Swaragini (I love you) episode 8 (break-up)


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Precap : swarya break-up.

One week pass . in pass week sanskar didn’t met swara even for once.swara didn’t even met ragini.she was with laksh and they had a great time together.

A new day

Sanskar call swara.

Swara : hi sanskar how are u?

Sanskar : I’m fine .tell me how are you??

Swara : I’m good and I’m very good sanskar.I can’t tell you how happy I’m

Sanskar : wow!! That’s great won’t you tell me.

Swara : of course I’ll tell you.but not so soon you have to wait.

Sanskar : ok.miss swara as your wish.so then I’ll call you later bye.

Swara : bye sanskar.

( after hung up the phone swara thinking. )

Swara : how nice is he.I thought he’s so rude n.but I was so wrong. I’m really lucky to have a friend like him.bhagawan ji please keep sanskar always happy.


All he ladies are talking.

Ap : ma…don’t you think the old sanskar is back.he slowly slowly moved on his life.

Vasundara : ha…beta…even I had noticed. I think all bcz…of swara.we are really lucky to have a bahu like her.

Sujatha : ha…ma swara is bless for us.

Vasundara : I think now it’s the right time for their marriage.

Ap : ha…now tey know about each others.

Next all the mm ladies go Mandir with swara and urvashi.

Ap : swara beta ….can I talk to you??

Swara : of course ma.

Ap : swara you know what since childhood no one understand sanskar better that me. I know every little thing about him.

Swara : ha…ma it’s clearly see.

Ap : and now I know he’s in so much happy .

Swara : why ma…you said now…I mean.

Ap : beta actually I called you to talk about that.after sometime you andhim gonna marry.so we can’t his the truth from you.actually before 2 years ago.

Ap told swara about sanskar and kavitha.

Swara : I never thought sanskar has a so much bitter past.serously.

Ap : ha…beta…that girl is ruined out happy family and sanskar.

Swara : sanskar never told me about this.

Ap : actually beta he want to tell you but he can’t and I hope you understand beta.

Swara : of course ma…and don’t worry I’ll support him as true friend.

Ap : thank you beta.

Swara felt really bad about him.she can’t stop thinking about him.

Next day swara come to meet sanskar.

Sanskar : so after long time.

Swara : hm…and ha I can say I missed my new friend these days.

Sanskar : me too.

Swara : sanskar what do you think about love .

Sanskar : hm..love I think love and all isn’t for me.

Swara : why do you think so???

Sanskar : by loving someone only pain milthahe.the world and these love stories are fake.it’s not real life.

Swara : sanskar can I say something.

Sanskar :hm…

Swara : sanskar you know what everything is not the same .life is so beautiful bcz of one bad incident in our life we can’t give up so easily. And sanskar I know everything about you and…I’m so sorry if it hurt you.

Sanskar : it’s ok swara.I’m already in so much pain so how can it effect for me.

Swara : please don’t say like this. You know what this is not you sanskar . Your past is talking. And I know you love her still but did you ever thought only you’re hurting yourself by think about the past.trust me everything will be fine.sanskar life isn’t give second chance to everyone.

Sanskar waiting is a sign of true love and patience and anyone can say I love you do much , I care for you so much and I can’t live without you….but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true.

Sanskar :you’re right swara and thank you .you are the and special friend in my life.I’m really very lucky to have good friend like you.

Swara : ok.but after today on words just feel the world again.

Like this one week pass sanskar think about swara’s words and deside to move on.actually he can feel it now. Now he understood he’s become old sanskar…and now he can feel like living.all the family members are so happy .swara also happy.now he start feel something really very special for swara.

One day swara for a call from laksh.

Swara :why laksh is there any problem.

Laksh : no…swara today I’m aper happy…you know what the most important think in my life is gonna come true …my dream gonna come true .I’m so so so…happy swara.Oh my god.

Swara thought finally her dream gonna come true .

Swara : really laksh.I mean I’m so happy for us.I can’t wait laksh.you know what I knew it it you will do it.I love you laksh.

Laksh : ha…baby your right.you know Mrs. Praveen is he’s the most powerful businessmen in Kolkata he agreed to do a project with me.isn’t it superb.you know what I never thought when I was came here my idea will impress him.

Swara’s dream world fall into peaces.

Swara : matlab…you talked about it.

Laksh : of course. What else.

Swara : I thought you are talking about us.

Laksh : oh…not again swara please let me enjoy this movment.

Swara : laksh I’m not starting again I’m saying this why can’t you go and talk to your family.

Laksh : please swara.I told you na about my family.

Swara : you’re stuck or you don’t want to tell your family.

Laksh : swara shut up what are saying.

Swara : then why are you behaving like this.I thought you want to marry me.

Laksh : of course I do.but not now we still have so much time for that.

Swara : but laksh my mom had arranged a marriage for me.

Laksh : so ….what i do.what do you wantme to do.

Swara : I’m saying we both go and talk with your family and my mom.

Laksh : oh…really…I have gone crazy…what happened to you.

Swara : what happend to you laksh.

Laksh : nothing happens to me.you are the one who changed.not me.

Swara : laksh

Laksh : kya….laksh litsen swara I’m not gonna talk with anyone ok.

Swara : laksh ok.now I’m understand that you never wanted to marry me.you don’t love me.and I went so crazy in your love that didn’t realize your true face.

Laksh : what true face swara.Oh….wait wait…ha now I get it.so you are in love with your so called fionce am I right .

Laksh dragged her toward him and hold her hands thightly.

Swara : ouch !!! Laksh you’re hurting me.

Laksh push swara to he floor and she fell down and her head hit in the wall.

Swara : ok.laksh ok.so before you go please answer my last question.

Laksh : bolo.

Swara : if you ever love me then come with me.we’ll go and talk to your family .if you not come then …

Laksh : then what?? Sears bolo.

Swara : then I’ll never come back to you.in fact I don’t need such a selfish man to my life.

Laksh come to swara and hug her.

Laksh : I know you love me so much even I love you so much swara .swara you know since childhood I have only dream in my life it’s to become a independent person I want to creat my own identity. And now I have a chance .swara I’m doing all this for you for me and for us.I know swara you can’t imagine your life without me.and even I know you can wait for me.bcz you’re mine only mine.

Laksh broke the hug and went.swara looking at him going without saying anything.

After she left home. she fall on her knee and cried so much.she cried badly.

Next day
she get a massage from sanskar .sanskar want to meet her.she went to meet him to the park.as soon as she saw him she run to him and hug him so tightly.

Sanskar : swara what happened .swara ..swara

They broke the hug and sanskar saw swara’s injury.

Sanskar : how did you get hurt .it’s bleeding. Sears I’m getting so scared please tell me what happend.

Swara can’t control her tears anymore she start crying loudly.

Swara : sanskar everything is over ….everything is over.

Sanskar cups her face.

Sanskar : swara what happened .

Swara : he left me sanskar .I did everything for him .I told so much lie to my mom bcz of him and sanskar I’m so sorry I’m sorry I also told lie to you.actually I asked some time for this marriage bcz I thought he’ll do something but he didn’t.

Sanskar is so confuse and shock.

Sanskar : swara who?? And what are you talking .

Swara : he l…l…laksh he my boyfriend.

Sanskar : what ??

Sears told him everything. He felt really bad for her .

Sanskar hug her.

Sanskar : swara now please stop crying and come with we’ll go and dress your wound let’s go.let’s go.

Swara : but where .

Sanskar : let’s go first

They went after sometime they come to a flat.

Sanskar : swara don’t worry this is my flat.whenever I want to relax I came here.

They come to he house and sanskar dress her wounds and he saw her hand direct and he apply balm on her hand.

Sanskar : swara you have fever.didn’t you eat anything from yesterday???

Swara : I don’t hungry.

Sanskar : I know. Now you go and take some rest .come I’ll take you to the room.

Sanskar : ok now get some rest.I’ll go and get something to eat ok.

Sanskar was about to go but the maid come.

Sanskar : leeela good that you come.go quickly and make some healthy food and he it’s should be delicious ok.

Sanskar went again to swara.

Leela : what happend to him suddenly. As per as I remember sir never talk to me like this.

Sanskar : so are you feeling better now.

Swara : hm…

Sanskar : ok.until he good get ready get some sleep you’ll feel more better.

Swara : thanks sanskar.

Sanskar : ok madam.now lay down .

Swara hold his hand.

Swara : if you don’t mind please be with me .I’m feeling so scared sanskar.

Sanskar : of course swara after all I’m your best friend and I can do anything for you.

After sometime swara slept.sanskar is just looking at her .he totally lost in her.

Sanskar : swara you’re such a sweet girl.how can someone hurt you so much.swara I don’t know whenever I was with you I can’t I forget everything and I’m feeling so happy. You keep happy everyone around you but how can he hurt you. Laksh his name is laksh but he has now laksh.but our laksh he’s such a good brother and such a good son and I’m sure he’ll be such a good boyfriend too.

Whole the time sanskar just stare at her.

After sometimesswara wake-up.

Swara : sanskar are you still here I thought you were.

Sanskar : hm…I’m your best friend na.

Leela : sir the good is ready.

Sanskar : good .bring here.hm..so swara let’s have something.

Swara : no sanskar I’m not hungry.

Sanskar : uff how stubborn you are???what to do.ok I’ll feed you.

Swara : no

Sanskar : you have to eat it otherwise I’ll.

Swara : otherwise what.

Sanskar : otherwise

Sanskar start tickling swara.

Swara start smiling loudly

Sanskar : I like you smile hamesha asehi smile karte rahena.

Swara : hm…

Sanskar feed swara. after having lunch swara take medicine and slept.After that sanskar called ragini after hearing about swara ragini rushed there.

Ragini : how can he say like this.I mean when I met him that I didn’t find any serious reaction on his face.

Sanskar : what a boy is he ???

Ragini : swara loves him so muc swara I mean she didn’t even think twise to cancel the marriage. I found him strange but I never thought this will happen.how will swara control herself she’s shatterd I can’t see her like this.I her life the persons that she loves so much is proving into betrayers .what will happen to swara after she get to know about the biggest truth in her life.

Sanskar : what do you mean???

Ragini told everything to sanskar.sanskar is damm shock.

Ragini : sanskar I trust you that’s why I told you his but please sanskar don’t tell this to anyone. If someone will get to know then I’ll be problem.

Sanskar : ragini relax…I never let your trust beak.and I’m with you in this.but we have to do this very carefully. As you told urvashi aunty is so dangerous. And one more thing you just focus on your plan I’ll handle swara.

Ragini : thank you so muc sanskar.and ha swara is so lucky to have you in her life.and I wish you both always should be like this.

Sanskar : I don’t know about thsi but as a friend I’ll be with her everytime I never let her fall I’ll never let her get hurt and I’ll never let tears come from her ice…if heard will come in her eyes it will be happiness tears.and he swara is he one who teach me to live again bcz of her I got life back.

Precap : swara become more close to sanskar and sanskar realisehis feelings for swara.

Credit to: Dhanu

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