Swaragini (I love you) episode 9


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2 weeks pass

In this past days sanskar didn’t let swara alone he always with her.swara slowly become normal.

A new day

Ragini come to meet swara.

Ragini : hi swara.are you ok.

Swara : ha…ragini I’m fine .

Ragini : ok.

Urvashi come’s there.

Urvashi : hi…ragini beta when did you come???

Ragini : after few minutes ago aunty.

Urvashi : actually ragini beta I can’t tell you how happy I’m.you’re take care of shona so much thank you so much.

Ragini : there is no need to thanks aunty in fact I’m happy to take care of her.you know aunty I had a sister but after her birth she went missing.so I can see my sister in swara.

Urvashi : oh…sorry beta I didn’t want to hurt you.

Ragini : it’s ok aunty.

Swara : oh…ragini you don’t worry I’ll always be with you.

Urvashi : you both carry on actually vasundara aunty called me.so I have to go. and he swara before I go I want to tell to you please come with me.

Ragini : swara you go until you come I’ll make some special food for you.

Urvashi : so swara what’s your answer.

Swara : what answer.

Urvashi : baby sometimes you are such a irritate to me.I’m talking about your marriage. What’s you answer.

Swara : ma I’ll do whatever you want.

Urvashi : shona what’s this nonsense.are you ready or no for this marriage.

Swara : ha I’ll do this.

Urvashi hug her .I knew it you will say yes .

Urvashi : so baby take care of yourself I’ll go.

The mm

Urvashi : I’m so happy now.

Vasundara : me too.I think after sometimes pandith ji will come .we can fix a date for marriage.

Sanskar heard this and get thinking.

Sanskar : why swara say yes .I can’t understand.I’ll talk to her yeah.

In the night sanskar come to meet swara.

Sanskar : I just can’t understand.

Swara : I knew it sanskar.and I’m doing this for my mom.I can’t break her trust.I can’t hurt her.

Sanskar : what about you.

Swara : what I want now .nothing. everything is over now.

Sanskar : you still think about him na.

Swara :ha sanskar.you know what in my life i have lived , i have loved, i have lost , I have missed, i have hurt ,i have trusted , i have made mistakes but most of all i have learned.

Sanskar : just like me it’s hard to trust someone specifically when the ones you trusted the most were the ones that betrayedyou.who knows about this better than me swara.

Swara : my first love my first everything was him.

Sanskar : swara you were the one who said me to move on. And today you’re saying like his.swara bcz of one person you can’t give up your life like this you have to move on for your mom.and I can’t see my best friend like this.I don’t like your tears.

Swara hug sanskar

The all are gather in mm

Urvashi : shona we have fixed dates for your marriage.

Vadodara : ha…after one month your marriage.so let’s have some sweets.

2 weeks pass sanskar is lost in swara’s world.he isn’t understand it yet.

Sanskar : what happened to me.whenever I seeing her something is happening with me.why my heart is beating so fast.and why can’t i see she crying. Oh…god…and why I feel like kill that man who hurt swara.

Oh…god…swara i can’t even breathe without think about you.what is this feelings…am I in love with her…but how…Oh god please help me.

Ap : what’s happening beta.

Sanskar : nothing ma actually all theese things happening so fast.

Ap : I understand beta don’t worry.you’ll soon able to move on in you life.actually you’re moved on little bit but after marriage you have to move on completely.

Sanskar : but ma…I

Ap : sanskar you know what I think ….I think now you’re care for swara and soon you’ll be able to love her.

Sanskar : but ma…as per as I know love is stupidy

Ap : every girl isn’t the same and beta love is a beautiful feeling. And beta the ones who love you never will leave you even if hundred reasons to give up they will find one reason to hold on.

Sanskar : but ma I hate the word of love.

Ap : beta sometimes you can find right person at the wrong time.and sometimes it’s the wrong person at the right time but when you’ll find your true love …the one god has send for you that person will come to your life at the right time in the right situation it’s bcz…you’re mean to be together so don’t let it go beta.this is the right time and the right situation and the person is our swara so think about it.and do whatever your heart says.just keep your hand on your heart and just feel and close your eyes and see who’s image coming.after that your answer will find your own.

After ap went sanskar did as ap said.

He open his eyes in shocked.

Sanskar : how’s this possible.how swara’s image .am I love her.ha I think I love her Oh god I’m so confused I can’t be selfish.

One month pass.
Finally the wedding day come and the wedding happend.

In the night.

Swara is thinking.

Sanskar : swara are you ok.

Swara : ha…I’m ok.

Sanskar : no you’re not ok I can see .what’s the matter???

Swara : nothing sanskar actually I miss mom.

Sanskar : hm…don’t worry let’s go tomorrow to meet her ok.now just sleep .

Swara : ok.but where are you going.

Sanskar : I’ll sleep in the geust room.

Sanskar is thinking.

Why she lie to me.swara didn’t his anything from me till today but suddenly. I’m sure something is fishy.

Swara : I sorry sanskar I have to lie to you.I can’t tell this to you.

Swara’s phone start ringing.

Swara : why laksh ??what do you want now??

Laksh : I want to talked to you.

Swara : laksh I already told you now I’m married.

Laksh : I know but I don’t care.ok…and listen I’ll get whatever I want .and swara is mine did you get that.and ha I know you only love me.

Swara : plase laksh stop it.I won’t trap in your sweet talks anymore.

Swara cut the phone.

After sometime swara went downstair.

Swara : ma you seen so happy.

Ap : ha beta today sanskar’s brother is coming bcz of his studies he can’t come for your wedding and he told me he is coming.

Sujatha : but jijji even this time he’ll go after 2-3 days. He’s not interested to stay here.

Ap : ha but I’ll stop him.

In the evening the door bell ringing.

Sears came and open the door.

Precap : not decided.

Credit to: Dhanu

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