swaragini..was this your love??? episode 5


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The episode starts in sanskar’s apartment.
Sanskar: where r you swara. Now i cant even live one day without you. I am coming to you swara. I am coming. I know even you must missing me a lot.
He goes out.
On road .
He sees the bungalow in front of his apartment and sees laksh written on name plate.
Sanskar: laksh.. is he my brother …no he cant be my lucky. Lucky is in kolkata. He must be someother laksh.
He sees arnav playing there and goes to him.
Sanskar: hey do u like football.
Arnav: yes it is mine and my father’s favourite game.
Sanskar: even i like it alot. .
He remembers the time when he and laksh sits and see fotball match together.
Arnav: so uncle will u play with me.
Sanskar: ok.

They play.
Swara calls arnav.
Arnav: coming mom.
Arnav: uncle come i will make you meet my mother.
Sanskar: ok..
Sanskar gets a call.
Sanskar: beta i have to leave.. btw.. u r.
Arnav: arnav m..
Sanskar: nice meeting u .. bye.
Arnav: bye.
Arnav goes in.
Arnav: mom i met an uncle and u know he was a very good football playr.
Swara: i have told you na no talking to strangers.
Arnav: but he was a good man .. he live on second floor in the building opposite our housr.
Swara: ok.
Arnav: he was a very good player. It was fun playing with him.
Swara: was he better than your father too.
Arnav: no mom. No one is better tha. My papa.
Swara: ok papa ke chamche. Now go and get freshed. Today we will go for dinner..
Arnav= ye …..
In restaurant
Swara: laksh what will eat
Laksh: i will eat what my son will like.
Laksh and arnav give hi-five ……

Swara: ok what do u want.
They make their order.
Sanskar also comes in that restaurant.
Sanskar: excuse me …can u plz tell me where is washroom.
Waiter: that way sir .
Sanskar: thank you..
Sanskar goes in. When he was returning to his table. He sees swara there.
Sanskar: swara..my swara
He tries to follow her but she left.
In swalak car.
Swara: i can feel that something is gonna be wrong.
Laksh: dont worry… i am there na.
Swara smiles.
They look at each other and share an eyelock.
Arnav: papa ..
Laksh: what champ.
Arnav: ice cream.
Laksh: ok…..
They all eat ice-cream.
Swara: u both go and sit .. i am just coming.
Laksh: but what happened.
Swara: nothing….u go i am coming.
Laksh: ok.

Swara goes to a shop to buy wind chime.
Swara: wow they all r so beautiful…which one should i buy.
Sanskar passing by there spots swara
Sanskaf: swara…
He goes to that shop. But swara has already left.
Sanskar: a girl was standing here na. Where is she
Man: she has left…
Sanskar: o…may i plz know that what she had purchased.
Man: sir he liked this one…but left it for next time.
Sanskar: ok u pack this one.
Man: ok sir
Sanskar= this is my swara’s choice….
He takes the wind chime to his house and hangs it on his window…
He was looking at moon …
When he touched the wind chime … he suddenly saw swara on the bungalow opposite to his window
She was sitting in garden.
Sanskar: swara…..
He leaves …
Swara was sitting alone in garden. Laksh comes there…
Laksh: arnav is sleeping.what r u doing here.
He sits next to her.
swara: laksh see moon is looking so beautiful.
Laksh: swara u r the same as u were 7 years ago.
Swara smiles.
Swara: laksh u love arnav a lot na.
Laksh: he is my life ….

Swara:. I know.
Laksh: swara..
Swara: yes
Laksh: i cant even think of living without u two.
Swara: same here. For me U both r more than my life…..
Swara keeps her head on his shoulder. …
In sanskar’s room.
Sanskar: no more wait swara . Tomorrow morning i am coming
In morning…
Sanskar goes to bungalow. He looks in … he sees many swalak photos with arnav on wall
Sanskar: means swara and laksh have married and arnav is there son…. swara why have u done this with me… i love u swara….
He returns to his house .

Precap: sanskar’s revenge…..

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Credit to: silent reader

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  4. i too like swalak but at the same time arnav is swasan’s son so he should not be separated from his son…… and i somewhat feel that this story is resembling to a movie aarzoo of akshay kumar and saif ali khan with madhuri dixit… its just my view and rest is yours….

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  7. Make swalak first and after revenge make swasan but give also a nice pair for laksh too but not ragini or kavya

  8. Plz bring back ragini too…and make raglak and swasan..bcoz arnav has to b with his biological father..since he is alive..even though laksh is acting like a father…can you make them as swasan and raglak.I just suggest that’s all…the the new ff are all based on revenge that’s y…I’m sorry..if u didn’t like my suggestion…

  9. Plz yr make it swasan in current track swara has clearly tell to her mother that laksh is not her true love its just infactuation nd sanskar is her true love plz swasan nd if u want u can write another fiction on swalak but plz this one swasan

  10. Please make it swalak.why swalak not living with Maheshwari family?

  11. Awesome in my veiw make it swalak only ..Ya its correct arnav is swasan son but laksh has given him more love .he doesn’t treat him like step son .so make it swalak only ..both swalak has suffer a lot and swara has now started loving laksh sooo don’t let anyone come btw them..and their is noo logic of making swasan ..
    aoo let it be swalak

  12. and yaa aranav is not swalak son it doesn’t mean that laksh can not givelove to arnav . sometime biological father also fail to love jis own son
    ..so don’t male it back to swasan ..let it be swalak

  13. Plzz make it swasan as in all dis der is not mistake of sanskar how would he feel wen his own son would call his brother dad.. U can make Arnav n laksh bonding but don’t separate swasan they loved each other n Arnav is their love ki nishaani… How can Swara forget sanskar n even laksh loved Ragini they can share a friendship bond but making their pair would insult their feelings for their respective partners so plzz plz plz make it swasan after all they are love birds

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    Don’t make sanskar evil

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  16. please next episode update soon and don’t change pair keep it swalak.Because laksh have given his 7year for swara aarav.and a suggition if you can please keep a dream sequence where laksh feel that swara & aarav will going far away from and he get concern.sorry if you don’t like

  17. Plsssss in real track Swara already said that Laksh was only her first love but Sanskar is her true love. So it’s impossible to forget your love and the real father of your child………..when Sanskar came to take revenge of Kavita’s death…. Swara make him realize that maybe truth is not what we see…… He become nice so there can’t be no chance of taking revenge or becoming bad…..plsssss show some heart connection like Sanskar saving unconscious Swara and she feels him but didn’t saw his face…….. I don’t have any problem with Swalak but plsssss in this ff make it Swasan

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