swaragini..was this your love??? episode 9


Hi everyone. Thanks for reading. I want to say that plz dont think about pairs plz read the story whole heartedly. Pls.

Today’s episode
Swara gets a message. She reads it and goes to a cafe. A girl is sitting on a table. Swara goes and sit there.
Girl: hi i am tanya. I was the one who sent you that message to meet me.
Swara: why do u want to meet me. I even dont know who you are.
Girl smiles.
Tanya: actually i wanted to say that why dont you leave laksh.
Swara: excuse me. What are u saying.
Tanya: yes i am his secretary.i know u dont love him . U still love ur ex husband. So leave sir and go back to him.
Swara: what???
Tanya: i love him. I love laksh sir a lot. Please let him come to me.
Swara: do u know what rubbish r u speaking. He is my husband.
Tanya: just by name.
Swara: see dont even dare to say anything else. I am leaving u by just giving a warning. So dare not to cross ur limits.
Swara leaves.

Tanya calls a guy
Tanya: ur work is done.
Man: not yet. U need to make her believe that u love ur boss.
Tanya: ur work will be done.
Swara was returning to home inher car. Whole way she was thinking about that girl.
Swara: that girl was a fool. If she crosses her limits again. I will show her who i am.
At home.
Arnav: mom today we have to give surprise to dad. Lets go to his office.
Swara: ok u get ready.
Swarnav in office.
Arnav: mom i am sitting here u go and call dad.
Swara: ok but dont go anywhere else.
Swara goes towards laksh cabin.
Laksh was working on his laptop . Tanya sees swara coming and pretends as she got a sprain in her leg.
Tanya: ouch. Its hurting.
Laksh goes to her.
Laksh: what happened.
Tanya: sir its hurting alot.
Lakah: stand up i will takr u to doc.
Laksh makes her stand. She acts as she cant walk.
Tanya: sir no neeed to go to dov. If i will sit for sometime i will be fine.
Laksh: wait i will help u.

He lifts her in his arms. Swara sees this. Tanya notices swara and holds laksh tightly. Laksh feels awkward….
When he makes her sit on sofa. Tanya sudenly pulls him on her.
She speaks softly.
Tanya: sorry.
Laksh composes himself.
Swara enters.
Swara: lalsh.
Laksh: swara…….
Swara: arnav is waiting for u.
Laksh: swara listen.
She leaves.laksh follows her………
Arnav: dad this is for u.
Laksh: what is this.
Arnav: open it.
Lalsh seesa beautiful card.
Laksh thanks beta.
Arnav : only thanks lets go for lunch.
Swara is still upset.

At restaurant.
Arnav: see papa there r swings.. may i go there.
Laksh: ask ur mom.
Arnav: mom…
Swara: why r u asking me.. do whatever u want…
Laksh: ok champ u go….
Arnav: thank dad.
Arnav goes and swalak sits there on the table.
Laksh: swara listen to me once.
Swara: go and make ur tanya listen.
Laksh: vo she got a sprain so…
Swara: so u r doctor right.
Laksh: no i was just helping.
Swar : go and help. Why r u sitting here.
Laksh sits on his knees. And he holds his ears
Laksh: i am sorry.plz forgive me.
Swara : ok .
Laksh: thats good..
Swara: now stand up…
Laksh: ok…
Arnav comes there…
Arnav: so finally jhagda solved.
Swalak: yes.
Arnav: o.. so thats like my good parents…
Swalakarnav laughs…..
Tanya sees all this and calls.
Tanya: sir we need to make a good plan.
Man: yes i want swara to go far away from laksh…..

Precap: who is the man?????

How was this episode.

Credit to: silent reader

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  1. I m damn sure apne mere sanky KO villain bnane ki tayyari ki h ….mughe swasan chaiye ??

  2. ofcourse sanskar hi hoga

  3. very good.and please. update regularly. I cannot wait for this story long time.I love your story very much

  4. Nice and the person is sanky.

  5. is it sanskar?

  6. ek kaam kro laksh KO maar do …swasan ek ho jynge

  7. I think its sanskar
    Plz make it swasan

  8. Hi ithink I knw you if my doubts are real are you the one who had written the ff swaragini. ..from laksh point of view & it was really good yaar today only I had read all the parts plz update soon & let me know if you are the same person or not

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