Swaragini (love forever) Episode 29

RECAP: swasan and raglak open fast

TODAY: all hear mayas scream and rush to her room.they are shocked to see maya sitting on ground by covering her face with hands.
ap:what happened
maya reveales her face and all are shocked to see her face totally red with rashes and pimples.
diya:yuk maya aunti….u r looking so ugly
sanskar hits laksh
laksh:i mean oh God so sad
swaragini laugh
maya:sanskar i m no more beautiful….now u wont love me anymore
sanskar:as if i love u before
there is a dead silence by these words
anu:oh its no time for joke.look my daughter is getting hurt….call doc…
maya:mom engagement
anu:its ok…today swara will get engaged

sanskar:yeha right
swara is shocked
a servant comes in
servant:there is fire in sid sirs room
they rush there and see sids engagement clothes getting burnt
dp:how did this happen
ram:God is hinting us to stop the marriage
anu:what r u talking

laksh:i think we should send guests away
just then sid comes out of washroom
sujata:where were u??
shekhar:i think its better to cancel engagement
sumi:yeah lets go
swara looks at sanskar and leaves with her family

all leave sids room and he breaks things in anger
maya:my face…
anu:just shut up….its all done to stop the engagement only…
sid:mom…forget engagement…just prepare for marriage directly
maya;no way….i cant marry with a face like this
anu;shut up maya or slse i will break ur face
sid:relax mom.lets go to doc…

they leave
swara is turning positions and thinking about sanskar
swaraLwhy did sanskar say that my engagement will happen for sure today??
ragini;u will come to know within 2 minutes
swara:what do u mean#
ragini gets a call from laksh and aska her to bring swara

swara goes with her to terrace and is surprised to see sanskar
sanskaR:thanx ragini
sanskar goes to swara
swara:why did u??
sansakr keeps hand on her mouth
sanskatr:yes ur engagement will happen for sure and right now

he bends on his knees and presents a beautiful gold ring to her
sanskar:will u allow me to be ur life partner?will u allow me to share all ur worries?will u allow me to give all my happiness to u?so u accept being swara sanskar maheshwari??
swara gets teary eyed and says yes
sanskar makes her wear the ring

SHAYRANA plays in bg…

raglak clap and shower flowers on them
stars are shining brightly on the love of SWASAN….

Credit to: angel


  1. imane

    Hi Angel!
    Ooooh what an episode! It was soo nice dear… I Loved Sanskar saying “as if i Love you before” ;D
    All the best with your writing !

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