Swaragini (I love you) episode 6 (the shock)

Hi friends I’m here I think you guy’s don’t like my ff.that’s why you guy’s isn’t commenting. So I thought to end this ff soon.friends if you guys want i change my story please tell me what I have to change.so to write next part I’ll also get your idea’s. Please tell me friends. I’ll be waiting.

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Precap : mystery lady reveal .ragini will get to know about swara is in india here.

A dark room is shown

A lady is loughing evily looking at gadodia’s family picture.

The lady : I told you na! I told you na sumi , shekar and my dear ma I told you. I’ll destroy your family. Now see it’s happened. You all dying day by day in pain….thinking about your daughter….now it’s time to come face to face.You know what I’m pity for you all so I thought to show your daughter to you.after all you all are her family…you will meet her surely meet her but the thing is how you will see swara’s hater for you all.ha…she’s your daughter but what she do, what I say do to her.she blindly trust me ………..

The lady is shown she’s none other than urvashi.

Urvashi : what do you all think I’ll show swara to you all so soon no I’ll only show her when she get married…..bcz…after she married I’ll became more powerful I’ll get more ….more money and power. so after that no one dare to speak me in high voice.bcz…swara is going to become the bahu of maheshwari family.
So urvashi now it’s time to back to the character of sweet mother let’s go and see what is my dear daughter is doing.

Urvashi come to swara’s room .

Urvashi : what are you doing my sweet angle.

Swara : nothing ma…actually ma can’t you delay them for marriage i mean why so soon.

Urvashi : but beta now we had promised them.and don’t worry everything will be all right.and beta untill your Mother is live no one can do anything to you.

Swara : mom your the best mother in this world.

Swara hug urvashi urvashi smirk evily…

A new day.

Ragini in her room.

Ragini : I have to find swara. but how ? I don’t how to start.I have no clue about them.

She’s thinking.
Ragini : urvashi…how I find her Suddenly she get an idea.

Ragini : how stupid I’m this is the easy way to find her.oh my god! this is superb.

She immediately take her laptop and start searching in fb….

urvashi Bose. ha I’ll type this but before that i want her photo.

She goes and ask dida for a photo of urvashi after searching much time she found it.

Again ragini come to her room and start searching but 25 names come as urvashi with different surnames .she checks one by one them but none is urvashi only left last one it’s urvashi mehera finally match it.

Thank you so much bhagawan ji.
thank you so much .

Ragini login to urvashi profile and saw all her image’s but she was logged last time 2 years ago again ragini disappointed. But one think she noticed it’s urvashi address. She note it.

Ragini : UK it’s mean mousi ….mousi my foot urvashi she’s in UK it’s mean swara also with her.I’ll go and give this good news to ma and papa .no I can’t tell them untill I’ll get to know full details. Please bhagawan ji please show me a way to find my sister.

Next day ragini went to the embesy to find out about urvashi.

Finally she meet a ma’am who’s working here since 20 years.

Madam : tell me beta how can I help you.

Ragini thought some time and decide to tell her true story.

Ragini : actually ma’am I can’t lie to you .

She told about all the incidents .

Ragini : ma’am please help me.this is really important to me ma’am please I’m doing all this for my family I can’t see them like this they all is in so much pain.and me I never see my sister .I don’t even get time to be with my sister in childhood .please ma’am help me.

Ma’am : beta I’m a mother I can understand what you and your family going though. Beta like you said she went abroad by using using another name .so it’s really difficult but beta we can’t live a abroad in fake name’s .I’m sure after went there she had manage to get her her real identy .ok beta.give me this adress I’ll find out as soon as possible.

Ragini : thank u ma’am. Thank you so much.

When ragini s coming out from there in the road she collide with someone.


So ragini is shocked to see urvashi.

Urvashi : I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.

Ragini is in still shock. Finally she come to her senses.

Ragini : it’s ok.

Urvashi went before ragini speak to her.at that time ragini only get one idea to follow her.

After 30 minutes urvashi come’s to a shop a flowers and docoration shop and she give her address to delivery the item’s. Techno heard this and she somehow manage to get the adress.

Next day

A call come to swara in unknown number.

Swara : helo.

The person : helo.miss swara before saying anything litsen to me carefully. I know all about you and your boy friend laksh and we also know that your mother is a business women and a powerful person. So now laksh is with us if you want him then come to the place where I said to you to come with…I’ll tell that once you meet me.

Swara : what .please don’t do anything to him please I’ll do as you say please. But please I want to hear laksh voice.

The person : hey ladki.what did you think laksh is with us no.he’s in London only I’m here and ha. ..I came here by following you.

Swara : ok I’ll come but after I came I want to hear his voice.

After sometime swara came to that place.

Swara : litsen is anyone here….I’m here.

Suddenly someone come and hug her from behind swara is shock.

Swara : leave me who are you?

And she trun she’s shocked to see laksh here .

Swara : laksh you.and where is the one who said to that.

Laksh : just forget everything yaar…come here and give me a hug.

Swara : but laksh someone called me and…

Laksh : and said that i was kidnapped

Swara : ha…wait a minute how do you know….so that’s mean you were the one who called me…laksh you stupid very bad…I don’t want to talk

Laksh : ok I’m sorry my sweet heart .I just wanted to surprise you.I’m so sorry baby.will you forgive me na…

Swara : hmm…. I forgive you .but please promise me lucky that henceforth you never do like that.

Laksh : ok promise. Ok give me a hug.

They hug.

Swara : lucky I’m very happy to see you here.

Laksh : me too.you I really miss you so much.

Swara : laksh mom want to get married soon.I don’t understand…

Laksh : swara relax…your wedding isn’t fix yet.

Swara : ha…laksh…even woh bhi ho jayengi jaldi.

Laksh : swara please don’t start now.I don’t want to talk about that .I said n.a. I’ll handle just relax let me handle this.

Swara : I trust you laksh.

Laksh : come I’ll drop you and then I’ll go to the hotel.

Swara : why hotel.why Don t you go home.

Laksh : swara I didn’t inform then they I’m coming and I told them I’ll tried to come bhai’s weding. So now if I go there they will start asking questions so I only go there for wedding.that’s it.so untill I can spend some time with you .what day.

Swara : hmm…ok.now let’s go.I’ll meet you tomorrow.

They went.

Next day

Ragini came to urvashi’s house as a government officer.

Ragini : bhagawan ji .please give me strength.please help me.

Ragini knock he door and he maid open the door.

Ragini : actually I’m from government office we want to meet urvashi mehera.is she in here.

Maid : ha ….come and did I’ll call ma’am.

Urvashi come and she recognize ragini.

Urvashi : I think I met you yesterday in the road.

Ragini : yeah! Actually I’m a government officer and so you came from abroad so I just came here to Check some details.

Urvashi : oh…yeah sure. What do you want to know.

Ragini : what’s your full name.

Urvashi : urvashi mehera.

Ragini : ok.how many members is in your family.

Urvashi : only me and my daughter swara.swara mehera.

Ragini feel happy by hearing swara’s name.but she control her emotions.

Ragini : and about your professional life.

Urvashi keep giving details .

Ragini : ok.done ma’am atuallynow I want some details from your daughter. If you don’t mind please support me.I know the time is very important to you.

Urvashi : no…no..no it’s not a problem. Wait I’ll call her.
Aware baby please come one of goverment officer come to get some details so please come baby.

Finally ragini can see her sister in front of her.swara come.

Urvashi : oh my god look at you both you two like sister’s .I didn’t noticed it yesterday when I met her but now…

Ragini : ( thinking ha…of course bcz…she’s my sister.)

Swara : yeah mom look at her eyes same same hena.go I’m swara.

Ragini : hi I’m ragini.

When ragini touch swara swara felt some feelings .

Urvashi : ok you both keep it up .actually swara baby I have to go maheshwari house immediately vasu aunty call me.I’ll go.ragini nice to meet you .in fact I’m glad to meet you .

Ragini : me too.

Urvashi left ragini and swara talk much time’s and exchange phone numbers also.

Finally ragini went.swara also feel happy after meeting her.

Ragini in her room .

Ragini : hm…I have to become swara’s best friend. Yes this will be right.so after her I can tell her the truth slowly….I only tell ma and papa once swara get I know about her real life.

Urvashi come home in the night.

Urvashi : swar baby .I’m so happy .I’m so so happy.

Swara : what happend mom.

Urvashi : baby your wedding for fixed.after 2 week your wedding and set after tomorrow your engagement.

Swara is hell shock .she can’t even talk to urvashi bcz…she’s in so much happy.

Next day .

Urvashi : baby let’s go for shopping. And ha they are coming. Today we all the issues will go shopping. Go and get ready .

After sometime maheshwari ladies come swara come and take blessing from them and they went for shopping.

All the laddies are busy with shopping swara want to meet laksh somehow so she call laksh there.finally swara get a chance and she went.

Swara come to laksh.

Swara : laksh please do something just call your papa and tell him about us.

Laksh : calm down swara .ok I’ll call him mom wait.

Laksg called so but his phone is switch off.

Laksh : oh god his phone is switch off.swara you don’t worry I’ll go home today it self.ok.

In the night laksh come home.

All are happy to seem him here except dp.

Dp: you told us that you don’t have time to even breathe now suddenly.

Ap : let it go ji. He just came here to attend his brother’s wedding .let’s go beta.

In the night.

Islet come to meet sanskar.

Laksh : so bhai how are you .

Sanskar : good and you.

Laksh : hmm..good .ok tell me how’s your would be wife.

Sanskar : hm…good.

Laksh : what do you mean good.you gonna marry her just me is she beautiful.

Sanskar : girl’s are pretty when they smile but i think this file doesn’t even know about the word smile. Stupit girl.

Laksh : what happend to you I thought you will like her.

Sanskar : really if you had met her once you’ll understand. By the way suddenly you here.

Laksh : actually shona is here so you know. And it’s a long story I’ll tell you later just for now be it.

Sanskar : ok.let’s go and havedinner.

After few minutes sanlak come and all are hed dinner after that laksh came to do to talk with him.

Laksh : papa I ….

Dp : what???

Laksh : papa I want to talk to you.

Dp : hmm….tell .

Laksh : actually papa I…

Islet was about to tell but suddenly sujatha come there shouting .

Sujatha : dekiye ji…bhaisa…sanskar utthara is run away with a boy…

All are tell shock .so is fuming with anger.

Ap : what!!!

Dp : who’s that ….how dare he ….

Vasundara : I’ll kill him..

Rp : how dare he come to our house and take our daughter with him.

Dp, rp, adharsh , vasundara went to search uththara.

Laksh is super shock .in the evening all are come back with uththara and the boy.

Dp : how dare you .how dare you …

She start hitting that boy.

Uttara : stop it…bade papa. I’m just fed up with your drama.and dadi please spare me and papa you’remy papa not this Mr.dp. why all of you always obey to his.I have a life I want to live it my own.please don’t infere.

Rp : have you lost your mind uttara shut up??

Ap : uttara mind your language.

Sujatha : shut up uttara …

Utthara : why ma?? Why ??
Please don’t stop me at least today.dadi what you think by doing this you can stop me and anshu love for each other never ever.ha…you can stop me from meeting him but you never stop me loving him. I love him did you all hear I love anshu.

Vasundara : hey ladki…this love and all are stupidy. the best example is your brother just look at him what he get by loving someone … dhoka milahe usse. Look at your brother laksh he’s studying in a abroad country but he never did such a things .and now sanskar is going to marry the girl whom we have chose for him.

Uttara : dadi but she you ever thought about sanskar bhai.what he want.

Sanskar : uttara please keep quite.

Uttra : dadi u can rule over the house but you can’t rule our life’s. This is my life .and I know what is the best for me.

Dp : so if you don’t change your decision you can’t stay here.the one who’s going against my wish will be dead for me.

Utthara : even I don’t want to stay here.

Sujatha : uttara what are you saying. How could you.

Uttara : ma it’s not easy to me but ma I’m just fed up with this drama.and this is not 70 ‘s or 80 ‘s this is 21 century.me open you eyes and look at the world.

Vasundara : so you won’t change your decision.

She drag uttara out and trow her out of the house with anshu and close he door.

Sujatha : ma she’s a child ma…please don’t give her such a punishment. Please maI can’t live without my uttara.

Dp : sujatha control yourself.whatever is she done ….she did that in her full sense I can’t bear another shame for my family.

Rp : ha sujatha uttara is wrong.did you see how she behaved with us.

Vasundara : it’s all bcz…of that ladka.I’ll see them. For now let’s be calm…and focus on sanskar wedding.

All are went to their rooms in red tone.only left laksh and dp.

Dp : laksh what do you want to tell me.

Laksh : nothing papa .actually I’ll go after bhai’s weeding.

Dp : hm…laksh you also remind this as a lesson.

Last is so worried and he’s in so much fear what if his dad will trow him out of house.so he thought to not to tell anything to anyone.

Precap : swasan engagement and swaragini close friendship.

So friends please comment I’ll only continue this story on your comments.

Credit to: Dhanu

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