Swaragini (I love you) episode 7 (growing friendships)

Hi friends .I’m feeling very bad that you guys don’t comment. I know you guys don’t like bcz…swasan sence are less in my ff .but don’t worry guys they will surely will be together.
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Precap : swasan engagement and swaragini close friendship.

One day left to the engagement day.

Swara is in really worry.thinking about engagement.

Just then she get a call from ragini.

Ragini : hi swara.how are you.

Swara : ragini I’m good. What about you.

Ragini :I’m good.so what are you doing.

Swara : nothing actually today tomorrow my engagement. So you know I’m so nervous .

Ragini shocked .

Ragini : but why so soon.I mean.

Swara : actually we came here for my marriage.

Ragini : oh…congrats!!!

Swara : hmm…thank you.

Ragini : why are you in off mood.don’t you want to do this marriage.

Swara : how do you know. I mean no.

Ragini : swara I know I’m a stranger to you but trust me .you can talk to me I’m like your sister.waisebhi that day your mom said na that we both are looks likes sisters.

Swara : by the way ragini.tumhe dekke lagtha nahihe that you’re so filmy..

Swara Lough loudly.

Ragini : really..that’s not so funny ok.

Swara : ragini I have a request. Actually I want you to come here.if you can.what say????

Ragini :hmm…I’ll try.

Swara : uff…now few minutes ago you told me you likes my sister and now you.

Ragini : so sweet swara I’ll come. I was just jokking. And I’ll come for my sister.

After talking to ragini swara feel very happy .and also ragini.

After few time ragini arrived.

Swara rush there and hug ragini so tightly.

They are in swara’s room.

Ragini : so why are you so dull.

Swara : it’s a long story.

Swara told ragini everything about she and laksh.

Ragini : swara he can take a dicsion his own.why he’s keep delaying.

Swara : you know he’s stuck with his family .you know his dadi , papa they hate love marriages. And last time after his sister’s incident his father warned him if he also did like that before think twise he will trow him out of the house.

Ragini : ok.now just call him and ask him what to do.

Swara : yeah your right.but since morning his phone isn’t reachable.

Swara called laksh.

Laksh : ha..sweet heart bolo.

Swara : really laksh you are chilling….here.

Laksh : hey swara ….why are you become angry bird.

Swara : laksh tomorrow is my engagement. You know na.

Laksh : I know .and you don’t worry .I have a plan.

Swara : what plan.

Laksh : relax baby I’ll tell you but before that just come to meet me.

Swara : what now .have you lost it.

Laksh : I don’t want to listen anything just come yaar.I’ll message the adress.

Swara : but laksh….helo. ..helo…he cut the phone.how dare he.

Ragini : start lughing ???????

Oh my god swara you’re so cute .ragini fulls her cheeks….

Swara : what do funny ???
By the way can you join with me to go.actually I’m new here.

Ragini : arey !!! But I’m also new here.

Swara : what did you say???

ragini reliase what she said.

Ragini : I mean I’m your new friend how can I go with you and I don’t even know about your bf.

Swara : oh ho don’t worry.my lucky is so sweet.

They went swara told urvashi that she wanted to go Mandir.

After few minutes they come to a park .

Swara went to attend a call and laksh come there and hug ragini from back thinking she’s swara.

Laksh : hm…how are you baby…do you miss me already.

Ragini : hey who are you??? And leave he .if you don’t leave me I’ll shout.

Ragini was about to shout but laksh kept his hand on her mouth .

Laksh : who are you?? and I’m so sorry.I thought you are.

Swara come there.

Swara : laksh what happend and ragini why are you shouting.

Ragini : laksh toh he’s laksh.

Laksh : thank god baby you come look at her she’s not eve litsen to me.

Swara : laksh relax…what happened.

Laksh : shona I thought it was you and I hug her.I was trying to explain. But.

Swara : ragini I’m so sorry. He’s such a idiot.

Ragini : it’s ok swara.

Laksh : oh…she’s your friend.from where you find her.

Swara : laksh actually she’s an government officer…so ragini he’s lacky.

Ragini : hi…

Laksh : hi…

Laksh : baby just come with me I need to talk to you.

Ragini : swara you go until you come I’ll look around.

Swara : thank you ragini.

Swara and laksh came to a ice cream stall.

Laksh : seriously from where did you found her. weird friend I mean she’s so crazy.

Swara : lacky stop ok.she’s a very good person. You know what who helps a strange person so much.

Laksh : ok.whatever.

Swara : lucky….please be serious.

Lucky : litsen I have a perfect plan .

Laksh told swara about the plan.

Swara : no…no ways lucky everyone will get tense and what about my mom.

Laksh : I don’t have another plan.otherwise you have to get engage with him.

Swara : I really don’t understand. By the way did you try to talk with your papa.

Laksh :you know na last time what happend and these days I stay with one of my friend. I went there by telling them that my friend is I’ll.

Swara : but why again.

Laksh : arey ….yaar i hate to stay there.you don’t know about our family. They so strict specially my dadi and my dad.

Swara : ok…ok…I don’t think this plan will work.

Laksh : ok engage with him I don’t mind.

Swara : but i can’t.

Laksh : toh what to do.

Swara : we only have two weeks lucky .

Laksh : ok ok….just leave it all ….and relax.I have a important meeting with a biggest businessmen It’s like a dream to true. Before I’ll get late I have to go.and trust me whatever will happens for the good.I’ll be in touch with you.so don’t worry you’re my strong shona hena.

Swara : you care your work’s more than me na. lucky.

Lacky : arey ! It’s not like that.shona you know na…that I want to biuld my own identity….and you came here permanently hena…..and even I have to go there and complete that paper work as soon as possible. First of all I’ll move to here college and then I’ll tell my family.swara i know you will handle this situation very bravely …don’t you trust me.

Swara : I trust you forever….I know you never brake my trust.i love you .

Laksh : I love you too.

They hug and laksh went.
After few minutes swara came where ragini is in.

Swara : ragini thank you so much for waiting.

Ragini : what happend??? Why are so dull ??I mean look at you.is there any problem???

Swara : nothing like that.let’s go I think we are so late mom must be waiting.

Ragini understood that swara is hiding something from her. So she thinks it’s not right time ask about it.

They come home.

Urvashi : baby look at the time you’re so late.

Swara : mom so sorry we didn’t realised the time.

Urvashi : ok.now look at the time it’s 3.00 .we have to do lot of works yet.

Urvashi : ragini beta if you can please please be with swara for some time.and I have an invitation for you.tomorrow I want you to be here.

Ragini : sure….!!!

The mm.

Vasundara : arey!! Ap bahu….where is laksh??

Ap : ma I don’t know where is he.waisebhi he doesn’t like to stay home for long time.I’ll call him.

Vasundara: sujatha!!! Where is sanskar.

Sujatha : arey!!! Coming ma.

Vasundara : go and call sanskar. Hm…let it be.I’ll go and call him.you don’t know anything.

Sujatha : what’s ma saying .he’s my son…hey bhagawan!!! I don’t understand his old lady.

Sanskar is thinking holding a photo.when vasundara come to the room he hid the photo.

Vasundara : beta….what are you doing.

Sanskar : nothing dadi…I was about to come.

Vasundara : beta…don’t live in the past .come out from your fast and love you present.like you did it before.for one incident why are you wasting your beutiful life.

Sanskar : nothing like that dadi.I’m fine.

Vasundara : what about this photo. No beta you’re not fine .I know you.you can tell anything. If you want more time you can telk to me.I’ll handle everything. And don’t worry about your bade papa and papa.

Sanskar : ok dadi.now I’m telling you be that i don’t have any problem. Dadi now let’s go and have lunch.

Swara’s room.

Swara : thank you ragini.

Ragini : swara did you found any solution.

Swara : lucky told me but i don’t think it will be right.

Ragini : what???

Swara : he said that in the movement of the engagement….!!!

Ragini : ha.

Swara : he said that pretend to be unconscious. After that the engagement will stop .

Ragini : what??? How can he say that.

Swara : I know ragini. But now what to do? I don’t understand anything?

Ragini : swara just relax…calm down .litsen I have an idea.just talk with sanskar.trust me we will understand we still have so much time.guests are not arrived yet.just talk to him.before tomorrow we have to find a solution.

Swara : how can I talk to him.now they will come here at any movment .and waisebhi…i only talked with him just one time.

Ragini : swara just trust me .please. call him.

Swara : but i don’t have his number.

Ragini : do you have his house number.

Swara : yeah!!!

Swara dialed mm house number.

Swara : helo .

Sujatha : helo.

Swara : can I talk to sanskar.

Sujatha : ha…who are you.

Swara : I’m his friend .

Sujatha: ok.wait I’ll call him.

Sujatha wonder : arey!!! how is this possible. Am ladki call karke sanskarke bareme poochrahihe….paheletoh kabhi nahi hua se.

Sujatha was about to go upstair just then sanskar come down.

Sujatha : sanskar thareko poochrahihe.

Sanskar : who.

Sujatha : a girl.

Sanskar : a girl.I think you have so misunderstand mom.koi aurko hogi.

Sujaha : have you lost it.I’m not too old.I can hear.

Sanskarcome to the phone.

Sanskar : helo.

Swara start shivering .

Swara : helo.sanskar….I’m swara.

Sanskar is shock and confused????

Sanskar : ha bolo na.

Swara : actually i need to talk to you.before the engagement. I’m so sorry.for this if you can.I mean if you don’t mind.

Sanskar : if course I don’t mind.you can talk to me.ok.you just relax I’ll come to meet you.ok if you can just come near the park area.I’m just coming.

Swara : thank you .thank you so much.

Ragini : what did he say???

Swara : he said he’s coming. I didn’t expect this from him ragini seriously!

Ragini : see i told you na.everyone is not like the same.

Swara : are you talkin about laksh.

Ragini : no swara no ways.I didn’t mean that.tumhe bura laga .I’m so sorry.

Swara : no ragini.mujhe bura nahi laga.it’s ok.

(Ragini thinking : swara loves laksh a lot but i can’t see a lot of love from laksh toward swara.but i met him for once…maybe i have misunderstand him.)

Ragini : you love him so much na more than everything.

Swara : ????? hm…
But how do you know.

Ragini : arey pagli !!! I can clearly see it from your eyes.

Swara : hm…me and lucky met 2 years ago in uk in the collage.he is my senior and I’m his junior we didn’t best friends ha but we casually say hi and talk with each others but slowly slowly we came close with each others I didn’t ever realised I start loving him and now I can’t imagine my life without him ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Ragini : wow so sweet .

Swara : ragini I think after few sanskar will arrive I think I should go.

Ragini : even I have to go.bye.

Swara : nom I’ll go and drop ragini. Ok bye.

Urvashi : ha…but come soon bcz…if ragini I’m letting you to go.

Ragini : bye swara.I’ll call you at night.

After ragini left sanskar arrived. It’s so awkward for both of them.

Sanskar : so…let’s go somewhere and talk.

Swara : yeah !!!

In the car

Swara : I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb to you.

Sanskar : no it’s ok.

Swara : woh!! Actually…everything is so soon .I’m so confuse.

Sanslar : yeah me too.

Finally they arrived to a cafe.

Swara : what the hall is this.

Sanskar : what happend.

Swara : I can’t unlock the seat belt.it’s stuck.

Sanskar : I’ll help you.

Sandler come slowly close to swara he tried a lot to avoid her eyes but he failed and he can see her shining eyes .Sears also looking at him.

Sanskar coming to his senses.

Sanskar : now it’s ok.come.

In the cafe.

Sanskar : so.

Swara : actually i don’t know how to start.i mean before the marriage i need so time to ready for this marriage.everything is want so fast so I’m so sacred.we need some time get to know about each others.

Sanskar : your right I was thinking the same .Before marriage and engagement we meet to know about each others.

Swara : so don’t you angry with me.

Sanskar : for what.I know your situation .and you know what dadi came to me and said if I want i can take some time but i didn’t say anything to her bcz…I didn’t know bout your reaction. So don’t worry I’ll talk to dadi and say that i need some time get to know you.and I’ll tell that I’m not ready for this marriage so soon if I will take your name it’s not right for you.you are a girl.

Swara : I’m so sorry I didn’t think that you are such a good person.I misunderstood you.I’m so sorry.

Sanskar : it’s ok even I thought the same about you.but you also a good girl.here is my number you can talk to me anything .don’t scared I’ll help you.

Swara : ok.I’ll. Thank you….thank you sanskar.

Sanskar : just think a good friend of yours help for you.

Swara : not think from today onwards you are also my friend.hi I’m swara mehera.

Sanskar : hi I’m sanskar.

They both smile.

In the night sanskar told everything to his family that he need some time .they all agreed after some time get even called urvashi .urvashi had to agree with them .but she don’t like it at all.after all she have to wait sometime .

Swara told laksh that she marriage was postponed. Now laksh is in UK he came there to resign from college.

Like this one month pass in this time period swaragini bonding is became so storng as sisters.
Also swara and sanskar become best friends.they always been together .Sanskar started liking her.swara also like him.before swara tell sanskar can feel her.he become so special for her also she become so much special for him.

A new day

Swara’s phone ring.

Swara thought it’s sanskar.

Swara : helo…sa.

Lucky : hi baby !! What’s up.

Swara : lucky it’s you .I thought It was

Lucky : I think now you don’t have time to talk to me even.I thought you miss me but i think you’re enjoying here.

Swara : really laksh I thought you don’t have time for me that’s why you go there na.

Laksh : swara please stop don’t start again.actually I called you to tell that i came here I want to see you.will you come or still you’re angry with me you can do whatever you want.

Swara : who told you that i don’t come I’ll.

Laksh : thank god .finally my sweetheart is back.I’m so happy. Shona baby I love you.

Swara : I love you too.

( swara thinking : I thought lacky didn’t think about me I was so wrong.he love me so much . )

After few minutes swara get a call from sanskar .

Swara : hi sanskar.

Sanskar : hi.actually swara I thought to go somewhere. What say will you join me.

Swara : I really want to come but sanskar I have a important work I’ll come another day.

Sanskar : ok.

( sanskar thinking : swara never told me no but why today suddenly. Let’s call ragini.)

Ragini’s phone ring.

Ragini : helo.

Sanskar : hi ragini .

Ragini : hi sanskar .

Sanskar : actually i wanted to know is swara with you ???

Ragini : hm…no.

Sanskar : oh…her phone is switch off so I thought she’s with you.

Ragini now understood that swara is with laksh.

Ragini : I think sanskar she told me that she has some work to related college.

Sanskar : ok.bye.

Ragini : bye.

( ragini thinking : I thought swara told sanskar about laksh.but I think she didn’t told him.)

Swara : he always do the same thing. He call me first and he isn’t coming right to.e never ever.

Lucky come there and hug her from behind.

Lucky : to you think about me hena.

Swara : no I’m not. I’m mad at you so much.

Lucky : I know you don’t like me .now you have new friends and all

Swara : lucky why are you saying so.no one can take your place in my life.

Lucky : not even the one who you gonna marry.

Swara : tum ashe sochteho mere bareme.

Lucky : ufff no…I ask just like that.

Swara : did told your family about your resign

Lucky : not yet .but don’t worry I know they will understand. I’ll convince them .

Swara : can I ask a question from you.if you don’t mind.

Lucky : of course.

Swara : what if a situation come there you have to choose me or your own life .what will you choose.

Lucky : obviously my own life who else …..ha..ha..ha…what do you think.

Swara was about to cry.

Lucky : he shona look at me. Hey are you crying. Hey I was just jokking. Shona.

Swara : why laksh you always I don’t want to talk to you .I’m going bye.

Lucky : hey !! No I won’t let you go.

Swara : leave my hand .just leave.

Laksh hug her.

Lucky : I’m so sorry baby .I promise I’ll never let you cry.

Swara : hm…

Lucky : only hm…say something.

Swara : hm…I want to go beach.

Lucky : ok .let’s go.

Precap : swarya break-up

Credit to: Dhanu

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