Swaragini (love forever) Episode 27




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as i have changed the title…….


Sanskar confronts swara.she tells truth to raglak and sanskar.laksh hears the plan of maya anu and sid.sumi sujata and ap hear them and all join hands to bring out their truth.


dp:the day after tomorrow is karvachath.i think that will be auspicious for engagement
anu:yeah no problem
ram to dp:dont u feel its too early
dp:i m already very confused if its right alliance decision but if kids are ready then we should not delay
shekhar distributes sweets among all and anu smirks

sujata tells about engagement to swasan and raglak
swara:i wont do engagement
sanskar:yes u will
all are shocked
laksh:relax i think bhai has a plan
ragini:what plan
laksh:just wait my love.
laksh holds raginis hand and she hits him
ap:what r u doing laksh
swara:they love each other
sumi:what??seriously….ragini??u didnt tell e
ragini:ma i actually
sujata:we are happy at laksh decison.at least he did sth sensible

sanskar:can we talk about it later.there is a serious matter
all notice how serious and angry sanskar is.
sanskar tells a plan which is muted
sanskar:is it clear

all leave except sanskar
swara:u think it will work?
sanskar:yeah i m sure
swara hugs him :i love u
sanskar:i love u too

the engagement and karvachauth preparations are on full swing
maya:plz dont tell me that i will have to keep fast for sanskar
anu:yes u have to
maya:but mom u know i cant do this
sid:dnt wry u will act to keep fast and i will provide u food when no one is around
anu:but keep in mind that no one should know about it as it is a chance to win back everybodys hearts
sid and maya smirk:yes mom

laksh who is keeping an eye on them smiles….

its the karvachauth day
while all are preparing food to keep fast maya enters sanskars room
sanskar:what the hell r u doing here?
maya:came to meet my would be husband
sanskar;just leave from here
maya:wont u come to make me eat from uir hands as i m gonna keep ast or u#
sanskar:i didnt ask u to keep fast so just get lost
he throws her out
maya smirks:soon u will be mine.no other option is left

sumi asks swaragini to keep fast for their beloved ones.they agree and smile
swara gets a message and she goes on terrace with food plate
ragini understands and smiles
she hears the sound of a window nd is surprised to see laksh
ragini:what r u doing here??
laksh:its ur firs karvachauth so i thought to come
ragini:how u know i will keep fast for
laksh:cuz u love me
ragini:u should keep an eye on maya sid and anu and u r here.ho stupid just go
laksh gets angry :i came here for u and u r scolding me.how mean.i wont talk to u now
he heads to go but just then ragini kisses him to stop him
he smiles
laksh:on one condition
laksh:once more plz
ragini shys and hits him

swara goes to roof and sees sanskar
sanskar:thank God u came
swara:why u called me here and with food plate?
sanskar:u r going to keep fast for me so i came to make u eat with my own hands
swara smiles and sanskar makes her eat
swara also makes him eat
swara:i m very tensed.what will happen today
sanskar:nothing just i will make u open r karvachauth and thats it
sanskar:u trust me??
swara:more than myself
sanskar:then relax
they hug

AGAR TUM SATH HO plays in bg….

sid calls swara:so today u have kept fast for me.i will make u open it with my own hands.it
sanskar fumes
swara cuts call
swara;relax i promise i wont open karvachuath till u come to open it urself.promise
they hug.

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