swaragini..was this your love??? episode 4


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The episode begins with a man who is asking for cab to stop.
Cab driver: where do you want to go sir?
Man: i dont know. Do you know any place where i can stay.
Cab driver: ok sir. I will take you there.
Man sits in.cab driver takes him to an apartment which is opposite to swalak’s house.
Man: thank you.
He pays the cab driver. He goes in . He looks at the window. He sees a boy playing in the garden of the bunglow opposite to his apartment. The boy playing is arnav. Man smiles. The man goes and opens his suitcase. He takes out a photo. It is swara and sanskars photo.
Sanskar: swara your sanskar is back. I dont know where are you…just what i know is that you are somewhere in this city. You must be alone since these 7 years… but now very soon i will come go you …swara i am coming.( yes guys you are thinking right. Sanskar is unaware of swalak marriage and arnav.)
Sanskar unpacks his things.
In swalak’s house.
Swara: laksh arnav where are you.

Laksh: here. Swara
Arnav: dad. Why dont you call mom shona.
Laksh: youwant me to call her shona
Arnav: yes dad.
Laksh: ok.
Laksh: shona…
Swara: laksh is calling me shona….
She smiles.
Swara: coming..
Laksh: now is it ok …i called her shona.
Arnav: that is better.
Swara comes.
Arnav: yo mom.
Swara: what is this happening.. both of u r fine na.
Laksh and arnav: yes..
Swara smiles.
Arnav: come we all will have groupfie…
Laksh: ok.
They all click pics.
Swara: done..
Arnav: mom now please click my and dad pic.
Swara: you and your dad..

She clicks their photo
Swara: now go and sleep. Tomorrow is school na.
Arnav: o i forgot. Tomorrow is prize distribution ceremony in school. I will also get prize. So you both have to come.
Swara: so early you r telling na..
Arnav: sorry mom i forgot…
Laksh: dont worry we will surely come..
Swara: all because of u..he is turning so naughty.
Laksh: dont say anything to my son.
Swara smiles…..
In morning.
In school.
Prize distribution is going on and arnav receives best student award. Laksh stands and claps.
Arnav: hello everyone thanks for this prize. I want to thank my dad, he is the best dad in this world. He is my superhero. I also want to thank my mother, for tolerating me and my naughtiness. Love u mom dad.
Everyone claps.
Aftet ceremony.

Laksh: i am proud of my son.
Swara: me too.
Laksh: champ so lets have an ice cream celebration.
Arnav: yes dad.
They all go eat ice cream and enjoy.
At home.
Swara: arnav laksh come its time for dinner.
Arnav: coming mom.
Laksh: coming shona.
Swara : my family is completed. When sanskar left , i was having no reason to live. But today i have a reason,My family. and i love them…
On other side.
Sanskar: swara i am coming to u very soon.

Precap: sanskar meets arnav.

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    It will be great if you read my ff and give your suggestions. My ff ragini-you will find your soul mate.

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  4. swaragini fan

    one doubt doc told that one patient is only alive then sanskaar how????

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