swaragini love me episode 8

freinds i am realy sorry for not uploading for 2 days, reason of not uploading is my ‘AIIMS MBBS’ entrance exam held on 29 may at agra so i was out of town from my

exam but could not write i know my personal matter should not affect on story so i know my punishement of not posting two days is to post 2 epi. one day, whenever i will get time that day i will upload 2 epi on one day

episode starts with raglak standing on terrace
lucky-from day after tomorrow our college is going to start
rags- ya i am very excited
lucky- yaa sure to prso jo bhi apni ,/class me new student ayega uski band bajayege
rags- yaaaaaaaaaaaa sure hmari gang isi chiz me hi to famous he
lucky- okkk so be ready
rags yaaaaaaaaaa
lucky- can i ask u one thing
rags- ya sure
lucky- can i ask u one thing
rags- yaaa pucho
lucky- do u still love sanky bhai
rags- no i left him 3 years before and i was jus infuation and nothing else
lucky- but the way u were looking at sanky bhai in engangement party so i thought..
rags- are lucky it is just attraction
lucky- attraction??????
rags- are lucky i had crush on ur bhai but i left him but sometime when he looks good so i just attract him and it is not love because attraction and love is

different, we can get attracted anybody but we only can love one person got it
lucky- wahhhhh!!! what a nice speech,now i realy understood difference between attraction and love
rags- okkk okkk
lucky- but rags u are realy sacrificing girl
rags- mtlb
lucky- what u have done 3 years back he starts thinking about that incidense

when dadi told about sanky neha relationship all were shocked but later on shekhar uncle and dad were happy from this decision but mom was not happy it was seen in her

face, i know that she realy wanted rags for sanky bhaya,and thinking correct time to say about ragsan relation, but her dadi created all problems, but what can my mom

do she can not say anything as shekhar unclle is family freind, on the other side sanky bro was very angry because he never liked neha but i think if dadi may had told

about rags he may not be angry, this all problem created by dadi, but sanky bro controles his anger and say politely uncle i realy did not want to be in relationship,

first i will complete my studies, that i will think about this matter so please think After my college, all agreed by bhai decition, i realy got relief that rags has

some hopes to get sanky bhai, i was heapy whole heartedly because i can not see tears in my ragu’s eyes, meanwhile all left to there room by making some excuses only

me, ragu and neha were sitting in hall, we all three were passing glances to each other,i could see rejection in neha’s eyes so i could not stop myself i asked firmly

neha do u love sanky bhai, i love him whole heartedly but today he broke my heart neha replied, i was shoked ohh my god yeh dono sisters ko sanky bhai hi dikhe pyar

krne k liye,
rags left the place lucky notices it and followed ragu i saw she was very silent, but she start saying you know lucky today i am feeling very bad that i am not good

sister i was just shocked by her words because i thought she would be crying due to neha loves sanky, here antagonist happend, i gulped ragu why are u saying that u

are not good sister, she hugged me and said how can i love me to the person to whome my sister loves, i carrese her hairs ‘hey ragu why are u blaming urself it is not

ur mistake, it is neha mistake who loved a person to whome u love and neha also knows before that u have crush on sanky bhai but she replied i will sacrifiece sanky

for my sister i can not be selfish, i was shocked by her behaviour so as a freind i told hey ragu please do not sacrifice sanky bhai but ragu was stubborn she clearly

said will u be with my decission or no, i had to accept her decission of sacrificing sanky for that mrs attitude(nickname of neha), very little smile comes on rags

face and she said now i do not have any problem because u are with me, i realy felt happy when she told me if i am with her she willl not have any problem and i know

our freindship can fight with any difficulties of world
i came out of my thoughts when rags whisper are thinking about how to flirt with new girls in college
remaining part tomorrow

&&&&&&&& HOSPITAL &&&&&&&&&
swara was comming near sanky but our sanky forgot fear and stars on swara and he was in out of sense, he came into sense when swara came near him and touched his

shoulder, ahhhhhhhh comes out from his mouth (due to pain of her karrate )but he says silently as she should not notice but swara found something fishy in his ahhhh,
after 5 minutes by mistake swara’s hand pressed on sanky shoulder again he says ahhhh by making faces as she should know that it is paining and due to pain he also

holds her hand but swara takes his ahhhh of pain in wrong way because the way of saying ahhh, making faces, holding her hand can evenctualy think in wrong way, one

more thing he was also looking into her eyes continuously
Hey bhagwan mene is insan ko gundo se bchaya or yeh mere bare me yeh sochta he, ohh god swara i am in shame because of me that i helped this tharaki boy, i think that

gunda may be write they would be beating due to his tharaki nature, or sharam bhi nhi a rhi h apni lal ankho se ase ghur rha h jse aj mujhe kha hi jayega, ohh god yeh

ase dekh rha ki isne kabhu ladki dekhi hi nhi, hey bhgwan jis insan ki ankhe hi itni gandi nazar ki ho to vo ksa insan hoga but mister now i will show u i am swara

Oh god, due to fear i griped her hand but the way she is looking at me i can not take off my eyes from her, asa lag rha he ki bhukhi sherani mere samne khadi ho, hey

bhgwan mujhe lagta he mere upar shani ka saya mandara rha hai tabhi pehle us ladki ne mujhe karrate se mariz banaya, thoda thik hone laga tha ki yeh gundo ne mujhe

pitha or ab yeh ladaki ………… hey bhgwan mujhe bacha lo sabhi log bichare lachar insan pr hi apna dam dikhate hai…………….

PRECAP- raglak part 45% and swasan part 55%
what u think guys will swara slap sanky or not or somethink high voltage drama….

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