swaragini love me episode 5 (swasan meeting)

ur goooood morning gift from my side
guys enjoy super super super long chapter it took 6 hours to write but please comment and guys i did not rechecked it so many mistake will be there because i do many mistake and i do not have power to rechack it
freind if u have time of 1 hour than only read this ff and please read with patience because it is realy big episode
i could split this episode in 3 part and u can see this content is of three episode but i did not do it because i do not want to play with ur emotion and i am realy happy u waited too much for swasan meeting so i did not wanted u to wait more in their meeting

i was just sitting on my knees and only doctors word were echoing in my mind that ur mother’s both kidney has demaged and u have only 5 days either arrange suitable donor from ur side and it will cost 1 lakh, or give us 5 lakh than we will arrange ourself ya i was just sitting like statue only this word are comming on my mind “hey bhgwan yeh problem kam thi kya to apne or de di” but i was still in shock my mind stopped working i did not know what to do from where i will bring this much money, i have only 130rs in my purse and they are asking for 5 or 1.5 lakh…… hey bhgwan please give any rays please i have to do treatement of my mom but from where to bring money in 5 days my thought chain desturbed b doctor voice mrs swara by sitting on knees and crying will not cure ur mother u have to think option to get money and kya socha he option 1 or 2 now i immediately replied that sir please test whether my tissue will match with mother tissue than i can give one kidney to mom and ya this was my first and last hope and he readily agreed,told me to come to lab, after some time by completing all check up doctor told that mrs swara ur and ur mother tissue matched and i realy become happy but his one word stop my all happines and he said but mrs swara ur one kidney does not work properly so we can not risk ur life but i pleaded him sir please take my kidney but doctor told it will be last option till that u arrange money if u can and he went away and only one question was running in my mind from where i will get 5 lakh rupees ohh god i only have 130rs in my hand and how i will bring this huge amount of money and my all hopes were going away, i can not tell to atif bhaijaan because he went to mumbai with his father but whom help i should take… but one word of atif bhaijan striked in my mind that modeling competition held by SANSKAR MAHESHWARI in xyz resort……..
when sanskar opened the swara’s gift everybody widened their eyes and only one word came out of their mouth “VOW VERY PRETTY HOLY THREAD”
sanky- wov mom those who brought who must be very intelligent because that person knows the taste of modernity+holyness and i never seen this much beautiful holly thread
ap- so sanky can i wear in ur neck
sanky- ofcourse mo it will realy look very good
ap-(thanx swara in mind that due to her sanky is wearing some holy things) she wears him and say please do not untie this thread because it is given this to u with many good wishes
sanky- no mom i will wear this forever but i want to thanx that person who brought this beautyful thread
suju- she is SWARA
sanky- swara i did not hear her name
ap- are beta the teacher of preeti children
sanky- i think she is very poor
ap- ya than girl is very poor but she made this gift only for u by her hand and that girl is realy very cute , beautiful
sanky- ohh i have to see her any how i am very excited so i will go to some other day to thanx her (thinks if gift is beautiful than she will be realy beautiful)
lucky- bhai i met that girl she is realy cute but jhansi ki rani
neha-(jealous) why u will go to meet that cheap and poor girls and u do not know
sanky- he neha please learn some manners okkkk
neha goes angrily
call comes to sanky mobile than he goes his room and attend it
sanky- bolo adi modeling ki taiyari ksi chl rhi he
adi- yes sir it is going on well and till now 130 girls have given their name
sanky-(happy) wov i can not wait for tomorrow
adi- yes sir i know and girls are realy hot this time
sanky-(smiles evily) ohhh but u select one special girl for me and she must be vergin
adi- sir what will happen to remaining girls thos who will be craving of ur touch
sanky- hey adi i never disapoint to any vergin girl they all will get chance because u know how much pleasure i get to lose verginity and i never slip with used girls but for my engangement party i needed good girl
adi- okkkk sir i will find special girl
i reached home but only one thing is running my mind whether to go for modeling or not, hey bhgwan i never thought of this work but my fate forced me to do this work than i called to modeling office and that person replied me that tomorrow is screening test by sanskar so u have to come and he will provide u how much money u needed but by listening his words i do not know i was feeling that something bad will happen but i have no option i have to modeling in sanky’s party so i CHanged my clothes and wore suit given by annapurna ji which was fit on my body and headed towards sanky party and filled form at reception of resort where a boy is standing and told me are u swara , yes i told, hey i am adi and who talked u in phone and sanky sir will be realy happy to see u and will provide money which needed to ur mother operation and please not take tention nothing wrong will happen to u and take this mask wear it and go inside the resort (only eyes and half face is covered by mask)
as i entered the resort i found that The entire resort was adorned with collection of blue and white bulbs. This blue and white mixture has made your complete vibe a smoky, illusive and magical one. The farmhouse was a one-storey mansion, and utterly white in color. The elegant entrance door was open and lots of different home windows too. Booms of loud music hit our ears. An enormous social gathering with many individuals have been reveling and having fun with as if there’s no tomorrow. A cool, mild breeze was flowing outdoors and the timber within the backyard shook their heads together with the winds. I felt there’s no have to go inside. This cool and calm nature is sufficient for me to feel something different
when i entered first hall i was shocked that DJ was set on on the proper nook of the social gathering room. The bar counter has been set at one aspect of the room. The bartender is prepared with at the very least ten cabinets full of varied wines, beers, scotches, whiskies, and all. I don’t know which is what. The ground was full of colourful disc balls and lights. Colourful individuals have been current, too. I need to admit, blue is a husky social gathering shade. Individuals are dancing as if there isn’t a tomorrow.Three individuals have been sitting with a woman on certainly one of their laps. All 4 have been busy consuming a brown liquid. In all probability all are drunk. Their gaze was dangerously yellowish. These three males have been lustily hovering their palms over the woman’s physique. The woman didn’t discover something. Or in all probability her drunken state prevented her from doing that.
All of the darkish corners have been crammed with such nasty scenes. How might I see solely the lights when this place has so many bluish darkish corners? Blue can also be a shade of filth typically
this seen was realy new for me i was afraid of this place my mind says ohh god which place i came now i have to go fast but i was about to go than adi came and told me please come inside there is modeling going on u came in wrong door but i still worried what will happen now but i hasitately agree and went with him when i went inside there dj was running and many girls were stabding so i alsostood with them

i wore mask on my eyes and just staring and analysing girls , who is hot or who is not but my eyes fell on one girl She was sporting a body-hugging pink anarkali with smoky eyes and dangling ear-rings and pink, rosy lips. “How s*xy she was looking ohh god her every shapes of her face and all cuts in her body was perfect ,i was just admiring her beauty but interrupted by adi, i was thinking to kill him but adi sayd vergin he bhai and she came here for her mother operation and as i heard word vergin i could not control myself and i want to make my night beauty today and went near her
hi am sanky
she said hi in nervousness which could easily seen but my devil eyes were seeing her all parts of body and she was little comfertable but i told her please dance with me but she said nooo than it is task in screening and i will pay to much money but i forcefully took her to stage
song starts
Pehli nazar mein
Kaise jaado kar diya
Tera ban baita hai
Mera jiya
Jaane kya hoga
Kya hoga kya pata
Is pal ko milke
Aa jee le zara

[i kept my palms on smooth, silky cloth-piece her waist. Then i put her palms on my shoulders and we involuntarily began to bop with the rhythms]

Mein hoon yahan
Tu hai yahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Aa bhi ja
O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

[i pulled her closer which causes shivering in my body and her deep brown eyes locked me i hold her tightly and move back forth]

O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa

[i was lost in her eyes my whole body was shivering as first time i touched girl]

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you … so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
I love u
I love u so
Baby i love u

[i twirled her slowly slowly but still looking at her eyes ]

Har dua mein shamil tera pyaar hai
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai
Dhadhkon ko tujhe se hi darkar hai
Tujhse hai rahtein
Tujhse hai chahtein

[after twirling i pulled her more closer now my body was touching my body i was feeling that i am in heaven]

Har dua mein shamil tera pyaar hai
Bin tere lamha bhi dushwar hai
Dhadhkon ko tujhe se hi darkar hai
Tujhse hai rahtein
Tujhse hai chahtein
Tu jo mili ek din mujhe
Mein kahin ho gaya lapata
(O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa ) ….. 2

[we again starts going back and forth ]

(Kar diya Deewana dard-e-Kash ne
Chain cheena isqh ke ehsaas ne
Bekhayali di hai tere pyaas ne
Chaya suroor hai
Kuch to zaroor hai) ….. 2
Yeh dooriyan
Jeene na de
Hal mera tujhe na pata

[i pulled her waist tightly towards me and her body pressed my whole body and now it was out of control of mine and i did not bother around surrounding ]

(O jaan-e-jaan
Dono jahan
Meri bahon mein aa
Bhool Ja aa) ….. 2

Baby i love u, baby i love you, baby i love you, baby i love you … so..
Baby i love u
Oh i love u
Baby I love u
I love u.

[i lean towards her rosy lips which were looking more beautiful due to water on her oh ]

but she pushed me and said hey mister be in ur limit
sanky- how dare u to push sanskar maheshwari
swara- why u tried to kiss me and hey mister i am not that type of girl who sleeps with u so be in limits
sanky-(thinks i know about this poor girls so i took 5 lakh rupees from my packet) hey baby take it but please come with me
swara- (angry) how can u play with emotion of girls and hey mister stay away from me
sanky- hey baby if u want 10, 15, 30, 50 lakh and take this blank check and come with me i want to play with ur beauty this night and i want ur flesh baby
swara slaps him harder and started going away, this makes sanky angry on her and he signals two bodyguard
I was realy pissed of this person, but as i was going away than I felt two delicate but robust arms holding me and I’m being taken away to room side, i was crying and pleading please let me go and i was cursing myself why i came here but now nothing can be done they took in very beautiful room where roses are there on bed and atmosphere was cool,scent fregnance there in full room as a perfect honeymoon suit but why they took me here than i heard closing sound of door, “did u like our honeymoon suit baby” ya this voice was tha womaniser sanskar maheshwari i turned towards him i went on his knees and pleaded please leave my please leave me
sanky- hey baby u can take as much money u can take but please give ur body this night i will realy give u pleasure
swara-(crying) please leave me leave me…
sankhy- hey baby i am realy sorry, i never force any girl to stay with me but u are different girl i can not stop myself by touching baby i can not do anything i need u baby
Yeh jism hai toh kya
Ye rooh ka libaas hai
Yeh dard hai toh kya
Ye ishq ki talash hai
Fanaa kiya mujhe
Ye chahne ki aas ne
Tarah tarah shikast hi hua

by saying this he throwed me on bed and unbotton his shirt, his body was perfectly builed with 6 pack abs with fair colors and he realy looks hot any girl can fall for him but i am not that girl who fall on him there was tatoo on his chest but i did not give attention due to fear i could not see his face clearly but his smoky,red eyes with thurst of my body is looking towards me his hazel eyes can kill any girls only by his one look he was comming towards me as a lion is coming to eat dear, lust in his eyes is showing that he was thirsty from years and today he will eat me i was just going back but he came forward aand came on bed, i closed my eyes than I felt my arms and legs being tied up by his legs and hand and i resisted too much but my all force could not overcome his build body but i said “W-Hat are Y-You do-doing? L- depart m-me! Pl-ea-se.” tears have been constanly flowing out. I felt a lot hapless, hopeless and helpless. Oh! God! where i came…………….

Fiza hai kya teri
Dilo jahan tabaah kiya
Sazaa bhi kya teri
Wafaa ko bewafa kiya
Wah re zindagi
Se yu tujhe judah kiya
Kahan kahan firu main dhoondhtha

“baby!” his husky voice stated. he bagan to move his naked cheston me and say I didn’t knew that u can look so s*xy saying this he touch my face romantically and buried his face in my neck… i clutch my suit tightly and tears roll down my cheeks… he tighten his grip on my waist and bite my neck making me moan in pain he planted a kiss on my nape and cut it “ Tonight it’s our night time baby. Your virginity and image- each will break down my girl and baby u will turn out to be a girl. You will become perfect woman baby.
he was just cutting my nape kissing my neck and tears were rolling down from my eyes but he did not bother about my tears i felt as i came into hell only one word is comming from my mouth hey bhgwan mujhe utha le……………………

Wahan jahan
Tu hi mera libhaas hai
Wahan jahan
Teri hi bass talaash hai
Wahan jahan
Tujh hi pe khatam aas hai
Wahi shuru
Wahi pe bass nichaat hai

I Was in heaven this girl done magic on me i can not control myself this pleasure i did not get with any girl, nooo noo noo pleasure i m getting with this girl is is 1000 times highr than any body her moaning sound was making me crazy i want this night should not come to an end ya i was also feeling bad for this girl but i am also helpeless i was just moving on her body but there was only one barrier between us was her clothes, but i did not wanted to take off her clothes because i do not wanted to play with her without her agreement but i was trying to seduce her and realy first time i was moaning by her touch

Yeh Jism hai toh kya
Yeh rooh ka libhaas hai
Yeh dard hai toh kya
Yeh ishq ki talaash hai

I shortly averted my gaze. Then I felt my . I had to take a look at her body Her gentle, silky body- absolutely moist due to sweat. This was making her s*xier and warmer. These drops of water on her face, her smooth lips, her moist cleavage and the water operating via her cleavage, appeared like a river flowing by way of a dry valley after years. I couldn’t assist watching her.
And i held her chin and moved in the direction of her face.

Fanaa kiya mujhe
Yeh chahne ki aas ne
Daraa daraa
Shiqasat hi hua

I was trying hard to come out of his grip but his face came toward me he forcefully trying to bring his lip on my face and he tightend grip as in process mask of my face fall down meh bhi to dekhu meri night beauty dikhty ksi he as he saw my face his face expression changed the way that he has done big crime to see me and way his grip is loosed and i took this chance and with full force moved my body and i came top on him and he was lying on bad as he got big shock………..
in this fear i realy forgot that i know karrate, so this is best time to show him women power i started beating him on karrate style and he was just doing ahhhhhhh ahh ahh in pain but i did not stop i realy hit hard on his both the hand, thighs, and realy punched hard on his stomach i told till 5 days u will not able to stand prperly, but in my shock neither he was resisting nor he was reacting and i raly wanted to beat him more so that my pain can decreased and in this process unknowingly my hand was going towards glass but in between he kept his hand on glass, he injured badly due to glass pieces, i realy felt pity on his condition that this person saved me from getting injured and i forgot he was trying to molest me……….
i realy felt worried for him, i took first add box, bendaged his hand but he was only doing ahhh ahh one due to my high tak karrate and other due to his enjury he did not have power to sit also and i was clear that the way i beat him he did not have power to stand so he can not molest me now, but that person was trying to smile rather than angry on me ya it was realy suprising for me [not that his half face is ]
SANKY- hey take this money, u will need for ur mother operation
swara-(hell shocked that he did not say anything what i did with him,one more thing how he knew about mother operation but thought adi had told him ) no i do not want to take from blo*dy bad people in angry tone
sanky- hey girl i know i am bed but take this money u realy need this please take it
swara was hell shocked to see double face of this person she thought by giving this money he will be thinking to molest mr one more time but one more thing is running in my mind why this person saved me from glass piece and why he showed caring natuure towards me
hey mister what u think u want to become good infront of me so that u can molest me one more time
sanky- hey girl take this money and go i know u realy need 5 lakh so take it and i will not molest u anymore
swara- wov i know u can not molest me at this time because u can not move ur hand also properly
sanky- hey take the money and if u think i will molest than do not come to me anymore but take money for ur mother hey girl think from where u will bring the money so it is better take this money it is matter of ur mother life so think ur ego is important or ur mother
swara- i think he is correct from where i will bring the money and so swara take this money and i know he want that i will come to him one more time that he helped me so he can molest me one more time but nooo the pain u have given me today is very big pain in my life and i took money and run away from his place
i was realy crying on my condition that what that person did with me, i realy wanted to through the money that he gave to me that money was giving pain in my hand as if scorpio is bitting me but i am helpless i had to take this money for my mother this money i earned by selling my dignity, ya this is very painful truth of my life but it is truth i have to accept i hate u mr SANSKAR MAHESHWARI but thank god i did not seen his devil face,i was not able to walk on the road due to pain in my body due to his tight grip but i hate his touch i hate him i sat on main road with money in my hand because i could not walk due to the pain given by him in my heart and starts crying to forget this devil night of my lif hey bhgwan tu mujhe kitne modh dikhaege,but on the road two people came from motercycle and took money from my hand, i was hell shocked and curse my destiny……………….
guys think about sanskar why he did not reacted by looking swara
guess now what wii happen to our sanky by swara’s karrate
guys in this maha episode i want to reveal my name that is IRFAN PATHAN lives in madhya pradesh near city ratlam and reason of writing this ff will reveal soon and that will be reason of change in name of ff……
guys please give ur analysis about this chapter and did u like song selection especialy in jism he to kya
i was thinking to add kissing seen that i was written in 7 lines but that kiss was not needed in todays episode and freind if u did not likes seductive words of this episode or if u felt it was vulgur than please forgive me
but i think this type of rap u may have never heard,i know it is very carying and speciak rap case i think some may be laughing by reading this rap case and guys did u like swasan romance
freinds it took 1 hour to find good song at the tyme of s*x and romance
hey freinds today i realy work hard to make it best episode till now but i know my writing skill is realy worst than good writer but i am satisfied on my writing skill guys i took apx 3 hour 30 minutes (max. time) to write romance sequence because i know it is my weakest point, but when i started writing i totally forgot surrounding and i was just thinking about romance in very deep ways than all those words automatically came from my mind
freinds now wait of next swasan meeting it will be realy funny but i did not think about there meetin i am still working in the episode
freind for u i wasted my 6 hours and this time marriage function was also going on at my uncle place but i any how managed time for u guys so please please humble request do comment all silent readers but i thank tooo much to those guys who daily comment me because of them i am able to know whether i should continue or not so today all silent reader and regular commentors please comment
today i will know that how many people are reading my ff
GUD day and take care…

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