Swaragini (love forever) Episode 23


Recap:raglak amd swasan romantic moment.laksh tells ragini that swara is not his real sis.swara takes bath in lake and sth unknown happened which swara doesnt know herself.laksh and sanskar express theor love in front of their friends.


All students get ready to go back.swara and sanskar sit with each other in the bus and so do raglak.
Swara rests her head on sanskar’s shoulder while laksh rests his head in ragini’s lap.ragini caresses his hair.swasan are holding their hands.both couples are talking romantically.they are lost into each other as if no one is watching them.

RAABTA plays in bg…

They reach home.
Swara:ragini it was a really tiring journey.its night so u can stay here tonight
Ragini:no swara its ok i will go
Laksh:ragini plz
Sanskar:uhm uhm…now u have to say yes as laksh told u
Ragjni shys amd complies
Ragini:but i have a xondition tomorrow u will come to my house swara.i wanted to say this to u before but…

They enter house
Swara introduces ragini and she takes everyones blessings
Laksh praises ragini and ap smiles
Sujata:laksh all ok na??
Laksh:of course my lovely chachi
Dp:u all go and rest

Anamika:where r my children??
The four of them get angry and do not reply
Anu:i m asking sth
Sanskar:dnt take their names.we hate them
Dp:wt happened?
Ram:why r u saying this?
Laksh narrates everything and all are shocked
Sujata and ap rush to swara and hug her
Parineeta:r u ok??and where are they??
Just then sid and maya come
All insult them and maya apologizes that it was a mistake
Sanskar:i should call police
Anu:no plz
Swara:no plz…i forgive u

Sanskar is shocked
Swara takes ragini with her to room
Sanskar and laksh also leave
Ragini and swara change and lie down.swara gets sanskar’s message to come on roof now.
Swara:ragini i will just be back

Swara foes to roof
Sanskar:why didmt u leg me call police??
Swara:u called me for this??
Sanslar:its not funny.u shiuld have punished her.she deserbes it.
Swara:sanskar if we dl bad with bad people then there will be no difference.and remember hate can not drive out hate only love can do that.

Sanskar caresses her face:that is why i love u a lot
Swara smiles and hugs him
Sanskar:exams will start soon u have got to help me.

Laksh enters raginis room
Ragini:what r u doing here
Laksh:wanted to se if u r comfortable
Ragini:yeah i m ok
Laksh:good as u will have an experience
Laksh:yeah bcz after marriage u will stay in this house but in my….no no…in our room
Ragini shys amd hugs him
Laksh:u have to help me in exams preparation too as u promised
Ragini:ok my love

TU JO HAIN TOH MAIN HUN plays in bg….

Next epi:swara reunites with her family and cute romantic moments during exam preparation

Credit to: Angel

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  1. wowwwww just loved it waiting for next part

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  3. super lovely romance

  4. Superb… tooooo good waiting for the time when swara will unite with her family

  5. my b my last cmnt…on every ff…hope u all flourish more…and i read all d existing ffs…after my long break of 2-3 months….hope to see you soon…..will miss all ff badly…tis ff tooo….

    1. But where r u going???

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  9. Dont tell me someone will me blackmailing her or try to harm her for the bath scene

  10. Dont tell me someone will me blackmailing her or try to harm using for the bath scene

  11. Hey, Angel
    M a big fan of all ur ff’s. Anyways wanted to ask you that in episode 22 you said that something unknown to Swara happens when she is bathing in the lake. Can you please give us a hint about it.
    hope u rply
    ur biggestfan

  12. Please update soon dear…
    Waiting eagerly for ur next episode

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