Swaragini (love forever) Episode 24

Recap:swasan and raglak quality time while returning home.all reprimand maya for her heinous act.ragini stays at gododia mansion for a night.swasan raglak cute moment

Ragini:ok now go before someone comes
Laksh:so soon??no…
Ragini:laksh just leave
Laksh:ok ok calm down
She plants a kiss on his cheek and he smiles
Ragini:now go
Laksh leaves the room

Swasan break the hug
Swara:i should go
Sanskar:gu nite kiss??
Swara smiles and kisses him on cheek amd runs
Sanskar smiles

Maya is fuming in her room
Anu:enough is enough now.we need to do sth
Sid:i have planned everything.now swara is gone.she will have fo be with me so that maya gets married to sanskar.
Maya:what are u gonna do??
Sid smirks:wait nd watch….

Next morning
Ragini goes to her home with laksh and tells her parents that swara is not his real sister.the care taker picked her from road and brought to orphanage.she might be our swara
Sumi gets restless while laksh is confused
Sumi folds hands in front of laksh to call swara here
Laksh calls sanskar and asks her to bring swara to raginis home right now
Swara reaches there.
Sumi eyes her emotionally

Sumi walks towards her and caresses her face.she has tears in her eyes.swara is confused.
Sumi:my daughter
Swara:aunti r u ok??
Ragini tells her that i told u abt my lost sisyer.her name was swara.
Swara gets shocked and gets tears in her eyes
Sumi eyes the locket in swaras neck.
Sumi:shekjar…look this is the same locket we gave to our swara…
Shekhar:it mnz u r our lost daughter

Swara smiles:ma…baba
Sumi bursts into tears and hugs her
Sumi:my daughter
Shekjar hugs both of them
Sanskar raginj and laksh smiles at the reunion
Swara meets dida dadi dada amd hugs them
Swara hugs ragini
Swara:i always felt a deep connection with u.nd now i know why
Ragini:yeah that special bond is our sister bond
Swara hugs her
All are happy…

Sanskar gets sad at the thought that now swara wont stay at his home.he silently leaves.swara notices this
She goes behind him
Swara:what happened?
Sanskar:swara…now u wont live in my house…i dnt want to stay away from u for even a second…i love u a lot….plz dnt leave me alone
Swara gets emotional and hugs him
Swara:doesnt matter if we stay far or near…our hearts are linked and most important thing is that I LOVE U….

Both have an eyelock and they share a LIP KISS….they kiss hard…swara caresses his hair…they stop and join their heads

JEENA JEENA plays in bg

Next epi: swara tells her family that she loves someone.she tells a name and all are shocked…!!!! SUSPENSE…..?


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  1. Awesome angel..
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  4. wow….swasan 😉

  5. Waiting for next part
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  6. Superb but plz don’t separate swasan

    1. sorry i have a doubt you comment on all swaragini ff do you read it or you will simply post comment sorry if i hurted you in my ff it was ended but you have put nice.. comment there

  7. I think she says Sid’s name.

  8. Mouni Godavri

    she will say that she loves sid but please don’t separate swasan please

  9. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssdanything but swasan shld stay united nd dey shld fight with enemy being united……I think swara will tell she loves sid bcoz he blackmails her by showing some pics …so dis will break swasan but plz plz plz keep swasan united

  10. Dnt wry guys no power in this wprld can separate swasan…they will remain united and will fight woth theor enemy together

  11. Plzzz it cant be sid name dr plzzzz

  12. awesome epi…I think sid blackmailed swara n so she will tell his name…but plzzz unite swasan soon n yaa update soon….

  13. No yar swara should tell only sanskar name…

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