Swaragini (love forever) Episode 15




its night time.shraddha and bhavri are talking.
bhavri:u r really beautiful and well mannered
shraddha:thnk u so much aunti
bhavri;i wish u call me ma
bhavri:i mean tell abour ur ma
shraddha is boggled and smiles

bhavri:beta sher told that u r engaged.u love the guy
shraddha:not yet but I will start loving him after marriage
bhavri:does he love you??
shraddha is speechless
bahvri:remember one thing,the relation of s husband and wife needs love to be strong.if there is no love then relation is weak and easily broken.
shraddha:u r right

bhavri:he should always stand by ur side,he should think about ur life before his
shraddha reminisces sher saving her from accident
bhavri:he should be caring and protective
shraddha reminisces the locker room consolation of sher and smies broadly
bahvri:its all ur decision.u go nd sleep

shraddha goes to the room where sunehri is sleeping with gajra and leans.she continuously thinks about sher.
sher is in his room.he look at shradda’s painting
sher:if u ask me to look at continuously I can do it easily
he smiles and sees shraddha coming towards him

SAIBO plays in bg….

shraddha comes close to him and hugs him.he smiles and hugs her back.
he comes out of his imagination and smiles.
he leans on bed and says


you will realise soon too.

next morning bhavri asks servants to prepare breakfast.phone rings and she receives.its shraddha’s fathr
father:can I talk t shraddha
bhavri:she is sleeping.who r u?
father:i m her father
bhavri:oh greeting brother….u can tell me….I will deliver ur msg t shraddha
father:actually she is not receiving her phone so I called here.i and my wife heve to go out of city right away so we wanted our daughters to o to their friend’s house as we will be late and they cant stay alone

an idea flashes in bahvri’s mind
bhavri:theyr like my daughters/u let them stay here.
father is set to thinking and talks to his wife.she instantly asks him to agree as she reminisces shraddha telling abut sher’s care towards her
shraddha father complies and bhvri smiles victoriously.

all come down for breakfast.sher greets shraddha good morning and she shys and goes to table.
sher:wt happened to her??
sunehri sees her phone and says oh God 6 missed calls of ma
shraddha also gets tensed to see 8 missed calls at her phone
shraddha:let me call them
bahvri:i ve talked to them.they r going out of city and till then u both will stay here and ur parenst have allotted permission.sher is super happy but doesn’t express.gajra hugs them.vikas whistles
shraddha is happy from inside

shraddha after breakfast receives call from virat
viirat:shraddha is it true?
virat:u r gonna stay at bhavri devi’s house
virat:what yes??r u out of ur mind?
shhraddha:wts wrong?
vira:there are 3 boys living in the house
shraddha:they r my frndz

virat:so what??and u know it that I dnt like ur frndship with boys
shraddha:stop over reacting.y parenst have given permission to me
virat:ur parents have gone insane
shraddha shouts:virat

all look at her and wonder wts happening

virat:dont shout.i m ur would be husband.better be if u saty in ur limits.do wt I say and come back home.
shraddha:wt if I dnt?
virat:i know how yo use force
shraddha:do wtever u like
virat:shraddha do wt I m saying or else I will forget our friendship and relation and use force an will do wt I shoud not.
shraddha is shocked at his words and cries.she cancels call and rushed to her room

all get concerned.bahvri tries to go but sher stops her.
sher:give her som time.i will just be back.

sher reaches at virat’s house.sher gets shocked!!!!


the name of my ff of SWARAGINI is SWARAGINI(LOVE FOREVER)…….to read from start go to www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-loveforever-epi(num)……

Credit to: angel

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  8. hey guys I m soo sorry its not the ff of swaragini…..I mistakenly wrote swaragini instead of piya rangrezz I m really sorry…..I had already osted swaragini ff…..go to http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-loveforever-epi 15…….
    sorry once again…..actually I write 5 ffs so did mistake.sorry

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