swaragini..was this your love??? episode 7


hi everyone. I am silent reader. Guys as now many r liking my story. I am not a silent reader tko. Let me introduce myself to u.
I am from jaipur and my name is divya. Thanks for your support.

Episode begins with sanskar asking swara.
Sanskar: do u love me.
Swara looks at him.
Sanskar: answer swara.
Arnav comes there.
Arnav: dad. Where are you.
Swara: arnav beta your dad must be there only na.
Arnav: no mom. He is not there.
Swara: laksh.
Laksh was hearing all conversation between swasan and comes out.
Laksh: here i am ..
Swara: see your dad has came.
Arnav: dad lets sleep na.
Swara: good night..

Swalak goes to sleep with arnav… sanskar instead of going to his room , goes in garden. He is sitting . Laksh comes there.
Laksh: so… how r u bhai.
Sanskar: very fine… what about your life. How is everything going?
Laksh: everything is perfect bhai…
They remain quiet for a minute.
Laksh: bhai… do u still love swara…
Sanskar= laksh..
Laksh: bhai meri kasam.. tell the truth.
Sanskar: yes.
Laksh: so will u accept her in ur life again. ..
Sanskar: what r u saying…
Laksh: yes bhai… she loves u ..she loves u bhai…
Sanskar: and u.
Laksh: chill bhai… u dont worry about me.
Sanskar hugs him.
Sanskar: i love u bhai.
Laksh: yes.
Sanskar leaves and laksh cries…
Laksh: what is happening… why do always i need to sacrifice. First swara then ragini and now again swara. How will i live without arnav. How can i see him calling anyone papa. I know he is bhai’s son.. but for me he is more than my son… he is my life. I dont know what god has planned for me .. ……..
He cries…… after some time he goes to his room. He sees swarnav sleeping . He looks them with love. Sits there for some time .
Then He goes to sleep.

In morning….
Swasan are going with arnav. Arnav is ignoring laksh and just playing with sanskar. Swara didnt even talked to laksh. They r leaving
Swara: laksh bye….
Laksh: arnav …
Sanskar: bye bhai.arnav come on say bye to chachu..
Arnav: bye chachu… we will meet soon very soon..
They leave….
Laksh sits on floor and takesswalak and arnav photo in hand and cries…

Precap- not decided.

Thanks for your precious comments.

Credit to: silent reader

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  1. aww bechara laksh… hope he realises his love for swara

  2. Nt done yr pls unite swalak..waiting fr nxt

  3. Please don’t separate swalak Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  4. laksh should realise his love for swara
    probably u can put jealousy in

  5. Die hard fan of swalak

    u should unite swara and laksh because in this episode it shows that laksh loves swara,,
    His tears prove that he cares for swarnav and loves them to the core

  6. Awesome,mind blowing . Waiting for nxt.

  7. awesome!!!! although i prefer swasan over swalak but ur story is nice….. and next part soon 🙂

  8. Nyc..
    Bt laksh hii q uusne jixko v pyaar kiya wo ussay q nhi milta h ?????

  9. Awesome dear… Actually I’m a swasan fan bt in dis ff I don’t know whom should choose swalak or swasan… I like both

  10. Don’t separate swalak I am begging u plzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Hey tis can’t happen …tey both changed in one night nd arnav calling laksh cachu…sry if I hurt u

  12. please please please don’t separate swalak please. I really really big fan of swasan I only saw serial for them but I also like swalak specially laksh.Every body always pair swasan and separate swalak in their ff.Please you don’t do this.

  13. Please keep it up well done

  14. Plz make it swasan only and another pair for laksh…….

  15. swaragini fan

    a lil strange in one night only sooooryyyy if i hurt u

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