swaragini love me episode 6

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today also i did not rechecked epi
freinds please note that sanskar did not raped swara, he was just romancing with swara, neither he kissed her
freinds i want to clear one cofusion that sanky did not had first site love with swara
i know the way last episode had taken twist were realy surprise for u

episode starts swara is comming to her home with the help of atif, atif help swara to sit on bed
atif(cups swara face)- doctor told to take rest 2 to 3 days, so i am sending my mother here and she will help u work till u completely recover
swara- thank you jaan, u do not know what help u have done
atif-u think me as stranger swara

swara- no jaaan
atif-shona i am ur brother and it is my work to help u in every problem and the help u have done for me is nothing important than this help and please do not say this type of words again
swara- okk i am sorry i will not repeat mistake with pout face
atif-(teary eyes) shona but i should say sorry to u, i am realy bad brother i could not arrange 5 lakh rupees,this reason u have to give ur one kidney to ur mother
swara- please do not say anything jaan u arranged 1.5 lakh rupees, if u could not arrange that money my mom would have died

atif- shona u know when my person told about ur mother condition i left my papa and come here because i know this time u needs me tooo much but i realy sorry i could not arrange 5 lakh rupees, and u had to give kidney
swara- but from where u brought this much money, because when u left for mumbai u told that u had taken whole money of bank account jan
atif-i had taken 5 works in advance, so i could get 1.5 lakh but in one work i got more money but if i will say that promise u will not angry
swara- ha i will not angry
atif- i know u will be angry becuase u never wanted that i fight with any person or show gunda giri, but shona at that time i did not had any option and i agreed to,
swara- what work…
atif- mr. sinha u heard na

swara- ha
atif- that person told me to beat sanskar maheshwari and get his(sinha) company paper that is taken by sanskar maheshwari with some tricks
swara-(remembers that night incidense unfortunately) give 2-3 puches from my side also
atis-(hell shocked,he thought that shona would be angry on him but she is telling to give 2-3 punch) why are u saying to punch him more
swara- (realises what she said) noo nothing bhai i told because that person is womaniser so he should be punched nicely
atif- ok

swara- have u seen that sanskar maheshwari
atif- nooo
swara- but jaan u have done his work before so u did not meet face to face
atif-ohh shona u forgot one thing i never meet with any client whose work i do, i always send my man to meet client and for processing work
swara-okk(but feel bad about sanky because he saved her hand from glass piece) she says bhai promise that u will say to ur man to not to beat him, try level best to take papers without beating him okk

atif- okk baba now i am going u take rest and remember one more thing doctor have added some more medicine to ur mother because of kidney transplantation, he also had given some medicines to u so it on time and they only gave me medicine for 5 days so take this money, bring these medicines for 1 month after completing 5 days than he left place


3 days completed to that incidense,ya these three days were like hell to my life
i only pray to god please do not bring that night again in my life it was worst night ever in my life ya because that night was realy horrible sanskar maheshwari tried to rape me,that full night i was crying on road, because my all hopes of saving mother had destroyed that bad motorcycle man stolen whole 5 lakh rupees which i got by loosing my dignity,ya i know nothing happened between me and sanskar maheshwari but he tried to molest me, it is enough of loosing my dignity that whole night i was on road and slept there only, every morning has hopes but this morning was hopeless i went to hospital to see mom, i went to my mom room and set on floor infront of mom with heiplessness, my tears were stop flowing i just set numb on floor i murmered i am sorry mom i lost my all hope i do not have any way to get money i am helpless mom,

that full day and night i was sitting on floor just like as i went to coma, that day and that sleepless night was going just like years, nither i went to drink water nor i eat food because the sorrow of my life has filled my stomach, another morning came of my sorrowfull life,doctor came and told me swara u have time till tomorrow so arrange money,sir please take my kidney to provide to mother i stated, beta i told u before ur one kidney did not function properly so i can not risk ur life he stated firmly, sir please take my kidney and do my mom operation in that mean time atif knocks door, i opend it, i asked from whre u got information, he replied in anger my man told me about ur condition so i came and left my papa at hospital with my brother and u did not informed me why

i said bhai u have many problems so i did not told,doctor interrupts please do not start emotional drama he turned to atif and said u have only one day to bring 5 lakh rupees so arrange as soon as possible, atif atands shocked sir how can i bring 5 lakh in one day , doctor i do not know but u have to bring than he left

atif comes towards me and assure i will arrange money anyhow so do not take tention than he went hurridely

next morning atif comes to doctor- sir i only could arrange 1.5 lakh rupees but believe me i will arrange remaining amount within 10 days but doctor refused with big nooo, i went towards atif bhai and told my tissue is matching with mom so i can give her my kidney he realy did not agree but after many arguments he noded in yes as i told him that everybody can live with one kidney, i gave many examples of people living with one kidney. we met also one kidney people so he nods yes, i told him to go in mother ward i will come to meet doctor because i do not want to know him i have one not properly functioning kidney so i alone headed towards doctor room and after 30 minutes doctor agreed to take my kidney which was functionig properly but one question i asked him how many days i can live in this world, doctor said there is not any guarantee u may live for years, month,or days also so ur life has no guarantee it can come to an end at any time so i request u beta please arrange any suitable donor or money before anything wrong happen, do not take stress,do not do more work that can demage ur kidney because it is ver weak but please try to arrange kidney donor for u as much as early as u can than he left

i realy pissed of my life and i do not want to live in this world and how can i say to doctor that nobody is there in this world to whome i can say he is mine except atif but i can not become greedy atif helped me in many ways in my life and his life is more complicated than my life so i do not want to give more problems to atif jaan

so swara now forget rona dhona and live remaining life happily,give happiness to other, help needy people, ya i should be happy that i will leave this heartless world early i realy pissed of my hellfull life which have only darkness, ya i know many people becomes sad about death but i am realy happy from core of my heart because ROZ TADAP TADAP KE MARANE SE ACHHA HE AK HI BAR MAR JAO……

precap- u decide whether u want swasan funny meeting tomorrow or raglak bonding so comment which pair u want tomorrow
freids i know u may be pissed of swara rona dhona but u do not take tention, till 15 episode i will not add any rona dhona part, so till 15 episode story will fully focus on swasan and raglak love story,
i know many will be thinking i am not giving importance on raglak part but from now raglak love story will also come
i also know that u want sanskar pov but i will give his pov later
guys one thing i want to say about previous episode was full of suprise because today morning i read that episode i found suprises such as
first- swara decision to modeling swasan dance
second- swasan romance
third- most suprise swara karrate
fourth- most suprise sanky saves swara from glass pieece
fifth- most suprice swara bendages sanky hand
sixth- moat suprice swara takes money from sanky
seveenth- funny surprice her money isstolen by thief
if we see in this episode swara had done too much to get money but story ghum fir ke vahi a gai swara ko sirf baba ji ka thullu mila

gud day or comment for whose scene u want tomorrow swasan or raglak

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  7. Amazing episode . I want swasan meeting . & I eagerly waiting for to know about sanky’s condition after that night.
    Ya sanky didn’t raped swara & sanky didn’t have love at first site . sorry sorry if I irritated u . & thanks for tolding me about that.

    1. u will know about sanky condition tomorrow

      1. OK. I will be waiting for it . thanx..

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  12. Dr u update today only bec yesterday u didn’t updated so as a punishment u shd update d4 pls dr

    1. okk for u i will try my level best to update two chap tomorrow

  13. Ohhh god…..nobody shud face da prblm lyk swara..it’s vryy bad to see her condition..can’t even imagine lyk hw someone could lead such painful and poor lykk…god shud help such kind of persns in real lyk tooo….i felt vry emotional by reading swaras condition…hw helpless she is…post da nxt part asap with swasans…btw today’s episode ws sooo much painful yet veryyy touchyy…lov ur ff…

  14. Plzz update next one……

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