swaragini..was this your love??? episode 6


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So the episode begins with sanskar walking on road. He is heartbroken.
Sanskar’s pov.
Swara i love u…. i believed u. But u even didnt waited for some days… arnav is seven year old that means u married soon after my death. How can you do this swara. U are my life. My life,swara. I have recovered from accident for you. U must have thought i am dead. No swara. Dont u remember that day. There were 4 people . Me,u, ragini and the man who was sleeping under tree. His face was totally spoilt so they must have not identified u…. i fell down and rolled down from slope. That is the reason they have not seen me.

Some people saw me and took to hospital . And after 7 years i returned and recovered from coma. I just started searching for u. I returned home and some neighbours told me that ma,papa,bade papa, badi ma all have left and settled in other city. And u have came to jaipur.with the first flight i reached here. That journey of 2.5 hours…. increased my heart beat. I was not able to wait for second too. As i landed in this pink city. I started searching for u.when i got that apartment was unaware that u r so close to me. And i saw u. But swara u have not waited for me. U moved on. But swara i love u … i lov u.
He sat on his knees and shouted “swara i love u”.
He was crying …..

In swalak house.
Swara: laksh arnav …. now its enough. Switch off the t.v.
Laksh: just 2 min.
Swara comes and switches it off.
Swara: arnav go and do ur h.w. and laksh u have two bring the parcel.
Laksh and arnav nods like a teacher is telling and students r listening.
Arnav goes go do h.w. and laksh takes his car and leaves.
He sees a man sitting on road…. in his way.
He steps down and goes to him. He keeps his hand on his shoulder. The man turns and he is sanskar
Laksh: bhai…

Sanskar: laksh..
They hug each other
Laksh: bhai … u r back… but..
Sanskar: i know what u want to ask.. i will tell u .. dont worry.
Laksh: we missed u bhai …. we missed u a lot.
Sanskar: i too.
Laksh was so happy that he forgot that swara is his wife now. ..
Laksh: bhai come with me
Sanskar: no laksh u go.
Laksh: bhai come…
He takes sanskar to his house.
Sanskar: no laksh i should not come.
Laksh: come na bhai.
He pulls him and takes him inside.

Swara comes out and sees him. The situation becomes occured for all 3 of them. They stand still and silent.
Arnav comes running.
Arnav: mom dad… see he is my friend. My new friend.
Laksh and swara look at each other.
Laksh in order to handle the situation .. speaks up.
Laksh: bhai come sit … swara bring water ..
Swara nods.

Laksh: bhai sit i am coming.
Sanskar: ok
Laksh goes in. He goes to swara
Laksh: swara… dont worry . We will make everything fine.
Swara: thank u laksh.but. u have to promise me that u will not tell sanskar that arnav is his son.
Laksh: but…
Swara: promise me.
Laksh: ok.
Laksh and swara goes to sanskar…
Laksh: bhai now tell … what happened that day..
Sanskar tells them everything.
Swara: laksh …. i am going i have to check arnav’s work

Swara signals him thanks ….. laksh signals her that its ok.
Laksh: so bhai …. u will live with us …
Sanskar: no laksh… plz understand the situation…
Laksh: no bhai …plz
Sanskar: ok.
At night…
Swara is serving dinner…she serves to sanskar. He looks at her…
They complete the dinner and are sitting….
Laksh: i have to make arnav sleep.
Sanskar: he is a cute child
Laksh: he is my life bhai…

Sanskar smiles..
Laksh is inside.
While swasan r sitting.
Sanskar: swara answer me… why havent u waited for me
Swara: sanskar it was late… there was no choice… u were dead.
Sanskar: but have ur heart given u pernission.
Swara: i am fine now
Sanskar: r u happy.
Swara: yes… i am happy.
She is about to leave when sanskar asks her.
San: do u still love me
Swara looks at him and leaves without answering…
Laksh sees all this…..

Precap: swara arnav going with sanskar.

I know i am not a good writer. But i am just trying. Plese support me.

Credit to: silent reader

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  1. swasan plz …don’t hurt us aajkal sare ff swalak ragsan pe bante h real couples KO to bhul Gaye sb

  2. plz let sanskar know dat arnav is his son…

  3. please 1more episode please

  4. plz make swalak dnt seprt

  5. Plz make swasan and.bring back ragini..nowadays many swalak and ragsan ff are coming…waiting to see the real couples swasan and raglak

  6. Hey….plz….dnt separate swaralaksh…They married…

  7. Plzz make it swasan Arnav was away from his real dad… Even sanskar has suffered so much plzz give him back his family and happiness…. But I can’t understand one thing y Swara didn’t wanted sanskar to know that Arnav is his son and she didn’t even got happy wen she saw sanskar alive.. Plzz tell us whether it is a swasan or swa-lak so atleast if it is not swasan so we may not keep much hopes plzzzz

  8. Awesome yrr plzz don’t seprate swalak they are married .sry to say but always swasan fans do this
    in condition – when swasan are married but swalak love each other they say plz don’t seprate swasan becoz they are married
    and when swalak are married and they have their child and news came that laksh is not dead he come back to his wife and he get to know that ? then they tell don’t seprate swasan now swarahas started loving sanskar so don’t sperate them
    even im swasan fan as well as swalak but sometimes swasan fans has to understand let write what he want.

    sry for hurting allswasan fans but its true

  9. dont seperate swalak….

  10. plzzz don’t separate swalak urrr and now swara has started loving laksh and laksh tooo

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