Swaragini (love forever) Episode 19

Recap:swasan tease raglak.swara fools maya.truth amd dare game.

Today’s epi:

Al are shocked to see maya.all aye her down to up.
She is dresses in long pandit clothes.she has marked lond kaala teeka on her forehead.she jas wore brown malas in her neck.she os holding the smoky sticks in her hand.she has cow dung on her cheeks.
All burst out into laugh.
Sanskar:wt is all this?
Maya:i did this for u
Sanskar laughs.:me?
Sanskar:wow i m impressed

Ragini:she has gone mad
Laksh:she is already mad
Maya:if in this condition i will take rounds of the tree by reciting hanuman chalisa then i will get the love of my life
Swara:all the best

Maya starts doing it:om mangalam bhagwan…
Swara:oh hold it hold it
Maya:why r u disturbing me??
Swara:bcz its not hanuman chalisa
Maya:i know mire than u
Sanskar:hey duffer.she is right.u r reciting marriage verses
Maya:then help me sanskar
Sansakr coughs
Swara laughs
Swara:let me help u maya
Swara recites whole hanuman chalisa.
All clap.maya feels jealous.
Maya:ok ok.let me do it.
Maya starts her work while all enjoy
Sanskar:poor girl is doing so much for me

Swara:domt get sympathetic
Sanskar:why should i??she is proving her love
Maya:she doesmt love u
Sanskar:really??how do u know??
Swara:sanskar dong angry me.i just know u r mine
Sanskar:will j do wt i say??

Sanskar:here nobody knows about our love except laksh and ragini so without anyone’s knowledge u have to kiss me right now
Swara is shocked but accepts the challenge.

Laksh keeps staring at maya and ragini tells that it was swaras plan.
Laksh:cutoe is so intelligent
Ragini:so u call her cutie
Ragini:laksh swara is ur sister so how can she have love relation with sanskar
Laksh:bcz she is not my real sis.
Ragini is taken aback.

Laksh tells her that she is a guest form orphanage and has become a part of family.he also adds about his sister’s death story and how he feels sister love for swara.
She is set to thinking….

Swara:ok fine.
Sanskar:all the best
Swara goes to drink water.she is coming back towards sanskar.
Sanskar is waiting for her move.
Swara comes and intentionally falls on him.they both fall down.swara’s hair cover sanakar’s face and she gently kisses him….

Both have an eyelock…

Saibo plays in bg….

Next epi: maya pushes swara into the pit

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  1. wow fantastic kiss scene

  2. Wowww shona awesome plan

  3. Angel superb epi.. i hav imagined maya dressing nd ws laughing… nd good epi.. waiting for nxt one..

  4. Really loved maya’s part lol

  5. fabulous….

  6. Superb

  7. nice. .
    bt precap

  8. Wow it’s so amazing




  10. Nice….Awesome kiss

  11. wowwww its really awesome loved it

  12. It’s amazing

  13. Wonderful

    Mind blowing kiss ? scene

  14. nice episode

  15. i imagined maya doings n laughed
    well done swara …
    make rags has doubt on swara as she may be her sister like that

  16. LOL!!! maya, hahaha!! loved it!!

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