Swaragini (love forever) Episode 13


PRECAP:sanskar reveals that maya is stepdaughter of anu….cute swasan hamdard moment and raglak aanan fanan moment….sanskar apologizes to maya and swara is angry at maya and sansakr’s hug and sanskar enjoys……….


sanskar is amused to see swara angry.swara leaves.
maya moves closer to sansar.
maya:i feel so relaxed in ur arms.u r so hot sanskar.
sanskar jerks her away and leaves.she smiles

sansakr;wtt a pain this maya is…but swara was jealous I guess I have to make her realise her feelings for me.
sanaksr gets laksh’s call
sanskar:yes lucky??
Bhai:i m dead…I m gone….I m finished in my youth…
sanskar:wt happened laksh??
laksh:bhai exams are near
sanskar gets up in shock:what???u r joking right??

laksh:no way Bhai….these r not our final exams but our term exams just for preparation and I m so not prepared….wt to do???
sanskar:i m also not ready…wt to do now??
sanskar:what???what did u say??
laksh:swara I mean…she has the solution to every problem

sanskar:cutie!!so u made a r elation with her…
sanskar:but I will make another tight relation with her after taking seven vows….
laksh:wt do u mean??u wanna give permanent ticket to cutie for staying at home….
sanskar smiles:yeah!!I will tell u later…

maya who had been listening all this fumes in anger.
swara comes in her cabin and sanskar is already there.
sanskar:i had apologized to maya just for u.
swara:i asked u to apologize not to hug
swara:why would I be jealous??
sanskar:i can smell the burning
swara:u r my friend and maya is not of ur type…so I m saying that u should stay away….
sanskar:honestly seaking I like girls like maya.who wear short dresses and look hot

swara is shocked.
swara:but a girl should be good by heart and u said sth else in auditorium to principal.
sanskar:yeah but now my mind has changed.
swara is sad and sanskar smiles
sanskar:swara!!I forgot to tell about exams
swara:ragini had told me already.
sanskar:i and laksh r not prepared.wt to do??
swara:its ok.i had heard u talking to laksh and I called ragini.she agreed to help laksh and I will help u in the preparation
sanskar:cool but not today.from tomorrow
sanskar:today is a little party at my farmhouse.i m going to give a treat to my friend for his engagement and u r invited too.

swara:will maya come??
sanskar thinks:i dnt want her to come but if she ont come how wil u become jealous and express ur feelings??
sanskar:yeah she will.and I will wait for her.how will she look?what will she wear??
maya enters:a black coloured sleeveless long dress but my belly will be exposed.
swara is super shocked.
maya flirts with sanskar:i will come for u sanskar

she leaves and swara fumes.sanskar is happy.swara leaves for college.

ragini goes to laksh who is sitting tensed
ragini:actuallu swara called and she asked me to help u in exams so I will help u in prearation
ragini:yeah byt
laksh:oh thank u so much ragini.
he sands up and hugs her.she is taken aback
laksh~:oh…I m so sorry actually I was really tensed what to do but now I m relaxed.
ragini:i m doing it just for swara
laksh:ragini I m not a bad guy at least test me for once
ragini look at him
laksh:ok lets be friends…
he extends his hand.ragini thinks for a while and shakes hands.both smile

swara reaches there and hugs ragini.sanskar also comes.
wara;i wanna talk to u right now
ragini;what happened
sanskar:give her water or else she will burst.dnt know what happened.
swara looks at sanskar angrily.sansakr smiles and leaves
laksh:what happened cutie??
she narrates whole story

swara:wt do I do??
laksh:and why r u caring about bahi’s words.
swara is silent:actually he was praising that maya so much it mns he doesn’t think that I m hot.

ragini and laksh laugh at her childish act
laksh:i dnt know wt happened to Bhai as he never liked maya and her closeness
ragini:time changes a person
laksh:then why dnt u understand that I m also changed
both look at each other and have an eyelock

swara actives them.
swara:wt do I do??he will be waiting for maya in the party.for her stupid and hot dress and all wt do I do?
ragini:should I tell sth??
ragini tells the plan.swara is a little afraid but ragini assures her that everything will be fine.
the trio smile and have a hi five….
swara: I will show u sanskar….

swara leaves.ragini is about to go when laksh holds her hand.
laksh:u will have to come too
laksh:bcz u r my friend
laksh:no ifs and buts
ragini tries to say sth but laksh keeps his hands on his ears and leaves.
ragini smiles.

maya gets ready in the dress she told and opens makes a stylish bun.anamika comes ther
anu:u look hot
maya:as always
anu;u didn’t tell wt happened today
maya:nt now mom.let me lure sanskar today.he has hurt me but I dnt mind as I want him at any cost
anu:ok go…

sanskar is waiting for swara but maya comes and holds his arm.he is super irritated and looks at her dress and is ashamed to see it..laksh comes and says u go.swara will come later.
laksh:go Bhai
sanskar leaves helplessly
laksh:wait for the surprise Bhai…..

NEXT EPI: ragini comes to the party with laksh.sanskar asks about swara and she enters.sanskar is shocked…………

Credit to: Angel

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