Swaragini (I love you) episode 3


Hi friends. Thank u so much for ur support .
Shekar : Sumi actually i want to tell u something it’s really important.

Actually I know it will be really difficult for u.

Sumi : shekar don’t scare me . tell me shekar.

Shekar : we have to go India.actually our company got a very big deal with one of famous businessman. So he called me for the deal .for that we have to go india. I know n.a. sumi I can’t go there alone u also part of my business so even I have to come with me .if we don’t go there we will have face such a big lose.

Sumi : we’ll go there shekar.and u don’tworry shekar….I can.but I’m only worried about ragini if she came to know about our past.

Just then ragini come.

Ragini: which past papa.

Sumi and shekar r shocked…..

Sumi : nothing beta.it’s not our past.actually we were talked about one of us dads friend.

Ragini : oh….anyway papa I heard dadi staying that we r going India is this true.

Shekar : hm…we r going for 3 months. We have to leave day after tomorrow.

Ragini came to her room.and get thinking.

Ragini : why ma and papa lie to me.I clearly heard they saying that….what if I get to know about their past…..what is it.I have to find out.


Vasundara came to sanskar room.

Vasundara : sanskar beta…

Sanskar : arey dadi why u came here if u said I come na.

Vasundara : beta….actally the girls family say yes to our proposal.and even urvashi I mean the girl mom want to do the marriage soon.but before that i want to ask u something are u ready for this beta.

Sanskar : dadi I don’t have any problem.trust me.

Vasundara hug him.

After vasundara left sanskar get a call it’s laksh.

Sanskar : lucky how r u?

Laksh : I’m fine bhai tell me how r u?

Sanskar : I’m good.

Laksh : by the way sanskar uttara told me that ur is marriage got fixeded. Actually sanskar I’m very happy for u.

Sankar : hm…lucky do u really happy for me or yourself…..

Laksh : what to u mean.

Sanskar : I mean lagtahe shona is love u so much.

Friends lucky told sanskar everything about swara but snskar only know swara as shona name.and even swara know about sanskar but she know his adi.bcz he is adhitya sanskar maheshwari but only his family members adress him as sanskar.except laksh and all their friends.

Laksh : obviously she love me so much .but actually I’m really happy for u.ok adhi bhai i have to somewhere bye!

Sanskar : bye….


Laksh took swara blindfold .

Swara : laksh tell me n.a. where we r going.

Laksh : arey buddu if I tell u that where we r going how it will be a surprise.

Here we come.

Swara shocked to see and some tears are start coming….

It’s beautiful poolside romantic place.it’s decorated with beautiful flowers , and roses.

Swara : wow lucky it’s so lovely…..it’s so beautiful…..thank u so much……I love u lucky I love u so much.

She kiss his forehead. And hug him…..

Like this they spend whole the night there .

Swara home.

Urvashi : baby go and ready ur lagguage. WWe have to go india tomorrow.

Precap : swasan first meeting.ragini came to know about their family past….

Credit to: Dhanu

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