Swaragini (love forever) Episode 10


REACAP:swara is getting close o sanskar unknowingly.laksh in love with ragini.anamika acts to like swara and slaps sid.swara concerned for sanskar and plants a kiss on his head injury………


swara plants a kiss on sanskar’s head injury


swara goes and sanskar opens his eyes and smiles.
sanskar:i dnt wanna lose u swara.

ragini is thinking about lakhs’s concern
ragini:wht kind of guy is he.first he annoyed me,then said he loves me,he protected me today and showed as if he has a right on me…..wt is it???is it love or his acting???
dida comes:u should ask him
ragini gets up in fear
dida:sorry rago I heard wt u said.
ragini hugs her:i m so confused
dida:ask shoru tomorrow
ragini breaks the hug and says shuru??
dida:oh I mean ur friend swara.actually I m used to calling our swara shuru so I called this swara shuru too.
ragini smiles and says she is my sis.
dida smiles and makes ragini lie on bed and makes her sleep

laksh thinks about ragini and says trust me plz I have never had such feelings before.i really love u and u will know it vry soon.

next morning all leave for college.
swara and ragini meet each other
ragini:i have to talk to you right now
laksh greets her and she takes swara from there leaving laksh sad#ragini:swara I m very confused.she tells wt was she thinking last night and swara smiles
swara:he really loves you
ragini:u r saying this bcz he is ur bro.u know him since childhood and u love him so u may think wtever he is saying Is true
swara is about to tell her that laksh is not his real bro butbthe bell rings and they rush to class

in the auditorum a principal enters and introduces himself.
princi:today we will talk sth except study
laksh stands up:may I suggested the topic
princi:yes plz
laksh:it must be LOVE
ragini looks at him who is already looking at her

sanskar and swara also look at each other and smiles.swara turns her eyes away and shys
swara to herself:wts happening
ragini to herself:wt is this new drama??

princi:haha!!!boy u r getting spoiled…r u in love
laksh:i just wanna clear some questions
ragini:then stop blabbering and ask simply
all laugh
laksh:very funny!!!
ragini:bux bunny!!!

all have a hearty laugh
sanskar sees swara laughing and wishes that she keeps smiling!!!
princi:u all know wt is love but laksh wt makes u think u r in love???

swara:no one is laksh except u…
laksh:ok cutie wait
ragini:who is cutie??
swara:he calls me that
swara:i dnt know

laksh:sir honestly speaking.i had many girls in my life I was flirt.i just didn’t know that a girl will get hurt.i just knew to enjoy.i was never serious.i took a lot of time to get impressed by a girl.then one day I saw an extremely beautiful girl and I got attracted but she was different.all other girls loved to be with me but she was the one who gave me a tight slap.she is so strong.
ragini reminisces the slap and smiles

laksh:i didn’t get hurt.i dnt know why.i teased her a lot.i disturbed her.she got very angry but never replied.her patience broke when I tried to kiss her and she insulted em.first I got angry but I saw her crying and my anger vanished as I had never saw any girl crying.after that my sister made me realize that I love her bcz I had always been thinking about her day and night.i used to smile thinking about her.i couldn’t sleep.i really love her and then I realzed that I had been hrting the girls throughout and some of he girls are present here too so I wanna apologize to them in front of everyone.plz forgive me but I really love that girl and cant forget her.i will make her realise my love

all clap
princi;it mnz u really love her.u accepted ur mistake and apologized.wow
ragini is moved and impressed
princi;wts ur question??
laksh/:how should I make her realize???
princi coughs:its a very girly question.ask a girl

princi:so anyone else??
maya:sir I have a question
sanskar:may God help us!!!
all laugh
maya:sir if u r desperately trying to impress sm1 but he is not paying heed to u then wt should u do.
princi:maya!!is there anyone in college whom u dnt flirt with??
sanskar laughs.
sankar:sir…..maya is like that leave her.
princi:sanskar!wt typoe of girl do u like???

swara looks at sanskar
sanskar also look at her
sanskar:a simple innocent girl whom I se and smile
who is happy and I fell it
who cries and I feel the pain
who wishes for sth and I fulfil it
who says sth in heart and I hear it
who wanna say sth and I read her eyes before she speaks.

she must be bubbly,caring and jolly girl
just like swara!!!
swara is shocked.all look at swara
some girls start whispering:no way!sansakr cant do this to us plz no
swara smiles
snaskar:i mean she must have some qualities like swara.i didn’t say she is swara
maya fumes:how can u fall for a behanji like that???
sanskar:she may be behanji according to u but for me she is an angel sent from Heaven
she has a pure heart of gold.she is worth it!!!

princi:who is this she???
sanskar:sm1 very close to me.time will tell who is she
swara is smiling continuously unknowingly.
princi:u both bros are really in love.all the best may u get ur love soon…..

all attend the class and the foru of them are continuously thinking about each other.
swara and sanskar leave for office during vreak and free periods as they are consecutive.
swaragini greet and hug each other#ragini:swara my family wants to meet u
laksh:they wanna talk about our alliance ragini gives him a damn angry look
sanskar hits him.:shut up laksh.dnt tease her
swara complies.

swasan leave.they are in car.sanskar switches on radio


both feel awkward and sanskar changes music


both are shocked and embarrassed and sankar changes


sanskar finally switches it off.there is a deep silence for 5 minutes.sanskar reminisces swara kissing him on forehead.
sanskar finally breaks the silence:swara can I ask sth??
sanskar:have u ever kissed a guy???
swara is shocked and reminisces kissing him last night and gets afraid…………


Credit to: Angel

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