swaragini love me episode 7

guys from morning i was thinking that which type of meeting i should add in swasan meeting so i got idea
freinds i realy want to thanks those who were commenting but freind do not feel sad if i do not reply any of comment but guys ur comment realy encourages me to write story

i know guys u want previous episode link so i will give in next episode
i realy felt bad for swara condition in last episode and in that episode it was clear that some where in her heart she was happy of her early death so guys u can think how much she had suffered in her life and also suffering but in her character one positivity is shown that she will make others happy and she will help people as u also know that how much problem she has in her life
okk let us start with chapter

ohhh god 3 days completed, now i could walk, shake hands properly, that disgusting girl has very good karrate skill i know what happened three days before
when swara left tha room i got two shock first i thought is she same girl which i saw in mall,i took my mobile very difficulty because my hand is paining, i saw pics and realy found she is same girl, which i met in mall but how much change is seen in this girl, 3 years before she was crying baby but now she became couragious three years before i realy wanted to meet her but i did not had any adress becaiuse that all pemplate destributed to all people but today guilt also came in my heart i realy felt bed what i have done with her that poor girl already had many problems in her life and i also given more problem but what i can do when i see hot girl in night, if i drink alcohol than i can not control my desire but i never rap any girl but i tried to rape her, it is only because her hot body but that day i had physical as well as heart pain, ya the way she beat me made physical pain, so i realhy got afraid of karrate so i already decided thatfirs i will check biodata of any girl whether she know karrate or not than only i will take any step towards her
if there was other girl besides her i would had realy raped her and realy did not felt guilty of other girl because i know if we do not live harsh with girls they show real face and thinks us as fool so i always wanted to show my pain to girls which i got 2 years back, that pain was given by my college girls in that night, no no i can not think of that night that is realy worst night of my life that is not less than hell for me that night showed me real face of girls, this is reason i never believe in girls never respect them, that incident make me womaniser, i becomes cruel on bed to show the pain which i got 2 years by some so called freinds, i know maximum girls have bad intention only, but i realy respect some women about whome i know completely and the women which i met before that incidense, but there are only 7 women in my life to whome i respect one mom, chachi, sumi anty, ragini, this mall girl(guys swara is also in his list), utara, some what neha(guys he do not trust neha fully) this is reason i respect that girl because she is only one girl in my life other than family to whome i respect because i know she is realy poor soul so i will ask forgiveness to her but one thing make me anger on her i know she is right at her place i can not forget her karrate so i do not like her but respect her reason of unlikeness is, first she spoilt my mood of doing s*x that night i realy felt helpless whole night i was just craving for any girl touch but the way she beat me i could not get intimated with any girl in these three days i know how i could control myself in three days without girl, secondly she beated me hardly, i know how much embraced i felt when all were asking about my condition, i realy felt insult on me, but all people at my house and were annohying me they were touching my body and asks is it paining, i realy felt bad about my condition, i know how my painfull 2 days were there where i took painkiller and was bed rest but now in this 3rd day i can move shake hand but pain did not gone properly so today i decided to check my office staff, so i took very old suit(peon type suit) went towards office to check my staff

atif calls swara
atif- hey swara dad told me to ask u to come at my home daily evening time
swara-okk i can come it is only 1km far from my place
atif tells swara that he is comming to take her
after some time atif comes on his bike with his nephew and gives veil(burkha normally muslim women wear it) to her and say wear it
swara wears it because she never wanted to heard taunt from society,in between swara and atif house bad colony comes so swara wears it so nobody can recognise her amd she can move anywhere her second reason is that she is afraid of sanky because in between both house sanky com[paney is also present so she knows clearly if sanky sees her than he will not leave her and try to rap her so this is reason swara wears viel to go outside
after wearing viel swara sits behing atif (note her eyes is only seen not her face), when they were going in between atif brother’s child(name monu) see icecream wala says abba(remember in muslim badepapa is mentioned as abba)
in the mean time sanky also come there and stop the car for some reason but he sees swara,atif,monu but our shona says jaaaaaaaaaan ab chale bhot late ho rhe he ghr jane k liye, monu haa abaaa let us go to home i have eaten icecream
sanky(mind)- wov what a happy family but his wife is realy hot, her body shape, her beautiful eyes realy looks good but thinks hey sanky she is married do not to do rape with her
so swara went to atif house, but after 30 minutes she alone goes to her house by foot
other side sanky went to his company and standing and looking at his companey (note he wore peone type old dress) but suddenly some goons come and starts running towards him (note thay are not aatif goons) so he also starts running on main roadand in between he bumps on girl and bth falls where sanky is top of that girl, both eyes met, both feels that they have seen each other somewhere but ignores this feeling, both have eyelock but it was interrupted by gunda voice he immediately get up and gunda hold him
girl also got up and sanky was shocked to see her she was same girl which he saw before it was swara
gunda- starts dragging him (there were 3 gunda)
swara- hey mister why are beating this poor fellow (as i told before he wore peon dress which is realy old so she thinks he is poor)
gunda- it is none of ur business
swara- hey if this person was rich i would not have helped him but he is poor and i can see in his eyes he is innoscent so please leave him if not is will be very bad for u
gunda- hey ladaki ky kr legi tu
swara- shouts to nearby people to beat gunda but no one comes swara takes stick and start beating them mean while sanky also realese from gunda and starts fighting with them(note sanky is weak due to swara karrate so he can not fight properly and it is seen by swara so she give him stick to beat him)
sanky- hey girl u take stick u will need it
swara forcefully gave him stick and starts her most famous karrate which is also seen by sanky and he becomes scared from swara, he saw one gunda was trying to punch swara from back but sanky come in between and gets that punch so he falls on ground unconciusly, our heroin swara beates all gunda, went towards sanky who was lying on road, she asked help from other people and took him to government hospital where he gets concious and shout kon laya mujhe is cheap hospital me here is no ac and fan is also not present
swara- peon ki nokari krte ho or ac wale hospital me admit hona he, he mister if u will give ur whole month payment than only u will get one room for one night
sanky(shock)- me orrrrrrr. peeooonnnnnn… me tumhe peon dikhta hu
swara- or kya sanskar maheshwari ho
sanky- ya i am sanskar maheshwari
swara calls doctor and say this is insan ki dimagi halat thik nhi he
sanky sees his clothes and realises it is peon clothes and also thinks about swara words she is helping only because he is poor now sanky says okk doctor i am sorry i was not in senses
swara sighs doctor to go than he went, swara comes near sanky to talk to him but sanky remembers how swara was beating goons with karrate and his night with mall wali girl and her karrate so in fear he tries to move back like dear as if loin is comming to eat him but swara comes near him
he shouts please stay away i am afraid of u
swara- why
automoticly from his mouth karrate words come out and he also thinks is aurat ke pas or koi kam nhi he kya to apna bacha or pati chod kr mere piche padh gai he or is bekar hospital me lai he and i will realy die if i will stay here for one day how suffocating hospital is, hey bhgwan bach le mujhe…….

precap- for raglak fans raglak scene will be maximum 92%, swasan hospital drama scene will be 8% only
did u like swasan meeting and i know u all may be feeling pity on sanky condition
guys i did not gave full pov of sanky but remaining pov of sanky i will reveal later
if u have any doubt so please comment me
good day

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    & I think after that swasan became friends I read ur prologue so I got some idea.

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