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Swaragini (love forever) Episode 12


recap:swasan tum hi moment…..raglak hamdard moment……maya misbehaves with swara but she answers back and is about to slap her when sanskar holds her hand…..

hey guys if u have missed last epi jst go on google and search for swaragini(love forever) epi 11 telly updates.keep reading and commeting plzzz………..

maya is about to slpa swara but sanskar holds her hand.maya is shocked to see him and gets afraid of his reaction as he eyes her in rage.
sanskar:dont u dare….
swara:sanskar plz
sanskar:dont say a word swara……..enough is enough……I wont bare it now.
sanskar:shut up.i wont hear a single word now.i told u beore not to hurt swara but you???you are unbelievable.its also a disrespect for me to talk to you.just get lot.u r fired

maya and swara ar shocked.maya cries and holds his feet asking for forgiveness
swara is stunned and requests sansakr to forgive her plz.she is your aunts daughter
sanskar:no she is not
swara is taken aback.
maya stands up:sanskar?plz no…
sanskar:wt is truth is truth maya.u r bua’s husband’s daughter from his frst wife.isnt it??still bua loves you.u r her family we gave u respect and love but u keep insulting swara.why??
what is the problem let me tell the truth.u r jealous of swara bcz she is much more talented and capable of can u be so mean??how could u even think of slapping her??she is my….

he stops suddenly bewildering swara…

sansakr composes his words;u r m bua’s so called daughter so I m sparing youif it were sm1 else he would have been dead by now.
swara sees maya crying continuously and hollers at sanskar to stop.swara takes maya with her and sanskar is still angry.
swara:maya plz stop crying.i know sansakr was harsh but he didn’t mean it
maya:why is he always rude to me??I know I did mistake but how could he expose my reality like this.i love my mom.she has always love me like her own daughter and I never thought that she is not my real mom but sankar….he made me feel like orphan….
swara cries too

swara:i will talk to him.dn wrry.
she leaves.may sees her going and wipes her tears and smirks.she calls anamika
maya:hi mom.i m doing my work well
anu:good but wts happening
maya:i will tell u later
anu:ok but be careful
maya:dnt wry.bye
maya smiles

swara goes to sanskar.
swara:it shouldn’t have happened
sansakr:i know she shouldn’t have misbehaved with u
swara:i m talking about you.u shouldn’t have talked to her lkike that
sansakr:but she insulted u.
swara:its ok.i answered her for that.u also scold her but why did u talk about her mom and dad??
sanskar:i told wt is truth
swara:sanskar it fells much pain to be called an orphan.he father is lready dead and she had considerd anamika anti as er mom and today u told her that she is not her mom and she felt like an orphan.she was crying bitterly.
sansakr:no she is acting

swara:i can feel her ain as is suffer from same pain.
sanskar look at her
she tells how she was kidnapped when she was 5 yrs old and she was left I the middle of the road when orphanage owner took her with her and she had spent whole life as an orphan in the hope of meeting her parents.
tears roll down her cheeks.

sanskar moves towards her and wipes her tears.

HUMDARD plays…..

sanskar:dont cry.i hate tears in your eyes.
sanskar kisses swara’s forehed and she smiles


sanskar:u r not alone.i m always with u.i will apologize to maya but just for you.
he hugs her and she is stunned but reciprocates and shuts her eyes

sansakr:dnt wry swara but soon I will make mine parents yours too once we are together.

ragini goes in her empty class and thinks about laksh’s words
ragini:he is stupid.he was not saying truth but why do I fell the truthfulness in his eyes??wts happening to me??

laksh comes in class and both look at each other


both keep looking at each other and reminisce their moments.tears roll ragini’s cheeks.laksh goes near her and gives her handerchief.
laksh:i hate tears in your eyes.
ragini stands up and keeps looking at him.he moves towards her.she moves back.both keep moving and ragini is stopped by a wall.laksh covers her and keeps his hand on both sides.
ragini:sm1 will see
laksh:i dnt care
he kisses ragini’s forehead.she shuts her eyes
he kisses her eyes.
he then asks her to admit that she loves him.
ragini is shivering and laksh notices it.he lets her go.

ragini:u dnt love me laksh.every girl is just a toy for u.i dnt know wt happened to me today but I wnt let u come near me again.
just then students enter in calss and all take their places.principal enters after smtimes and announce that exams are near.all are shocked!!!!

sansakr goes to may’s cabin and she poses to cry.sanskar apologizes to her and she forgive shim but acts to cry a lot
maya:u had hurt me a lot.u shouldn’t have said it.
sanskar gives her tissue.she takes it and sanskar keeps a hand on her shoulder to console her and she intentionally hugs him.
swara sees this and is shocked and gets angry.
sansakr is irritated with maya but when he sees swara uncomfortable he is amused and hugs her back irritating swara more……..

next epi:swasan and raglak help each other in exam preparation……

Credit to: Angel

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