanskar maheshwari….
laksh:time to bring out truth and save swasan
ragini:hey Bhagwan plz make everything good now

pandit asks bride and groom to come forward
maya:first my marriage
sanskar steps in mandap
parineeta:devar ji…
sanskar:ji bhabhi ji
parineeta:carry ur bride in arms to the mandap
sanskar:with pleasure
maya smiles broadly
she thinks now sanskar will come to pick her up but

sanskar passes maya and picks swara shocking maya sid and anu and takes her to mandap
maya shouts:sanskar
sanskar turns:what happened??
anu:what r u doing.maya is here
laksh:but he is supposed to carry his bride
sid:maya is his bride
swara:who said it??
sid:i will tell u who said it…

he goes to swara and is about to slap her when MAYA holds his hand…..
maya SLAPS sid.
all are shocked
sid:maya….u ….u slpaped ur brother
maya:which brother??

anu:maya…u have gone mad….
maya:u stay out of this….
sid:maya…is this the way to talk to ur mom??
maya:she is not my mom
anu:oh….so now u r saying that u r my adopted daughter….why r draging it in this….u r my baby maya
maya shouts:stop ur drama….i know the truth….
she cries….

swara puts hand on her shoulder and she hugs her….anu and sid are shocked.
ram:we told her everything
dp:she knows ur true colors anu….
anu:bhaiyya,…how could u??
dp:u brainwashed her and taught her the same path on which u walked….but swara changed her….the truth changed her….she will confront u now
anu:maya….my daughter….
maya:stop just stop….i am not ur daughter….i know ur truth….

fb shows when sanskar saved swara and after they kissed.maya came and shouted on sanskar for loving swara as she loves him.she took out a knife and attacked on swara but fell form cliff.she shouted for help.swara got concerned and helped her.maya was surprised
maya:why did u save me?i wanted to kill u but u….
swara:u r on wrong path maya and i know the reason…its all because of ur so called bro and mom
maya:i know she adopted me but they love me…so dnt talk ill abt them
sanskar who is angry shouts:they r the onw who killed ur parents
maya is shocked

sanskar:let me speak….anu bua was not married in rich family…she escped from home to marry the person she loved and lived in poverty.she got sid in her life and after 4 years in accident sid’s dad died.she met her friend accidently that was ur mom and she took bua to her house and bua was lusted to see ur mom’s richness.u were just born.bua acted to be nice to everyone so that she could trap ur dad to marry him after ur mom’s death.ur mom was killed by bua when u became 1 yrs old and she married ur dad.afer two months ur dad transferred everything on ur name and she was angry and in anger she shot ur dad.maheshwari family came to know all this and they wanted to forgive her for running away but were not able to digets the fact of her being a murderer.bua bribed police officer who framed ur dad for ur mom’s death and ur made ur dad’s murder a suicide reasoning that he was guilty for killing his wife.she adopted u so that she could make sid the owner of property.sid didnt love u but ur property and they want u to marry me as they want my property too.bua said she had changed so my family forgave her but she is still the same,and she has made u just like her….

maya was shattered and shocked.she didnt know what to do.
maya:maya my parents,….swara….i am sorry….plz forgive me….i am …
swara consoles and hugs her….
maya:i wont come in your way….u r made for each other….
saying so she gives swara’s hand in sanskar’s and leaves.they hugged and then made love(u may find in previous episodes)….fb ends

anu:no way….
sid:mom….no wait….swara i will leak ur mms now….
swara:ok….so it#
anu:ho shameless…..dnt u care about ur respect
swara:of crse i do thats why i am saying to leka it…..by the way where is the mms??
sid:i will show u….
sid doesnt find mms
ragini:r u searching for this??
ragini shows the phone
sid:where did u get this??u….u searched my room??
laksh:no…we searched ur mobile but didnt get it then maya called and said to chekc other mobile in cupboard….and we found it….
maya:i told about ur disgusting plan to them….i was with them…i helped them get mms and record my statement….i acted only so that u dont doubt and swara i am sorry for going close to sanskar he said me this to make u jealous….
swara gives angry look to sanskar…but then smiles…

anu escaped stealthily….
sid:maya…..u cat do this
maya:and what u did??u killed my parents for property only and made me orphan….anu made me just like her,…a devil a murderer….
sid:mom did this not me

ap:but u will pay for ur deeds too.u blackmailed swara….u played with her respect
shekhar slaps sid
sumi:we trysted u but u played with my daughter
dadi:shame on u
dida:he even doesnt know the meaning of shame
sujata:call police and make his and his mom arrest

anu comes
anu:dont move
all are shocked to see her holding gun
anu:u wont be able to call police once u r dead
dp shouts:anamika
anu:just shut up dp….i need property,…
sid:mom jsut kill them…1st this swaragini
sanskar stands in front of swara and laksh stands in front of ragini
anu had called some goons who come and anu orders to tie whole family…..
anu smirks:now i will tell u what is the result to mess with me………

NEXT EPI: another murder secret

Credit to: angel

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