Swaragini (love forever) Episode 30

RECAP: swasan and raglak are succeeded in stopping engagement and maya anu and sid fume.swasan do secret engagement in the presence of raglak at terrace.

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swara blushes
ragini:ok sanskar now u leave
sumi comes upstairs
sumi:swara….ragini….whats happening
they are tensed to see her
sumi sees ring in swara’s finger and flowers spread on floor.she smiles

sumi:hmm….so u got engaged but why didnt u incite me….how mean
they are relieved
swara:ma…when we will get engaged roperly then obviously u will be there as my happiness is incomplete without you.
sanskar;sorry aunti
sumi:on one condition
sanskar:and ahat is that?
sumi:call me maa
sanskar smiles:ok maa…

sumi:i am going down to sleep.when ur love is over come down
raglak swasan:it can never be over maa…
sumi is surprised and emotional at her daughters lucky fate and goes

sasnakr:i rpomise that i will be with you in every fiels of my life.i will never leave ur hand.i will stand in front of every problem before it comes to face u.i love you swara.i love you…
swara gets emotional and hugs him
swara;i love you too
ragini gets teray eyed and holds laksh’s hand
ragini:how emotional but romantic…..learn sth from ur bro
laksh:u mean i am unromantic
laksh:bhai..look ahat she is saying….me unromantic

sanskar:get married to him once ragini and u will know how romantic he is
ragini shys and heads to go but laksh holds her hand
laksh:dnt u want to get engaged?
ragini is surprised and turns around
ragini:what do u mean??
laksh takes out a ring from his pocket and sits on his knees
ragini is overwhelmed

JEENA JEENA plays in bg….

laksh places finger on her ring and kisses her hand.tears escape ragini’s eyes
laksh stands up
laksh:oh God…why shedding tears is common between u sisters
swara and ragini smile and ragini hits laksh
laksh:i love u
ragini:i love u too

swasan smile

next morning
dadi comes running
dadi:sumi….there is a problem
shekhar:what happened ma?
dadi:shekhar….anu called and sad that she wants direct marriage and that too after two days
all are shocked
swara is shattered hearing this

dida:oh no….we cant let this happen….sasnakr and laksh have to exose these betrayers….ragini ask them
shekhar:if he had not taken the mms of my daughter i would have killed him by now

ragini calls laksh:how can this happen
laksh:ragini calm down….
ragini:how do i calm down??my is sister stuck between and u r askng me to rlex
laksh: have thought sth

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