Swaragini (I love you) episode 5 (destiny)


Hi friends I’m back with my next episode. I hope you all liked it.and he friends I know you guy’s have lot of confusion. But trust me I will reveal them slowly slowly.Friends I know you guy’s don’t like swarya love track and also you guy’s don t like that I’ll separate love couple .but friends LIFE IS LIKE NOVEL AND EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY SO MY DEAR FRIENDS IF A PAGE IS SAD NEXT WILL BE HAPPY SO DON’T WORRY TRUN THE PAGE AND ENJOY THE LIFE.

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Here is he story.

Aware is busy with her phone and sanskar is looking at he see.now it’s take half and hour. Aware is thinking.

Swara : mom thinks I’ll marry this Mr.aggressive .never ever.what he think of himself .he’s with a pretty and sweet girl but still he’s stare at me like a ghost.not even talk he can smile na.swara why do you think about him.just forget it. to look at me and love me so much I have my lucky na. I miss you my baby.

While looking at he sea sanskar is thinking.

Sanskar : oh god! She’s so rude.she think she’s cinderella….helo I’m swara. Bla….bla….bla….bla ???????

swara : so let’s go inside.

Gadodia house.

Shekar and sumi came to home and they called ragini dadi said that ragini went out and didn’t come . They all search her but didn’t find finally they search whole he house.and hey saw ragini is crying in he store room.they all shocked.

Sumi : ragu beta….what r u doing here and r u crying.

Shekar : what happend beta.please tell us na…ragu.

Dadi : lado what happend to you.speak up.

Dadi : my child…rugu beta.

Ragini come to her sence and wipes her tears.

Ragini : ma where is my sister.where is swara ma.

Sumi shekar and others shocks.

Sumi : ragini what are you talking about and who’s swara.

Shekar : exactly I think the same let’s go and take so rest.you’re so tired so go.

Ragini : ma,papa where is swara.

Sumi : ragu let’s go.

She keep her hands on ragini’s shoulders but she jerk it away.

Ragini : ma who’s swara.I beg you mom please tell me about my sister .kya I don’t have to know about my sister.ma please tell me na.

Ragini fall on the floor in her feets. Simi also fell.

Sumi start crying.

Sumi : shona my swara.swara your sister ragu.he…she’s your sister .you know she’s exactly like you when she was born.and I’m drying from inside to see her after her born ….

Simi can’t talk she start crying.

Dadi : that witch.she took away my shona…she only styed with her one week.we couldn’t do anything….

Ragini : dadi who’s that lady.

Dadi tells ragini about that lady and while a fb is shown.

Gadodia and bose family are friends so they decided to become relatives from friends .by get to marry shekar and sumi.and that lady here sumi since childhood bcz…she believe sumi doesn’t like her that’s why she attracts everyone around here to hurt her.and before family’s start to think about the proposal shekar and sumi loves each others and that lady knew it.so she emotionally blackmailed sumi and told that she loves shekar so much and she can’t live without him.so sumi told everyone before she marry the elder sister of the house should marry so everyone agreed to get marry shekar and that lady.so sumi even told shekar accept her sister for her sake.

After sometimes the wedding day come.

He marriages rituals was about to start but suddenly sumi fainted. Everyone rushed to her.
They got to know sumi is pregnant. And shekar told them about their relation. To get to know about that the ladytried to kill sumi and told her everything what she did to hurt sumi.everyone shocked. Her time in anger that lady tried to kill sumi by snapping her back.but she failed. The family trow her out of the house and finally sumi and shekar for married.

They thought the troubled are over but it’s just he matter of time.after sumi delivery the babies that come home after one week and dadi take one baby to baith and other babay left room with sumi at her time sumi was sleeping. He lady come and kidnapped the baby.it’s swara. The last got to know that sumi delivered only one baby .She didn’t about the babies are twins.after sometime they got a video call from hat lady and she was with swara.but before they could do anything the the lady run away with swara.

Fb is over.

Ragini : ma….but why didn’t you all his it from me.

Dida : bcz….beta i know her I’m her mother. She’s very dangerous we knew it after you come to know you surely go and will start find that women. So we got sacred what if she harm you.

Ragini : nani ma….what do u all think now after knowing such a big thing I’ll stop my self no ….no ways…I’ll bring my sister no matter what.

Shekar : didn’t you hear what your nani said.you don’t do anything.

Ragini : papa…ok if you all don’t allow me to find my sister I’ll kill my self.

Saying this ragini run to her room.and loot at her family photo.

Ragini : I’ll complete this incomplete photo by being back my sister back.I’ll decorate my family full of happiness once again.and I’ll punish that lady in such a way that after that she isn’t even able to look at our family.she has to pay for it.box….this time evilness with and forever.swara I’m coming to take you with me.

Precap : mystery lady reveal swalak break-up .

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Credit to: Dhanu

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