Swaragini (love forever) Episode 32

RECAP: Laksh tells a plan.raglak serach for proof in sid room.sanskar seduces maya and she kisses him in cheek.swara gets angry and slaps her.


Maya:what the hell??r u out of ur mind?
Swara:yes I am out of my mind.how dare u touch him?
Maya:he is my would be husband.i touch him hug him kiss him.its my will.who the hell r u to stop me.
Swara:I am his love.u r nothing.u just get ready
Maya:get ready for what??
Swara:to go to jail
Maya:what??what did I do??
Swara:dnt u remember during tour u pushed me from cliff.i will file a case on u for murder attempt.

Maya is shocked.
Maya:no u cant do this
Swara:if u wont get away from my eyes then I will surely do this.
Maya:how can u be so rude?
Swara shouts:get lost…
Maya leaves

Sanskar is amused at swara.
Swara:what??why e u looking like this
Sanskar:I am happy u r sooo possessive
He tries to hold her but swara pushes him
Swara:but u were enjoying
Swara:go and call her again…ur butterfly maya….
Swara angrily goes out…
Ssanskar keeps calling her
Sanskar:oh God…no one can understand girls…

Ragini:we have to check if sanskar’s plan is working.
Laksh:dnt wry he will do his work…
Just then they see swara going angrily
Laksh:hey cutie…
Swara:roothi (angry)
Swara:u asked sanskar to seduce maya and make her drink the truth saying medicine but she is flirting and kissing him.i just slapped her.
They are shocked
Ragini:wow my lioness.slap huh
Swara:I would have killed her
Laksh:poor girl…it must be paining her,
Ragini hits him:why r u caring so much?
Laksh:I was just saying that she must be hurt….cause u sisters slap is really tight….

Swara angrily:u go and caress her cheek just like ur stupid bro
Laksh:yeah sure
Ragini stamps his foot.he screams.
Ragini:all men are same.cheap.lets go swara
Laksh:no no…ragini…swara…cutie…no…ouch…

All gather in hall
Swara stands by sid and holds his arm
Sid is surprised while sanskar widnes his eyes
Sid:u ok?
Sid:u held my hand
Swara:if I am marrying u then I should accept u…its other thing how scoundrel u r…
Sid eyes her:I will take it as a compliment
Swara:u should bcz u cant be insulted
Swara:bcz u dnt have respect and only those people are insulted who have respect
Sid:ur tongue has become long
Sid:i will cut it once i marry u…
Swara:lets see if this marriage happens….

Both are talking by smiling forcefully so that nobody doubts that sth is wrong.

Swara:my sis has given challenge.she will complete it.all the best.
She smiles and pats his face.
Sanskar gets angry.

Laksh looks at ragini and holds his ears.ragini makes faces.laksh is disappointed.

Its night time.maya gets a saree in her room with a note to reach a place,its by sanskar.she smiles victoriously.
She reaches and sees a beautiful set up.
Sanskar holds her hand and makes her sit for dinner.
Swaragini and laksh are watching from far.
Sanskar kisses her hand.

Swara fumes.
Laksh:cool down.plz dnt burst
Swara:just fast sanskar and nothing more than this or else u r dead.
Laksh:u will kill my bro??
Swara angrily: Shut up laksh
Ragini:if u want to stay alive then keep ur mouth shut
Laksh:thank God u spoke to me.i thought u r angry
Ragini’:i am angry.
Swaragini:shut up!!!
Laksh keeps finger on his lips.

Sanskar dances with maya and swara breaks a leaf from tree and starts crushing it.she also curses maya.
Swara:cheap stupid girl.romancing with sanskar.i wish u get bald.ur face get pimples.ur teeth break.ur eyes become like carom.you….

Swara stamps her foot:look how much sanskar is enjoying
Laksh:chill….look what he is gonna do now.
Sanskar offers cahmaoign to maya and she drinks in one gulp.
Raglaksan smile victoriously while swara is still angry.

Maya smiles at sanskar and suddenly feels her head getting heavy.she gets inebriated due to medicine effect and feels dizzy.sanskar makes her lie on chair.
Sanskar:time to speak truth now…..

All smile….

Next epi: Truth out….

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