Swaragini love at first sight part-2 (Shaadhi)

The episode starts with swara sees a paper in which it was written that we will kill sanskaar

Swara gets worried and thinks I should not tells this to sanskaar he will get anger

Ragini comes to the beach with laksh she tells laksh I love you. Laksh replies the same laksh takes ragini in his arms and tells now I will take you to the water

Ragini tells no laksh but he takes her and puts her in water they throw water and play

Swara sees sanskaar seeing ragini and laksh playing she thinks I should save him but how swara thinks I should be with him always but how

She asks sanskaar if I want to be with you always what should I do now he tells sees her from up to bottom and tells you should kiss me she tells what are you telling and tries to but he holds her hand and tells

Let us get married swara looks on shocked sanskaar tells we both have no father or mother then what??

Swara asks were we will love sanskaar replies that we will in the house were your father and mother lived

Ragini tells laksh let us get married soon. Laksh tells why we should hurrie let us enjoy ragini tells you need me or enjoyment

Laksh tells I need you only and hugs her

Sanskaar and swara comes to the temple they see it was fully decorated ragini and laksh comes to another temple they take vows and sindoor rituals gets over

Swara and sanskaar marriage too gets over they comes to the house laksh hide their marriage garlands swara comes there and tell we both got married ragini tells we too

Swara and ragini hug and tells our new world will be super from now swara tells we will take one room you both take another room

Swara thinks about the letter and tries to speak to him but he keeps hand on her mouth and tells keep quit.

Sanskaar bend down his knee and gives a watch to her. Laksh gives ragini a diamond ring to her and tells I love you. Ragini hugs laksh. Swara tells sanskaar in love this is not needed. Swara and sanskaar comes to the bed. Swara tells we both should go to new company for work from tomorrow

He keeps hand on her mouth and kisses on her forehead and tries to get intimate with her w
Swara off the light sanskaar sees her and pulls closer song plays….

Precap: Swara and sanskaar comes to the office

Guys I am fro. Tamil nadu can you pls suggest few songs I don’t know much songs

Pls give comments guys

Credit to: Narendran


  1. ABC

    Hello, I think your story is nice but not good. You should add more details to each scene and also few writing errors could mislead readers to misunderstand what you are saying. And Hindi songs are a lot you can maybe put (pehli nazar me) from race movie. As your story is called “love at first sight” and another good song could be humdard from ek villain. Yeh hai pyaar ke pal is another amazing song you could put more their moments of love. Wish you luck! And I will wait for your story’s part 3 to be really good:-)

  2. xxx

    can somone plz cntinue the ff of swaragini phir mohabbat karne chalahe tu… and start from chapter 11 .
    promo was..
    swarya romance, ragini gets injured and sanskar helps her

  3. Subi

    Sry narendran I can’t understand the theme… But quite interesting Pls elaborate the theme n idea of ur ff

  4. bhavna

    U wrt good..bt u shld expln the whl situatn giv their intro mk a situatn n thn ctn…dis seems lyk strtng is incmplt..so try to elabort…else amzng…atb for nxt episds…

  5. Sasha

    Im surprised that a boy is interested in these things.good going buddy.just put in more details and write in such a way that it creates a suspense.

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