Swaragini (love forever) Episode 31


RECAP: raglak engagement on terrace.sumi and sanskar emotional talk.all are shocked as anu wants direct marriage.swaragini panic and laksh tells he has plan.


laksh:dnt worry i have a plan.
ragini:what is it?
laksh:lets go to swasan first
swara is panicking in the room.
swara/;what do i do?
laksh ragini and sanskar enter
swara hugs sanskar and cries
swara:i am so afraid sanskar.what to do?i wnt marry him
sanskar kisses her forehead and says that u r only mine

ragini:laksh has a plan
laksh tells the plan and all are shocked.
sanskar:i hate her name even and u want me to do this?
laksh:this is the only way
swara:sanskar if sth happens between u then i will myself
sanskar angrily holds her from shoulders
sanskar:dont u dare say this again.i cant lose u.if sth happenes to u what will i do?what will be the use of my life then??

swara:its hurting
sanskar releases her:sorry
swara sees him angry still and kisses on cheek
sanskar smiles
raglak cough
ragini:enough enough
swara:so when will we execute the plan
laksh:now…bcz the day after tomorrow is ur wedding
ragini:i think we should leave and dnt wry sanskar bcz we will be behind u…

sanskar leaves.raglak assure swara that everything will be ok and they leave too
laksh:i wont talk to u
laksh:i am a master mind.i stopped the engagement and now i again gave a plan for stopping the wedding but i get no reward for this
ragini:swara and sanskar’s happiness will be a reward for u.
laksh:and what about reward from u
ragini:what do u want?
laksh holds her hand and pulls her closer
laksh whispers:my lips have become dry
ragini shys : laksh
laksh:tell ragini…
ragini:umm….i think….u…
laksh:what me??
ragini: u should drink water then!!!
laksh is taken aback and ragini bursts out laughing
laksh:haha….very funny…unromantic woman

ragini:ohoho….i am a girl not woman
laksh:ok madam lets go….
laksh head to go but ragini holds his hand and kisses him on lips….both kiss passionately
ragini:reward given…
laksh smiles :plan time
they leave

ragini enters sid’s room with a glass of juice
sid:oh …. come come my sali ji….i mean adhi ghar wali
ragini:swara is enough for u
ragini:mom has sent this juice for u…dink it…
sid:what have u mixed in it?
ragini:nothing but i wish i could mix poison….
sid laughs….ooo so much poisonous tongue u have,,,
ragini smiles:my hand is much more poisonous u have tasted it before
sid remembers ragini’s slap:that is why ur sister will suffer and u will feel pain too

ragini:nice illusion but i wnt let this happen
sid:we will see
ragini:u wont be able to see with naked eyes as u wont be able to see swara’s marriage with sanskar so buy eyesight glasses for urslef it will be helpful….
she leaves
sid:i will see u ragini
he drinks juice

after 2 minutes sid falls on bed
ragini who was standing outside smiles victoriously and calls laksh
laksh:well done and wow what dialogues u spoke….
ragini:thank u….he has slept ….now we can take easily the mms
laksh and ragini search for his mobile but dnt get the mms,
ragini:what the f**k!!!where is the mms????

laksh:he is very clever…he must have hid it somewhere else…
ragini:damn it plan failed
laksh:i hope sanskar gets succeeded

swara stands in balcony and signs annapurna
annapurna sees anu going upstairs towards sid’s room and calls her back
sumi too asks her to come and sleact dresses.they make her busy…
sanskar enters maya’s room and she is wearing pink shirt with black skirt
sanskar:looking pretty
maya turns around
sanskar:wont u hug me tday?
maya:r u ok?
sanskar:absolutely….come to me
maya smiles and they hug
sanskar feels uncomfortable as she romantically moves her hands at his back

maya:i am happy that u had come to me
sanskar:i have realised my mistake
maya:i love u
sanskar sees swara’s reflection in the mirror who is standing outside fuming….
sanskar:I LOVE YOU ….
he points towards swara
swara smiles
maya:i am so happy….

she kisses him on cheek and swara gets angry and opens her mouth in shock.sanskar fels irritated but gets happy to see swara angry
sanskar pulls her closer and caresses her hair.u r so pretty.i wish i would have realised this before.
maya moves finger over his face and says:i never thought that u will be mine and i will be urs….its like dream come true.i am happy that now u r away from that b***c swara
sanskar gets angry but controls himself
maya:>u remember u slapped me for her.i still feel pain.plz ward it off

sanskar:what do u mean??
maya forwards her cheek.
sanskar gets damn uncomfortable and swara is getting angry
sanskar irritatingly kisses maya on cheek and swara in a fit of fury drops a vase outside.they get alert
maya:what are u doing here#
swara by pressing her teeth:came to ruin ur romance

swara steps inside and says:yes
swara then gives a tight SLAP on may’s face shocking both of them…………

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