swaragini love me episode 9

guys as i promised i will upload two epi. as my punishment in one day so i uploaded enjoy this episode
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freind my aiims exam was good (JUST good only) and i am preparing for NEET 2 exam which will held on 24 july, i realy wanted to say one thing if u are biology student and if u want any type of sugestion about exam or course selection or guidance for colleges u can ask me without hasitation i will realy help u all because i know many students needs guidance and i will help u it is my promise (freinds pathan ka vada he kabhi apne words se hatega nhi)
freinds i want to say onething about this ff, and i am realy saying truth i realy do not know anything what will come in next episode
ya freids jab me koi bhi episode likhta hu to mujhe pta nhi chalata ki me aj kya likhung, sachi me mujhe bhi nhi pta chalata ki me kya likh rha bs jb me likhne bethata hu to mere hath automotaically chalte rehte he or mere dimag me ideas ate rehte he and i realy do not know about story of this ff, i only thought onething in my ff first i will make swasan freindship that sanky knows she is swara than swara comes to know that sanky is sanskar maheshwari and after that i do not know what will happen but by this small idea only i am taking this story, guys when i starts writing many ideas comes in my mind but i realy supress all ideas because i do not want to drag this story till 40 episode or more than that, i only think that i should end this ff before or till 30 episode

episode starts with swara takes her hand from jerk from sanky grip and says how dare u to think about me like that
sanky(shock)- what i have done miss
swara- u are saying the way as u have not done anything
sanky- what i have done
swara- u were trying to misbehave with me
sanky- hey me second hand mall ko use nhi krta
swara- could not heard properly and ask what u are saying mister
sanky-(do not say anything sanky she will beat u so he changes the words and say) what how can u think like that about me
swara- ohhhhhh, how cheap u are, the way u were looking when i touched u ohhhhhhhhh goddddddddd….
sanky- thinks may be she took my ahh ahh wrongly, hey bhgwan ab isko batana padega ki me 3 din pehle mar khai he, kya sochugi yeh mere bare me ki bas me mar khata hi rehta hu, or agar nhi bataya to phir yeh ladaki iske karrate se mera hal bigad degi, hey bhgwan tune mujhe ksi kashmakash me khda kr diya he, lekin sanky mar khane se jyada important nhi he teri izzat to bta de sanky isko sach so sanky told that 3 days before one person beat me with karrate, by saying this words i was thinking only one thing agar voh mall wali adki mujhe mili na to surely i will rape her, now i will not think about that useless girl i hate her…………
swara-ohhhh god i am sorry i realy misunderstood u
sanky- okk okk
swara- how can that person beat innoscent boy’
sanky-thinks me hi janta hu me kitna innoscent, if u would be not second hand i may had shown all my innoscent
swara jerks him what happened , sanky says nothing like that
swara- i realy hate that person how anyone can use karrate hardly for beating innoscent people
sanky makes puppy face and say yaa
swara- hey do not take tention god will punish all those person who beated u
doctor comes and says now u can take leave sanky thinks thank god now i am free from this devil hospital
swara- where is ur home
sanky- thinks how can i say her that i am sanskar maheshwari ohh god second problem
swara- hey tell me i will leave u at ur place
sanky- no need i will go myself
swara- how can u go ur self, i will drop u
sanky-(hey bhgwan ab kya bahana banau yeh to betal ki tarah mere piche padh gai he) idea comes in his mind and says that hey whenever my mom sees any girl with me she thinks that she is my bahu, or meri maa us ladaki ke hath dhokar piche padh jati he
swara- shock what how can she think like that
sanky- my mom is eagerly waiting for my marriage so when she sees me by talking with girls, so she runs behind that girl or us ladaki k ghar jakar rishte ki bat krti he or me nhi chahata ki tum unnecessary problem me padho,
swara- ohh is ur mom mad
sanky – she is not mad but she becomes mad when she sees any good girl
swara scared by sanky words, gulps and says okk okk i will not come in ur home (fear)
sanky sees fear in her mouth and smiles silently n victory
swara- so i will make u seat in auto than they will drop at ur house
sanky- okk
swara helps sanky to seat in rikshaw and she leaves him by saying byy, after her going sanky tells rikshaw person to take him maheshwari manssion
rikshaw person sees him and says dikhne me to tum sanskar maheshwari jese lag rahe ho lekin me janta hu koi kam ki talash me mm ja rhe ho, bhaya ak bat bta du apko timhe to koi peon ya safai wale ki nokari dega vha pr isase achi nokari nhi milegi tumko
sanky-(hell angry) ae driver apni okat me reh chup chap mm chhod de samsjhe
auto person- ohhh peon ki nokari krta he or mujhe ankh dikhata he, chal ja vese bhi me tumhare jso ki muh nhi lagta now sanky becomes more angry and at that time mm comes so auto person says chal utar mm a gya or 10rs kam de dena me samajh skta hu teri garibi
sanky in full anger comes out of auto, shouts and call his bodyguard and they all come now auto person gets scared hey bhaya mene kuch nhi kiya tumhara please chhod do but sanky did not hear anything and says itna marna ki isake hath per tut jaye or fir bad me ise hospital me admit krwa lena, phir yeh sabhi ko okat dikhana bhul jayega…………..
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  1. Actually I m also preparing for neet 2017 so which guidance book shud I prefer

    1. are u taking any coaching class

  2. Good but too short!! 😐

  3. Plz write in English I don’t understand

    1. okkkkkk i will upload in english

  4. U r preparing for pg entrance?

    1. no i am preparing for ug class

  5. Can anyone tell me summary?

    1. if u want summary u can read epi 1 and epi 5,6,7 that are important than if u did not understand than please read full ff

  6. nice…….

  7. pls update in English yaar..

  8. Awesome….

  9. good but short

  10. Very nice & amusement. Ur writing skill is too good. & thanx for update 2 epi…… & waiting for next part.

  11. hospital scene is funny

  12. Superb and last line was awesome

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