Swaragini (love forever) Episode 25


Recap:swara reunites woth her family.swasan and raglak cute moment.swasan kiss.

Swara goes back to maheshwari house and all get emotional while sending her
Ap:i lost my daughter again
Swara:no…i will always be ur daughter
She winks at sanskar hugs all of them and leaves

Swara goes back to her home and spends quality time with her family.at night she goes to her room.ragini sits beside her.they joke about laksh and sanskar and start pillow fight

SWARAGINI plays in bg…

Swara gets sanskars message of i love you amd she smiles.so does ragini of laksh.both start chat with their beloved ones and smile.they finish it and sleep.in the middle of the night swara gets a message.she wakes up to see and is shocked out of her wits.sje then gets a cal.she gets tensed.

Next morning swara sits for breakfast and tells her family that she has called majeshwari family for some work over here.
Ragini:oh…so finally
Swara:yeah finally
Sumi:wts going on?
Ragini:u will know soon maa.lets do preparations

At noon the mhshwris come.sanskar smiles at swara.
Swara:aunti u want me to become ur daughter forever right??
Swara:so its decided
Sujata:wt do u mean
Swara:i love someone
Sanskar is about to stand when swara says SIDDHANT.
Sanskar ragini and lalsh are shocked out of their wits amd so is aheshwari family.
Tears hsed down sanskars eyes and swara notices this.he leaves

Dp:what r u saying swara??u know wt he has done to u and still….
Sujata:i thought u loved….
Sujata thinks about sanskar
Ap:i know wt u r thinking sujata even i m confused
Maya and anu smile broadly
Anu:oh so this was in swaras heart.i m so happy to get such a daughter.wow.i will male u marry my son and yeah i also wanna fix maya and sanskars aliance.

Ap and sujata are shocked
Sumi:if this is swaras wish then ok.i found my daughter after so long so all will hapen according to her.
Ram to dp:what is happening
Ragini:why did swara do this
Laksh:no cutie.u hurt my bro.why??

Swara goes in fb and reminisces the mms last night in which there were her pic of taking bath in river.the call she got was from sid who took her oics and asked her to say yes to marry him or else this mms will be leaked.swara having no option had to take this step.fb ends

Sumi brings sweets to guve to all of them.laksh brings sanslar inside and sumi feeds sweet to everybody.
Maya goes to sanskar and holds his hand:finally u r mine now
Sansakr sees swaras tears and thinks:i know swara u love me a lot.there must be a reason.i trust u.i will not leave u so easily.

Laksh to ragini:did u know this?
Laksh:i think cutie musg have done this due to a reason.she is not like this.dnt know wts going on
Ragini:thnk u for ur trust
Laksh:dnt be ragini.ur family is mine too amd swara is my sister too so we will find out wts fishy

The scene splits on the faces of raglak and swasan.

Next epi: sanskar confronts swara.

Credit to: Angel

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  1. interesting

  2. Please update the next part soon and make it a little longer.. Sorry if I’m hurting or troubling you… Thank You!!

  3. that jerk sid i hate him. .
    pls dont do this unite swasan…
    pls let sanskar trust swara… n sanraglak to teach a lesson to sid…

  4. Wooow….nice episode…waiting for next episode.

    Update soon…

  5. Interesting plz update soon

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  7. Oh GOD intresting twist plzz update sooon

  8. Plz angel don’t seperate swasan. At least let ragini know truth. If she comes to know then I’m sure she’ll help her Sis .But plz end this track n make some cute moments of raglak n swasan n arthi also

  9. Plz angel don’t seperate swasan. At least let ragini know truth. If she comes to know then I’m sure she’ll help her Sis .But plz end this track n make some cute moments of raglak n swasan n arthi also.

  10. We want next episode as early as possible

  11. I think sone thing is fishy like videos type

  12. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz unite swasan

  13. Felt bad for swara plz don’t separate them

  14. Mouni Godavari

    Please please please please please please please please please unite swasan please

  15. Mouni Godavari

    Please please please update next episode please I’m waiting But please please please please unite swasan please please please please please please please please

  16. Dont seperate them atleast not in ff

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