swaragini love me episode 4


freinds this episode is dedicated to raglak fans

todays episode starts with ragini is laughing on lucky and says ohh my god itni badi badi dhmaki di uasane
but lucky she is not at fault
lucky- i know life jacket(guys lucky calls ragu by nick name as life jacket) she is 100% correct at her place but u know she annoyed me too much but u know ragu she realy looks very cute
ragu- ohh my lucky is thinking to flirt another girl
lucky- nooooooo
ragu- ya do not think to flirt her because u only told before that she is jhansi ki rani
lucky- i know ragu she is realy good girl but one prank is needed for her and will u join me in this prank
ragu- u always know lucky i am always with u i never go against u
lucky- i know my life jacket always stand behind me in any condiyion
ragu- please take care do not hurt her because she have many problems in her life
lucky- i know about her condition and i realy hates off that girl courage
ragu- please pakka promise u will not hurt her
lucky- asa kabhi hua hai ki yeh lucky apni raghu k khilaf gya ho
ragu- okkk thanxxx
lucky- just leave it and i forgot to do shopping and today night is engangement
ragu- sits on chair and say i know my lucky may have forgotten to do shopping
lucky- how do u know
ragu- use commomsense
lucky- exclaimed commensense???
ragu- did u ever go to shopping mall without me
lucky- never
ragu- so this time u did not call and i understood that my flirty did not go for shopping
lucky- okkkkkkk so let us go for shopping
ragu- i brought sherwani for u already u just see whether u like it or not
lucky- happily u realy brought sherwani
ragy- yes
lucky- so it will be best for me and u know i only wear those suits which is selected by u and please bring that suit now only i will wear it
ragu- ok i am bringing my small baby
than she bring that sherwani and tells him to go to washroom and change it but laksh noded and come after changing clothes where rags was mesmerised by looking lucky and say u are realy looking handsome than laksh feels shy
lucky- ok ok now please help me to change my hair style than lucky becomes ready and now rags turn to wear clothes
rags also changes her clothes and come out by wearing pink color lehanga, with dark pink lipstick and very light jwelery in which she was looking stunning and lucky was just starring at her with open mouth but our rags come and close his mouth and say ab chalo engangement k liye late ho rahe he

sanky and neha engangement ceremoney starts and they both exchanged rings than they take blessing of elders
at night 11pm in sanky room neha comes and say u were realy looking hot today
sanky – u were also looking hot my pheonse
neha comes closer than sanky understood what she want and he pinned her to wall and kissed her wildly where neha was moaning in pain and after some time he broke kiss
neha- u are realy wild sanky
sanky-(smirks) neha u do not know neha , how much wild i become on bad u can not imagine also
neha- its okk sanky sab chalega tumhare liye and thinks sanky i need ur body
than they both went to hall where all were sitting, when sanky comes all says that please open gifts sanky so he take seat and started opening gift whre suju and ap were only excited to know about swara gift that what gift she has given but also thinking whether he will like or not
when sanky was seeing gift he was not bothering about swara gift because it was small with not good wrapers and this made both suju and ap disappointed and this was going till 30 minutes and suju and ap now could not control their emotion and says hey sanky yeh wala gift to khol kabhi se ise ignore kare ja rha than all looked both of them as shoked face but both of them makes pout face and says vo….. nothing serious because this gift comes in hand o sanky everytime but hi did not see it so we told
sanky- ohh mom it will be cheap gift , see its wraper also
ap- (angry but hides it) beta money is not everything but main thing is that it should be given whole heartedly
sanky- ohh mom u know na i hate this type of heart type talks because i know one thing everything is achieved by money but not with heart
neha- ya aunty sanky is right money is everything
ap feels bad that the wife he is getting is realy bad
sanky- okk mom i will open this gift and when sanky open his gift and all are shocked to see that gift….
i think now u got too much happy update so i need to add some rona dhona and rona dhona queen swara is back
it is seen that swara is rushing towards hospital by taking her mother, doctor takes her mother to operation theater,
doctor told me to stand outside the operation theater i stood there and starts thinking what happened to my mom, how her condition become critical, and i was tensed what to do or if anything happen to my mom, noooooo, nooooo nothing can happen to her but that though was running in my mind and my heart starts aching as if some one is hitting my heart but i came out of thoughts by doctor voice -hey miss swara
when i came in sense i found that i was lying on floor and all are staring with me but i quickly stand in front of doctor and hold his hand and say by pleading voice sir please save my mom i can not live without her please doctor please save her
doctor say something and due to doctors word i was just numb i could not stand on the my leg and suddenly bump on the ground with shock but only thought was running in my mind why god this problem were less in my life so u have given another problem , what wrong my mother did with u …………….

Credit to: pathan

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