Swaragini (love forever) Episode 20


Recap:maya makes fool of herself.laksh tells ragini that swara is not her real sis.swasan tricky kiss.

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swara gets up and looks at sanskar.
Swara:i have complted my challenge
Sanskar smiles
Laksh: u both ok??
Ragini:how did u fall
Ragini:but why
Swara:cuz j knew that sanskar will hold me

Swasan smile looking at each other

SANAM RE plays in bg…

Ragini:swara i want to talk to u.
Swara:let maya drama finish
Maya is still taking rounds and slips
All are shocked as she falls down with her face in cow’s dung
She stands up and all see her face and burst into laugh?????

Sanskar:maya u r so funny.u made us

Maya:damn it…my pretty face.
Sanskar:u look beautiful
Maya:sanskar…i will do again for u
Sid comes and asks them to shut up:have u gone mad.its all swaras plan to teach u a lesson and ragini was involved with her.i heard them when they were discussing the plan.i thought my sis wont be a fool bht u lroved me wring and u miss swara.how can u do this to her?u get hurt when maya insults u then how couldnt u feel that she might be hurt??u insulted her in front of everyone.how could u??
Sid holds swara hand.:now i will tell u that how does face get spolied by dung.

Sid is about to throw her in cows dung but sanskar gives him a punch amd pulls swara towards him and they share a hug.
Sid himself falls in cows dung
Maya picks him and all laugh
Maya thinks:u have to pay swara

Both leave from there
Swara:i think it got too much
Laksh:avoid her tears cutie.she is acting
Ragini:laksh i think swara is right
Sanskar:no ragini.maya camt be trusted.laksh is right
Swara:i must go and apologize

Swara sees maya standing at the cliff tryinv to reove her dung
Swara:maya i m sorry.it was just a joke but i didnt know it will extdnd like this.plz forgive me
Maya smiles:its ok swara
Swara:maya lets forget enmity and be friends.
Maya:really!??and should i accept it that u tried to snatch sanskar from me??
Swara:maya plz…
Maya:u know what u wont be able to do this mistake again
Swara:what do u mean??
Maya smirks:look swara pit is so deep
Maya pushes swara and swara shouts

Maya:good bye swara….

Credit to: Angel

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