Swaragini (love forever) Episode 14



RECAP:maya flirts with sansakr and he praises her in front of swara to make her angry.swara takes raglak help to impress sanskar in party as he praised maya to be hot.maya wear a short dress with exposed belly and sanskar is ashamed.


all are present in party.sanskar’s eyes are continuously searching for swara.raglak enter the party.ragini is wearing purple coloured crushed dress upto her knee and a silver chain around her waist.her hair are open.
laksh:u look gorgeous
they notice sanskar restless.laksh calls swara and asks her to come.
swara enters wearin dard red colured half sleeve dress and upto her knee with a high pony tail and red earrings.sanskar is stunned to ee her beauty.all guests have their eyes on swara.he keeps staring her with open mouth.laksh closes his mouth
laksh:shut ur mouth Bhai

swara stands with ragini.sanskar starts moving towards her.
swara:yes sanskar
sanskar:u look stunning
swara smiles and thanks him
maya fumes.she goes to them and holds sanskar’s arm
maya:why r wearing such dres??all are looking at u

swara:at least mine is better than urs.all are looking at my beauty.and all are looking at ur shamelessness
maya:how dare you swara??
swara:like u dare everytime when u try to insult me and sansakar stops you.but I know today he wouldn’t have been able to stop me as he is lost in me.
sanskar is taken aback by swara’s words and smiles broadly at her answers.
laksh gives thumbs up to her.
maya leaves in anger

ragini hugs swara.
swara;lets drink sth.i m very thirsy.
sanskar:let me bring sth for u
she smiles at him
maya is sitting at the drinking area
may to herself:i will not leave u swara.u r gone today.
she smiles evilly.

after sometimes sanskar’s friend arrives with his fiance and they tell about their sweet lovestory.
swara thinks:i wish my love story becomes beautiful and I want sanskar to be my prince
laksh thinks:i will make ragini mine at any cost.i love her a lot
sanskar:no matter what swara is all mine and I wont let her feelings hurt ever
ragini:i dnt wt feelings I ve for laksh but I just want my true love

the four of them smile

DANCE STARTS.maya who is a little drunk asks sanskar for a dance.swara doesn’t like it.
maya starts dancing with sanskar seductively while he is super irritated and swara is super jealous.maya moves her finget on sanskar’s face and keeps his hands around her belly.swara fumes.
raglak are also dancing beautifully.
laksh:u r great dancer
ragini:i know thnk u
laksh pulls her closer and she shuts her eyes
laksh:u r really beautiful se looks at him.both have an eyelock.he holds her in a leaning manner.he twirls her and kisses her neck,ragini is shocked and pushes him.she looks at him with open eyes.laksh is shocked too as what he did.
ragini has tears in her eyes.

finally when swara is not able to take it any longer.she goes to dance floor.raglak see her and wonder what is she doing??
swara stops maya and says now my turn
maya:just leave
swara pushes maya and holds sankar’s hand.sanskar smiles.swara makes sanskar hold her waist.she starts dancing with him on

both dance beautiful and all are stunned at their performance.they do many beautiful lifts and throughout dance their eyes are not off from each other.
all praise them
a girl:what a nice couple
boy:seems like made for each other
another girl:they must be girlfriend boyfriend.their dance showed their true love.how romantic.
both look at each other and shy.

ragini praises swara and sasy now hse is leaving
swara:r u ok?
swara:it doesn’t seem.ok laksh will drop u
ragini:no not at all.i will go myself
ragini hgs her and leaves.laksh goes behind her.
laksh:ragini stop

ragini:just leave
laksh:but I m sorry
ragini turns angrily
ragini:wt sorry??u always do sth like that and then say sorry.why are u like this laksh??why do u do this to me everytime.i dnt like such closeness of urs or anybody.u kissed me on my neck and were lost.r u mad??
laksh:plz listen to me.i love u
ragini:its not ur love.i feel its ur hunger
laksh:ragini.u r misunderstanding me.plz trust me as ur frined
ragini:no more friends.i break our friendship.from now on stay away from me.

she leaves and laksh cries and collapses on floor.

maya mixes a drug in swara’s drink and thinks now she will drink and lose her mind.lets see what she does.swara drinks it in a gulp and maya smiles evilly.swara starts to fell dizzy and sanskar holds her.
sanskar: ok?
swara:i m feeling dizzy
swara starts smiling unknowingly
sanskar:r u drunk??
swara:me??haha no
sanskar:oh no
sanskar calls laksh who comes in tensed ly
laksh:wt happened to cutie?

sanskar:she is drunk
laksh:no way she cant do it.it must be someone else’s work.
thy look at maya who tries to clarify herself.
swara starts jumping and sings ABHI TOH PARTY SHURU HUI HAI
lakh smiles
sanskar:why r u laughing?
laksh:bhai…swara is in joyous mood and is looking cute.she is enjoying
sanskar smiles.:i know but I cant take her home like this
laksh:bhai u take her to farmhouse tonight and be with her.i will handle family
maya:how can u do this??

sanskar:its none of ur business.laksh take her home
maya leaves with laksh and sanskar takes swara.

maya and laksh reach home.all ask how was party
he thinks about ragini
dp:where are swara and sansakr
laksh is about to cook up a story
maya:swara drank alcohol
all are stunned
maya:she was behaving madly and now sansakr has taken her to farmhouse.
ap:what??is she ok
maya tries to degrade swara
laksh;shut up maya.its nothing like that.maya herself mixed sth in her drink and swara didn’t do anything.she was just feeling dizzy.bhai thought that it will be awkward to take her home in that state so he took her to farmhouse

ap:i trust my children
sujata;so do i.we just wan swara to be alright
dp:i m ashamed of u maya.how could u do this to the innocent girl
laksh:dnt worry papa.sanskar will take care of cutie.
ap smiles as he called swara cutie.

may goes to her room and cries
sid:stop crying
mya:whenevr I try to dosth all goes wrong and I m insulted
anu:its all bcz of thet swara
sid:dnt wry mom.jsut wait for right time.i will teavch that girl a good lesson and those saviours laksh and sanskar wont be able to do anything…..
he smiles evilly

maya:dnt know what would be happening in farmhouse??

swasan reach farmhouse…..

next epi: swara seducing sanskar in drunk state and he gets nervous.she expresses her love.laksh reveals a secret……..


Credit to: Angel

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