Swaragini (love forever) Episode 1




A big house is shown where dad dida and sumi are praying.
Dadi:Hey Mara ghatu sham ji.plz return our daughter back.
Sumi:I have waiting for many years.i m alive just to see my Shona for once whom we lost years ago.u r a Maa so listen to other ma’s prayers,
Dida:return our shuru back so that our family is complete.
Sumi,finds a reassuring hand on her shoulder which if shekhar.
Shekhar:we will surely find our daughter soon.i have full faith.swara will come to us.

A girl comes wearing jeans and yellow top.hair open.she is RAGINI.
Raginj:yes ma.papa is right.i also hope to find my sis back soon.
Sumi hugs her and says once my swara is back my family will be completed,
Ragini:maa.Swaragini will be completed.

A girl is running behind kids.she catches a kid and twirls him.she is smiling and playing with them.
Girl:swara didi.keep smiling like this only.
Boy:ur smile is very cute didi.
Swara who is wearing long white skirt with red sleeveless top and a jacket on it smiles and says till u all are with me I will always be smily.
She gets a message that Aunti is calling you.

She goes to an office where a woman is sitting.her name is tulsi.she is the owner of an orphanage.
Tulsi:swara beta come
Swara hugs her and says tulsi kakk how r u??
Tulsi:I m gud.there is a good news for u beta.u have got admission in kolkota college.u can go there to complete ur study.
Swara gets happy but sad too.
Swara:I will have to stay away from all of you.
Tulsi gets emotional:swara u were only 5 I guess when I found u on the road.u were too small.i brought u here and u bacame the apple of our eyes.u know why I didn’t let anyone adopt you cz I had a strange feeling for u.u are like my daughter and I couldn’t allow anyone to take my child.i want you to st ur goals and for that u have to go.
Swara:I know.in which hotel will I stay??
Tulsi:no hotel.r u mad.u think I will let u stay in a hotel??
Swara:then???will I stay in college hostel??
Swara:last option is footpath!!!
Tulsi:haha!!!u naughty.u will stay at my friend’s house.her name is Annapurna maheshwari.she is very kind lady.its a joint family.i have already talked to her.she has happily agreed.now dnt disturb her much and be a good girl.
Swara:oho kaki.u r saying as I am going to my susral.(SHE DOESNT KNOW WHERE DESTINY WILL TAKE HER)…ok now I have to do packing.

Annapurna:a girl is coming to stay here so I ve set the room for her.
Dp:she is our guest.make sure she doesn’t get any problem.
They hear a voice:who is coming bhaisa???
Its Anamika.dp’s sis.
Dp:a girl.she is ap’s friend’s orphanage girl.
Anamika:u should not let an outsider here.dnt know how will she be?
AP:I know about her my friend has given me the details.she is very nice girl.
Anamika:ok if u say so.
She leaves.
Dp:I know AP u r tensed but dnt be u know Anu and her kids are like that.i am happy that we didn’t give such values to our all childre.adarsh,laksh,sanskar and Uttara are different.AP smiles.

Anamika enters the room and sees a girl in front of dressing table who is wearing a short red dress upto her knee and is sleeveless.
Anu:a girl is coming for stay.be careful,nothing should go wrong u no Na wt to do.
The girl is her daughter Maya.
Maya:dnt wry mom.i wnt let anybody come in btwn us and this property.i will keep insulting her and she will leave.but why r u so worried.she must be a behanji.how will sanskar get flat on himhe cant ignore a hot chick like me for long after all he will have to make me MAYA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.
Anu:I know beta but still I cant take risk.by the way where is ur bro.
Maya:that handsome has gone to AP party.

Swara greets everyone at the orphanage and bid bye to them and cries hugging kids and tulsi.
Swara:I will miss you.dnt forget and call me whenever u like.
Kids:yes didi.by
She leaves….

Next epi:swara enters maheshwari house.swara collides with sanskafr at the party in maheshwari family……

Credit to: Angel

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  2. Awwww swara so nice

  3. Its a super start yaar…loved it

  4. good starting angel….

    1. Thnx dear….i hope u didn’t mind that I chose chirag instead of yuvi…

      1. dont worry angel …i didnt mind u choose chirag for sid character…
        i just gave suggestion thats it…

        i like ur ff so no problem for choosing chirag for sid character

  5. swasan. …..

    1. Of crse

  6. In relation maya shud be sankar’s cousin…so how can she try on sanskar???

    1. Yeah she is czn….dnt czns get marry???

  7. Awww great to see u back dr

    1. Thnx maha dear

  8. Wow nice like your fan fiction

  9. Excellent start yaar…nice plot ?

    1. Thnk u harani?

  10. wow super

    1. Thnx swara?

  11. Nice yaar

    1. Thnx dear

  12. I think u should change maya…..i mean take maya as shagun from yhm….my suggestion hope u follow it…

    1. Hey Kiran…thnx for suggestion….I thought about shagun too but she wont luk that gud with sanskar or laksh…she is not as hot and evil type as T from pkyek….so I chose her….i hope u understand…sorry….?

  13. interesting start… please update regularly… if you can, add your previous part link to the new one… it will be useful for new readers… since many people update their ff here… it will be difficult to find the story parts for the new reader… i hope you understand… keep it up…

    1. Hi….i had finished one of my ff yesterday…,search on google for swaragini(blossoming love).it was loved by all….and for the new ff it has no special link as there are manyyyyy ffs of swaragini but if u wanna read mine exclusively then search on google for swaragini(love forever) epi – nd u will be able to read it whenever I post it….thnks….hope I helped….

      1. hey… thank you for your reply… i got it… 🙂

  14. Gud start…luv swasan d best jodi.T n Chirag well suits d characters maya n sid.but cant imagine dat anitha as anamika(dp’s sister).I think Mrs Goenka(sryy i dont remember her name) frm starplus serial durga well suits d character anamika.As u already selected anitha fr dat so plz carry on.n my suggestion is plzzz giv some imp to other characters apart frm d lead like adarsh,parineeta.especially ramprasad(sanskar’s dad).bcoz writers of swarigini had not even gave more dan 2lines for him.hope u take it serious bcoz he is our sanskar’s dad.

    1. Hey honey thnx a lot…yeah I will….

  15. Okay..angel..lemme tell you one thing…and listen very carefully…
    Cousin get married in muslims and some other religions..but here..these ppl are maheshwaris..that means baniya..i.e. Hindu…and hindus don’t even get married in d same gotra be it from a totally different clan cuz they think that there can b some distant relation ..but now
    What is written is written..so now to save your ff..aage ja k u show that either maya is adopted…or anamika is just a muhboli behn..take my advice nd please do dis?

    1. hi chiku i think angel is correct in hindhus also mrg’s happens between brother.in.law nd sister.in.law actually jab d.p ki behan shaadi karegi na tho tab uski gotra tho change ho jayegi na along with her surname nd actually am also hindhu so i think maya nd sans is pair

      1. Hi bhagi….actually I m a muslim and dnt know if czns get married in Hindu but the friends of my Khala are Hindu…they are couple…..

    2. Ok chiku thnx but Hindus do get married with czns bcz my aunt lives in London who has indian family as a friend as the couple are czns….ok I will take ur advice thnx

      1. yeah chiku you are right, hindus will never marry same gotra… but after marriage gotras of womens are changed to husband gotra… so they will marry sister in law and brother in law..

      2. Even if d gotra is chngd aftr marriage..anamika is still dp’s sister..and they both have d same blood along with ram (of their parents) and sanskar is ram’s son so he shares his blood..and maya is anamika’s sister..so she shares anamika’s blood..and hence can b concluded that sanskar and maya have a typical blood relation (sorry i’m a bio student?) and again..hindus dun get married in blood relations.. See..What i knew on my part i told u..rest is obviously your choice☺

  16. Wow dear nice start ,,,

  17. nice epi..

    1. Thnx dear

  18. hey..angle its very nice start..interesting..i am thinking taht anamika, sid and Maya’s character will bring lots of spice in ur ff..keep it up dear..very good start..pkz update regularly as I like ur ff very much..

    1. thnx niti…I will try my best

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